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Joanna’s Voice: Singing the Tune of Transformation

Joanna's Voice: Singing the Tune of Transformation
Photo Credit To: Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Joanna Butenschoen isn’t just another voice in the crowd. She’s a lighthouse, showing us how our own voices, coupled with faith, can really change the world. Joanna’s all about tapping into that inner voice we all have and using it to bring about big changes, whether in our lives or in the world around us.

Her journey starts with a simple belief: every voice matters. In her workshops, she’s like a coach, cheering you on to use your voice as your superpower. No matter who you are or what you do, Joanna’s there to show you how you can make waves.

Joanna's Voice: Singing the Tune of Transformation

Photo Credit To: Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Take her “Life Mapping with God” workshop, for instance. It’s like a deep dive into your soul, where you get to map out your goals with a little guidance from above. Joanna creates this space where you can really tune in to what God’s saying and align it with your dreams. It’s goal-setting with a spiritual twist.

Then there’s “Feedback Without Offense.” Here, Joanna’s got this knack for teaching you how to take criticism and turn it into gold. It’s all about growing without getting your feelings hurt, a skill that’s incredibly important both personally and professionally.

“The Power of ‘I Am'” is another gem. Ever noticed how what you say about yourself makes a huge difference in how you feel? Joanna’s on top of that. She helps you tweak your self-talk to match up with what God says about you. It’s about swapping out those negative tunes in your head for ones that really sing your praises.

Joanna's Voice: Singing the Tune of Transformation

Photo Credit To: Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Her big hit, though, is the “Keys to Present Purpose” program. Here, Joanna helps you dig deep to find out what you’re really here to do right now. She’s a firm believer that knowing your purpose can turn your life from black and white to full color.

Living out her motto, “Living with power and clarity through partnership with God,” Joanna is a guiding light for many. She’s mixing spiritual wisdom with real-world know-how, and it’s inspiring a bunch of people to speak up and be heard.

Beyond her own workshops and speaking engagements, Joanna’s participation in the Voice of Purpose, hosted by Nicolette Moore of First Class Agency, has been a transformational part of her journey. This platform, known for inspiring and attracting brilliant leaders, aligns perfectly with Joanna’s mission to empower and uplift. While First Class Agency offers the stage, Joanna brings her unique voice and message, making a profound impact on those seeking spiritual growth and personal development. Her commitment to helping others find their purpose isn’t just something she talks about; it’s evident in her actions. You can see this firsthand through engaging episodes of “The Present Purpose Podcast” and her website, where she continuously guides individuals toward discovering their God-given purpose.

Joanna’s philosophy isn’t just words; it’s a vibrant, living thing. She’s out there giving people the confidence to use their voices for good. Committed to making every voice count, she’s breaking barriers and making waves, one voice at a time.

As the holidays roll in, Joanna’s message of using our voices in partnership with God feels even more special. It’s a time for sharing, caring, and maybe, just maybe, finding our own voice amid the holiday hustle. Joanna’s story reminds us that the greatest gift we can give the world is our true, authentic selves, speaking up and making a difference by using the unique gifts and abilities God gives. 

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