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Mayim Vega: Bringing Healing to the Holidays with Her Voice of Purpose

Mayim Vega has been turning heads in the speaking world, and let me tell you, she’s got a story worth sharing.

Mayim’s on a mission. She’s all about helping people discover their healing powers. She took this message to the Voice of Purpose competition, a big deal event put on by First Class Agency. It’s like the Olympics for speakers, and Mayim was right there in the mix.

Now, Mayim’s not new to this game. She’s the brain behind Arukah.com, where she’s been chanting this awesome idea: “You’ve got a healer inside you, and all you need is a bit of know-how to let it out.” It’s not just talk; she lives by these words. She’s convinced we all can heal ourselves if we just learn how. With all the crazy stuff in our lives, it’s easy to forget we have this superpower.

So, when she stepped up to the Voice of Purpose stage, it wasn’t just about winning. She was there to spread her word, to show she’s the real deal in the world of healing. The theme was ‘Impacting Change,’ and boy, does Mayim know a thing or two about that!

Her speech at the event wasn’t just another talk. She dived deep into how we can make better life choices, be positive, and stay mindful. It was like she was painting a picture of how we can all be our own health heroes. And let’s face it, we could all use some of that during the holidays, right?

This competition was an important step for Mayim and Arukah. It put the spotlight on how important it is to know about healing, especially when life feels like a whirlwind. Mayim’s talk was a hit, reaching folks far and wide and teaching us how to be healthier and happier.

Mayim Vega: Bringing Healing to the Holidays with Her Voice of Purpose

Photo Credit: Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Now, the competition’s over, but Mayim’s not slowing down. She’s all about making holistic healing a big deal, getting people curious, and helping them find their inner healer. The real win from the Voice of Purpose? It’s the way she’s inspired people everywhere to look inside themselves for health and healing.

Want to keep up with Mayim’s journey? Check her out at www.arukah.com or catch her updates on youtube.com/arukah. You can even catch her Voice of Purpose talk at https://firstclassagency.com/vop_showcase. Get ready for a journey that’s all about knowledge, healing, and discovering the healer in you.

Eva’s Mission: Guiding Families with Faith and Purpose

Eva from Kingdom Enterprise is on a mission, and it’s all about helping families lead Christ-centered lives. She believes that real freedom comes when we live by Christ’s teachings and is passionate about sharing this message.

What’s her focus? It’s all about breaking free from the things that hold us back and finding true freedom in Jesus Christ. Eva says this freedom shapes who we are and guides our life’s mission. Her coaching at Kingdom Enterprise is built around this idea – that being firmly rooted in Christ is where real liberty is found.

The core of Kingdom Enterprise is to prepare the next generations to stand strong in their faith, not swayed by the world’s ideas but guided by divine wisdom. Eva’s goal is to make sure her teachings help kids, and even their kids, stay true to God’s ways.

In today’s world, with all kinds of teachings and ideas floating around, it’s easy for young people to get lost. Eva’s bigger vision is to give them the tools – like discernment and faith – to stay on the right path. She wants them to be confident, disciplined, and happy, succeeding in God’s way, no matter what the world throws at them.

Eva's Mission: Guiding Families with Faith and Purpose

Photo Credit: Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Eva’s catchphrase is, “Let your faith, in Christ, be bigger than your fear.” This isn’t just a slogan for her; it’s what she lives by. It’s a message of hope and guidance, especially for parents raising their kids in today’s complex world.

Eva isn’t just about talking. With over ten years of coaching experience, she’s built a community that really listens to her. She reaches people far and wide, not just in person but online, too. One place where she shares her wisdom is on the “Voice Of Purpose” at the First Class Agency website, covering everything from life’s purpose to parenting and knowing Christ.

But Eva’s work goes beyond this. She’s also active on social media, like Facebook, where she connects with her community, sharing inspiring messages and having real conversations. It’s in these everyday interactions that Eva’s mission really comes to life.

What Eva is doing is more than just coaching. She’s leading a journey of transformation, helping others find empowerment through Jesus Christ. She’s building a legacy, guiding people toward a life centered around Christ. The growth and success she’s seeing is a clear sign of her dedication and deep faith.

Eva’s love for Christ and her drive to share His teachings are at the heart of everything she does at Kingdom Enterprise. Her mission isn’t just about sharing information; it’s about creating a community where parents and the next generation can grow in their faith.

Eva's Mission: Guiding Families with Faith and Purpose

Photo Credit: Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Eva’s journey is a story of inspiration, showing how embracing faith over fear and spreading Christ’s love in every aspect of life can be transformative. Kingdom Enterprise stands as proof of her unwavering faith and her commitment to turning her mission into a life-changing venture.

Caterina’s Big Moment at the Voice of Purpose

Have you heard about Caterina Rando? She recently took center stage at the Voice of Purpose, a big speaking contest hosted by First Class Agency. This event isn’t just any competition. It’s a gathering of some of the smartest folks worldwide, with 20 speakers sharing their big ideas.

What’s Caterina’s big idea? It’s all about helping women in business find and use their superpowers. That’s right, superpowers! She believes everyone has something special that can make a real difference.

Caterina’s all about lifting women business owners and leaders, helping them discover their strengths and share their unique stories. Her talk at the competition wasn’t just about winning but spreading this powerful message.

This competition was a huge chance for Caterina to grow her brand, “Serving Women On A Mission.” She’s on a mission to empower women everywhere to embrace their natural talents and make a positive impact, staying true to themselves.

Caterina’s speech at the event inspired the audience to find and use their hidden strengths. She’s convinced everyone has something important to share, a game-changing perspective that can make a real difference.

By encouraging others to step into their power, Caterina wants to create a wave of change that helps people grow their brands and improve their lives. She’s dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs confidently navigate the business world to scale their enterprises while being of service. 

Participating in the Voice of Purpose was a big deal for Caterina. It was a perfect match for her mission to change the business world. Her inspiring message about using your superpowers is a guiding light for women leaders aiming to make their mark.

Caterina’s participation in the competition is closely tied to her business goals. By sharing her expertise on this platform, she’s not just building her brand but also reinforcing her business’s core values.

You can follow her on social media to keep up with Caterina’s journey. Her LinkedIn profile is full of updates and insights, inspiring a growing community of followers. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop of her wisdom, her website is the place to go. Join her for a free business-building virtual workshop. She hosts them each month. Caterina’s amazing speech is on the Voice of Purpose Speaker Showcase page. 

Caterina’s brand is all about inspired action. She’s committed to mentoring women to become masterful in all aspects of business. The Voice of Purpose competition was another step in her journey, proving her dedication to making a lasting impact in the business world.

Joanna’s Voice: Singing the Tune of Transformation

Joanna Butenschoen isn’t just another voice in the crowd. She’s a lighthouse, showing us how our own voices, coupled with faith, can really change the world. Joanna’s all about tapping into that inner voice we all have and using it to bring about big changes, whether in our lives or in the world around us.

Her journey starts with a simple belief: every voice matters. In her workshops, she’s like a coach, cheering you on to use your voice as your superpower. No matter who you are or what you do, Joanna’s there to show you how you can make waves.

Joanna's Voice: Singing the Tune of Transformation

Photo Credit: Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Take her “Life Mapping with God” workshop, for instance. It’s like a deep dive into your soul, where you get to map out your goals with a little guidance from above. Joanna creates this space where you can really tune in to what God’s saying and align it with your dreams. It’s goal-setting with a spiritual twist.

Then there’s “Feedback Without Offense.” Here, Joanna’s got this knack for teaching you how to take criticism and turn it into gold. It’s all about growing without getting your feelings hurt, a skill that’s incredibly important both personally and professionally.

“The Power of ‘I Am'” is another gem. Ever noticed how what you say about yourself makes a huge difference in how you feel? Joanna’s on top of that. She helps you tweak your self-talk to match up with what God says about you. It’s about swapping out those negative tunes in your head for ones that really sing your praises.

Joanna's Voice: Singing the Tune of Transformation

Photo Credit: Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Her big hit, though, is the “Keys to Present Purpose” program. Here, Joanna helps you dig deep to find out what you’re really here to do right now. She’s a firm believer that knowing your purpose can turn your life from black and white to full color.

Living out her motto, “Living with power and clarity through partnership with God,” Joanna is a guiding light for many. She’s mixing spiritual wisdom with real-world know-how, and it’s inspiring a bunch of people to speak up and be heard.

Beyond her own workshops and speaking engagements, Joanna’s participation in the Voice of Purpose, hosted by Nicolette Moore of First Class Agency, has been a transformational part of her journey. This platform, known for inspiring and attracting brilliant leaders, aligns perfectly with Joanna’s mission to empower and uplift. While First Class Agency offers the stage, Joanna brings her unique voice and message, making a profound impact on those seeking spiritual growth and personal development. Her commitment to helping others find their purpose isn’t just something she talks about; it’s evident in her actions. You can see this firsthand through engaging episodes of “The Present Purpose Podcast” and her website, where she continuously guides individuals toward discovering their God-given purpose.

Joanna’s philosophy isn’t just words; it’s a vibrant, living thing. She’s out there giving people the confidence to use their voices for good. Committed to making every voice count, she’s breaking barriers and making waves, one voice at a time.

As the holidays roll in, Joanna’s message of using our voices in partnership with God feels even more special. It’s a time for sharing, caring, and maybe, just maybe, finding our own voice amid the holiday hustle. Joanna’s story reminds us that the greatest gift we can give the world is our true, authentic selves, speaking up and making a difference by using the unique gifts and abilities God gives. 

Anabel Servin: Conquering Challenges and Crafting Dreams in Real Estate

First, there’s a desire, then motivation, and finally, a thriving business; such is the journey of Houston Real Estate Agent, Anabel Servin, a leading name in the real estate world. Her journey grounded in hardship has transformed her into a determined entrepreneur who masterfully crafts dreams and curates remarkable real estate journeys for her clients. As Servin says, “In the realm of real estate, a top seller isn’t just closing deals; they are crafting dreams, orchestrating aspirations, and transforming properties into the key to a client’s perfect future.” A Bilingual Realtor in Houston, her experiences have shaped her into an adept entrepreneur who skillfully navigates the real estate landscape, catering to a diverse clientele.

Servin’s upbringing was challenging, but it was precisely those struggles that fueled her ambition to create a life beyond the ordinary. She didn’t let her circumstances define her but used them as stepping stones to reach her goals. Inspired by strong will and resilience, she persevered in defying the odds, demonstrating that challenges are not roadblocks but catalysts for success. Her story is one of resilience and determination, where her background as an Experienced Realtor in Texas has equipped her to overcome challenges and redefine success on her terms.

Her first foray into real estate revealed her true calling. She was fascinated by the idea of taking properties and transforming them into something magical—a brick-and-mortar representation of someone’s dreams. With every property she laid her hands on, she imbued it with her vision, drive, and touch of creativity. When others saw mere buildings, she envisioned homes filled with laughter, comfort, and security.

As her passion for real estate deepened, Servin broke barriers by transcending traditional real estate norms. She built her brand on the philosophy of not simply selling properties but crafting dreams and aspirations. For her clients, every property transaction was no longer about just securing a deal; it became an experience filled with excitement, comfort, and trust.

The Anabel Servin brand’s refreshing approach to real estate deals brought in a wave of transformation into the property industry. A turning point came when Servin, despite her novice status and against all the conventional real estate norms of the time, audaciously turned her focus on carving out an individualized, inspiring experience for her clients rather than just facilitating a transaction. Today, as she stands at the pinnacle of her career, the fruits of her hard-earned success are evident in the many satisfied and loyal clients she serves.

In the span of her progressive career, Servin managed to create a network of individuals to whom the average person relates. Using social media platforms to her advantage, she built an audience on Instagram (@anacamhtx_realtor) and YouTube (@anacam22htxrealtor) and created a Google page (https://g.co/kgs/3iNLxf). There, her thousands of followers get to peek into her work, personal life, and the inspiring journey of transforming dreams into reality through real estate deals.

While Servin works relentlessly in the bustling property world, she never forgets the hardships from her early life that sparked her journey. These humble beginnings serve as a reminder to stay grateful and work harder to provide her clients with more than they expect. The Anabel Servin brand reflects this ethos of continuous value addition and crystal-clear integrity.

To clients and onlookers alike, Servin’s journey from humble beginnings to the zenith of success in the real estate world offers invaluable lessons. From her, we understand that the top disadvantages can be transformed into stepping stones of success. From her, we learn that the key to success lies in the determination to rise in spite of challenges, to break down barriers, and to work tirelessly until dreams are crafted and aspirations are fully realized.

Anabel Servin’s story is one of formidable determination, unfailing perseverance, and a remarkable knack for turning adversity into an advantage. In her hands, a real estate transaction becomes an inspiring journey-taking business from mundane to exciting, transforming houses into homes and crafting dreams into reality.

Anabel Servin is a testament to the enormous possibilities that courage, conviction, and an uncommon approach to business open up. Whether you dream of owning a cozy cottage, picture yourself in an elegant penthouse, or have a penchant for unique, exotic properties, Anabel Servin can turn your dreams into a tangible, perfect future. And not just any future—a future that’s a pictorial representation of who you aspire to be, a future that will leave you marveling at the beauty of dreaming big and working hard to make it a reality.


Pam Steciuk: Taking a Stand For Mental Fitness in Emergency Services

Pam Steciuk stands out as a master storyteller, captivating her audiences and leaving them both enlightened and moved. Known for her compelling advocacy for the mental fitness of emergency service workers, Pam combines thought-provoking insights and a persuasive style, making her a prized asset for any organization aiming to shed light on mental fitness, especially in the demanding world of emergency services.

She has found her calling in a realm often muted by stigma – the mental well-being of public safety personnel. Pam doesn’t just talk; she tells stories that resonate, aimed at ensuring these frontline heroes “survive and thrive beyond their worst day.” Her approach is personal, weaving tales that educate, connect, and foster empathy.

Pam’s narratives offer a window into the daily hurdles and mental strains faced by emergency workers, emphasizing the importance of resilience and recovery. Her eye-opening speeches serve as a vital call to action, stressing the need to uplift and support these very protectors of our society.

Recently, Pam took her message to a larger audience at the ‘Voice of Purpose’ event hosted by First Class Agency. There, she shared her experiences and perspectives with a blend of tact and emotion, painting vivid pictures that spurred understanding and a call for change.

But it’s not just the content of Pam’s speeches that captivates; her charisma and heartfelt commitment to her cause are just as entrancing. Speaking with sincerity, she ignites deep discussions, making her an invaluable presence at events like conferences and workshops.

Pam Steciuk: Taking a Stand For Mental Fitness in Emergency Services


Pam’s authenticity is what truly sets her apart in the world of motivational speaking. Her genuine enthusiasm for her cause draws listeners into a lively, engaging conversation, transforming a potential monologue into a dynamic dialogue.

Her knack for distilling complex, sensitive topics into relatable, understandable content marks her expertise. Whether addressing policy change needs or sharing coping strategies, Pam’s clarity and simplicity make her message accessible to all. Her engaging stage presence keeps audiences hooked, ensuring they’re not just listeners but active participants.

However, Pam’s real power lies in her focus on action. She doesn’t just spotlight issues; she offers solutions and ways for her audience to effect change, instilling hope and empowerment. This approach greatly amplifies her impact as a speaker, leaving her audience not just informed but ready to act.

Pam Steciuk isn’t just a speaker; she’s a connector, creating bonds that inspire and motivate. Her advocacy in mental fitness for emergency service workers is crucial, demanding attention and action. Her eloquence and charisma build a platform where empathy, learning, and positive change flourish.

For organizations focusing on mental well-being, especially in emergency services, Pam’s contribution is invaluable. With her authentic narratives, practical solutions, and charm, she creates an environment ripe for growth and change.

Pam Steciuk’s blend of knowledge, passion, and eloquence marks her as a significant figure in improving mental fitness awareness for emergency workers. As a powerful voice in this vital conversation, she helps them not just survive but thrive beyond their toughest days. Her impactful speeches resonate with resilience and overcoming adversity.

To discover more about Pam Steciuk’s work and her advocacy efforts, visit [www.911-4-911.com](http://www.911-4-911.com) or connect with her on LinkedIn at [Pam Steciuk on LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/pam-steciuk-2226756/).

Pam Steciuk: Taking a Stand For Mental Fitness in Emergency Services


Sharon Dunlevy: Lighting the Way in Child Foster Care Education

Imagine a unique gathering, a virtual event where twenty visionaries from diverse fields come together not to compete, but to share and grow. In this inspiring group, Sharon Dunlevy stood out with a mission that resonates with hearts around the globe. Her goal? To cast a spotlight on the often neglected educational needs of children in foster care.

At the core of Sharon’s work is a deeply felt purpose: she teaches foster and adoptive families how to be champions for their children’s education. It’s a hidden truth that’s often missed: while foster children might receive sympathy, they frequently slip through the cracks of our educational system. Sharon isn’t just highlighting this issue; she’s actively working to address it.

Her presentation at the ‘Voice of Purpose’ event, hosted by First Class Agency, was a far cry from a typical speech. It wasn’t about winning a contest but about sharing insights and learning from others. Sharon painted a vivid picture of the educational challenges faced by foster children and firmly voiced her commitment to changing this narrative.

“Why are we failing these children?” Sharon’s question wasn’t just rhetorical; it was an invitation to reflect and act. She emphasized that ignoring the educational needs of foster kids doesn’t just hurt them—it stunts our society’s progress. Sharon’s call to action was clear and compelling: every effort, no matter how small, makes a difference.

“A little bit from you can mean the world to a foster child. Educate yourself, contribute what you can, volunteer, or spread awareness. It all adds up,” Sharon urged.

For Sharon, the ‘Voice of Purpose’ was more than an event; it was an opportunity to share her passion, connect with like-minded individuals, and expand her community of support. She’s not just an advocate for foster care education; she’s a trailblazer leading the charge for meaningful change.

Every word she shared was a step toward bringing her audience into the reality of these children’s lives. This gathering was much more than a competition; it was a chance for growth, connection, and the start of a movement.

Sharon Dunlevy is a powerhouse that stands for advocacy and change in the system. She’s on a mission to improve the lives of children in foster care, one educational opportunity at a time. Whether through speaking engagements, training sessions, or advocacy work, Sharon consistently embodies her message: “Empowering foster and adopted families to advocate for their children’s education.”

Joining the ‘Voice of Purpose‘ was a significant step in her journey, not just for personal growth but to inspire others to take action. For Sharon, it’s about paving a path toward a future where no foster child is left behind in their educational journey.

To learn more about Sharon’s impactful advocacy and how you can be a part of this positive change, visit her website at sharondunlevy.com or connect on LinkedIn.

Sharon Dunlevy isn’t just speaking; she’s inspiring, educating, and advocating for a cause that demands attention. The ‘Voice of Purpose’ event is a platform for expanding her message to a wide audience, showcasing once more Sharon’s passion to change the lives of foster children.