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Sharon Dunlevy: Lighting the Way in Child Foster Care Education

Sharon Dunlevy: Lighting the Way in Child Foster Care Education

Imagine a unique gathering, a virtual event where twenty visionaries from diverse fields come together not to compete, but to share and grow. In this inspiring group, Sharon Dunlevy stood out with a mission that resonates with hearts around the globe. Her goal? To cast a spotlight on the often neglected educational needs of children in foster care.

At the core of Sharon’s work is a deeply felt purpose: she teaches foster and adoptive families how to be champions for their children’s education. It’s a hidden truth that’s often missed: while foster children might receive sympathy, they frequently slip through the cracks of our educational system. Sharon isn’t just highlighting this issue; she’s actively working to address it.

Her presentation at the ‘Voice of Purpose’ event, hosted by First Class Agency, was a far cry from a typical speech. It wasn’t about winning a contest but about sharing insights and learning from others. Sharon painted a vivid picture of the educational challenges faced by foster children and firmly voiced her commitment to changing this narrative.

“Why are we failing these children?” Sharon’s question wasn’t just rhetorical; it was an invitation to reflect and act. She emphasized that ignoring the educational needs of foster kids doesn’t just hurt them—it stunts our society’s progress. Sharon’s call to action was clear and compelling: every effort, no matter how small, makes a difference.

“A little bit from you can mean the world to a foster child. Educate yourself, contribute what you can, volunteer, or spread awareness. It all adds up,” Sharon urged.

For Sharon, the ‘Voice of Purpose’ was more than an event; it was an opportunity to share her passion, connect with like-minded individuals, and expand her community of support. She’s not just an advocate for foster care education; she’s a trailblazer leading the charge for meaningful change.

Every word she shared was a step toward bringing her audience into the reality of these children’s lives. This gathering was much more than a competition; it was a chance for growth, connection, and the start of a movement.

Sharon Dunlevy is a powerhouse that stands for advocacy and change in the system. She’s on a mission to improve the lives of children in foster care, one educational opportunity at a time. Whether through speaking engagements, training sessions, or advocacy work, Sharon consistently embodies her message: “Empowering foster and adopted families to advocate for their children’s education.”

Joining the ‘Voice of Purpose‘ was a significant step in her journey, not just for personal growth but to inspire others to take action. For Sharon, it’s about paving a path toward a future where no foster child is left behind in their educational journey.

To learn more about Sharon’s impactful advocacy and how you can be a part of this positive change, visit her website at sharondunlevy.com or connect on LinkedIn.

Sharon Dunlevy isn’t just speaking; she’s inspiring, educating, and advocating for a cause that demands attention. The ‘Voice of Purpose’ event is a platform for expanding her message to a wide audience, showcasing once more Sharon’s passion to change the lives of foster children.

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