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Caterina’s Big Moment at the Voice of Purpose

Caterina's Big Moment at the Voice of Purpose

Have you heard about Caterina Rando? She recently took center stage at the Voice of Purpose, a big speaking contest hosted by First Class Agency. This event isn’t just any competition. It’s a gathering of some of the smartest folks worldwide, with 20 speakers sharing their big ideas.

What’s Caterina’s big idea? It’s all about helping women in business find and use their superpowers. That’s right, superpowers! She believes everyone has something special that can make a real difference.

Caterina’s all about lifting women business owners and leaders, helping them discover their strengths and share their unique stories. Her talk at the competition wasn’t just about winning but spreading this powerful message.

This competition was a huge chance for Caterina to grow her brand, “Serving Women On A Mission.” She’s on a mission to empower women everywhere to embrace their natural talents and make a positive impact, staying true to themselves.

Caterina’s speech at the event inspired the audience to find and use their hidden strengths. She’s convinced everyone has something important to share, a game-changing perspective that can make a real difference.

By encouraging others to step into their power, Caterina wants to create a wave of change that helps people grow their brands and improve their lives. She’s dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs confidently navigate the business world to scale their enterprises while being of service. 

Participating in the Voice of Purpose was a big deal for Caterina. It was a perfect match for her mission to change the business world. Her inspiring message about using your superpowers is a guiding light for women leaders aiming to make their mark.

Caterina’s participation in the competition is closely tied to her business goals. By sharing her expertise on this platform, she’s not just building her brand but also reinforcing her business’s core values.

You can follow her on social media to keep up with Caterina’s journey. Her LinkedIn profile is full of updates and insights, inspiring a growing community of followers. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop of her wisdom, her website is the place to go. Join her for a free business-building virtual workshop. She hosts them each month. Caterina’s amazing speech is on the Voice of Purpose Speaker Showcase page. 

Caterina’s brand is all about inspired action. She’s committed to mentoring women to become masterful in all aspects of business. The Voice of Purpose competition was another step in her journey, proving her dedication to making a lasting impact in the business world.

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