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Women Filmmakers Make a Monstrous Mark: “Easter Bloody Easter” Hops into AppleTV on March 26th

Photo Courtesy: WallyBird Productions

This Easter, prepare to swap out your pastel colors and fluffy bunnies for something a little more… bloody.

Director, producer and star Diane Foster is bringing a monstrous twist to the holiday with her directorial debut, “Easter Bloody Easter,” a horror-comedy experience unlike any other, hitting VOD platforms on March 26th.

The feature film is a celebration of female ingenuity, offering laughs, screams, and a message of empowerment that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

“Easter Bloody Easter” is more than just a genre-bending film; it’s a testament to Foster’s passion and unwavering commitment to female empowerment and inclusivity in the film industry.

Foster, founder of WallyBird Productions, and a seasoned actress with credits spanning independent features and cult classics, has always marched to the beat of her own drum. This is evident in her diverse filmography, showcasing her talent in everything from drama to horror. But “Easter Bloody Easter” is uniquely personal, a project she has nurtured for years.

“I’ve always loved dynamic horror movies and quirky comedies,” Foster shares. “Blending those genres in a way that feels fresh and unexpected has been my dream. And what better time to unleash the unexpected than Easter?”

The film follows Jeanie (played by Foster), a Texas housewife whose Easter celebration takes a bloody turn when a mythical Jackalope emerges, terrorizing her small town. But beneath the laughs and screams lies a powerful message – one that celebrates female strength and collaboration.

“This film is more than just a horror comedy,” Foster emphasizes. “It’s about a woman taking charge, fighting for what she believes in, and finding strength in unexpected places.”

This strength extends beyond Foster’s character, permeating every aspect of the film. The production boasts a remarkable 95% female-identifying crew, a feat that earned them the ReFrame Stamp from Women in Film, recognizing their dedication to gender parity.

“Creating a space where diverse voices are heard and empowered is crucial to me,” Foster states. “I’m incredibly grateful for the talented women who have brought this vision to life, both on-screen and behind the scenes.”

The female force behind the film extends beyond the director’s chair. One of the film’s female producers, Kelly Grant, is a powerful co-star as Jeanie’s best friend, Carol, and adds her infectious energy to the mix. Writer Allison Lobel, co-starring in a pivotal role as MaryLou, brings her comedic timing and hilariously sharp writing skills to the table.

The cast is further bolstered by Zuri Starks, who brings her dynamic on-screen presence as Megan, a professional bunny slayer.

Alex Cha, the film’s talented cinematographer, captures both the humor and horror with her keen eye and fresh take on horror comedy. The list of female collaborators in this film is long and impressivea testament that representation matters.

“Easter Bloody Easter” is a celebration of female talent, both in front of and behind the camera. It’s a film that breaks stereotypes, defies expectations, and proves that women can not only conquer the horror genre but also create a truly entertaining experience for audiences everywhere.

So, this Easter, grab your popcorn and get your egg hunt on – Diane Foster and her team are ready to deliver a funny, bloody bunny good time.

See the trailer and pre-order the film now on iTunes/Apple TV.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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