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Viktoria Nord: A Voice for Global Women’s Empowerment

Viktoria Nord: A Voice for Global Women's Empowerment
Photo Credit To: Andrei Orehov

By: Olga Amraie

In an exclusive interview with Women’s Journal, Viktoria Nord, the esteemed Mrs. Sweden for Mrs. World 2023, speaks about her multifaceted life journey. As a doctor, mother, and beauty pageant participant, Viktoria embodies the essence of modern womanhood. She shares her insights on her pageant participation, her mission for global education, and her role in inspiring women worldwide.

Women’s Journal: Viktoria, what drives your participation in beauty pageants?

Viktoria Nord: “For me, it’s not about the beauty contest; it’s an impetus to be a voice for all women, to reach hearts. My goal is to inspire by example and show that every woman is inherently beautiful. We are strong in spirit, skilled as mothers in taking responsibility, and capable of implementing our mission in life. We can juggle various roles beautifully. We can change the world for the better, and influence it to foster more kindness. Education is the main component for the future of any nation. An educated populace opts for constructive endeavors, innovates, self-develops, creates jobs, and realizes goals. Education is my driving force. In collaboration with partners, we are in the process of creating a future school where online learning will be accessible to every child, regardless of gender, nationality, or skin color. I love my life and am ready to inspire everyone with my example.”

WJ: How do you balance your roles and what are your secrets to success?

VN: “Balancing my roles as a mother, doctor, wife, and public figure is a constant learning process. My top secrets to success are:

  • Prioritizing Family and Self-Care: Always keeping family at the forefront and ensuring self-care is a part of my routine.
  • Discipline in Professional Life: My medical career has taught me the importance of discipline, which I apply in all areas of my life.
  • Holistic Approach to Health: Embracing both physical and mental health, incorporating activities like ballroom dancing for joy and fitness.
  • Commitment to Education: I believe in the power of education for empowerment, which is why I’m passionate about making it accessible globally.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: Staying resilient and adaptable helps me navigate challenges and embrace change positively.”

WJ: What message do you hope to convey to women around the world?

VN: “I want to inspire women to recognize their inherent strength and beauty. We have the power to influence and make positive changes in the world. By embracing education and our diverse roles, we can build a more equitable and kind world. My mission is to be an example of what can be achieved through dedication, compassion, and a belief in oneself.”

Through her journey, Viktoria Nord stands as a testament to the power of women’s strength, resilience, and capacity for change. Her dedication to empowering women through education and her role in the beauty pageant world makes her a true inspiration for women globally.

A Beacon for Women

On her social media, Viktoria speaks to women across the globe, sharing insights into living a harmonious life. She believes every woman possesses innate power, beauty, and wisdom, which, when harnessed, can lead to a fulfilling life. Her words are not just motivational; they are a reflection of her own life, a testament to her belief that balance is not a distant dream but a tangible reality.

Motherhood and Beyond

As a mother of three, Viktoria’s life is a whirlwind of activities, yet she finds time for her hobbies, beauty routines, travel, and self-education. Her days are meticulously planned, balancing family time with personal pursuits. She often shares tips on time management and self-care on her social media, encouraging mothers to find time for themselves amidst their busy schedules.

Hobbies and Self-Care: A Priority

Viktoria is an avid ballroom dancer, an activity that not only serves as a creative outlet but also as a way to stay fit and rejuvenated. Her passion for dancing is contagious, often inspiring her readers to find a hobby that brings them joy. She also emphasizes the importance of self-care, advocating for a holistic approach to beauty that encompasses physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Travel and Lifelong Learning

Travel is another aspect of Viktoria’s life that enriches her perspective. With each journey, whether for leisure or pageant commitments, she immerses herself in different cultures, learning and growing from each experience. Her travels are not just escapes; they are educational adventures that contribute to her wisdom.

The Power of Education

A staunch advocate for education, Viktoria believes in its transformative power. She often discusses the role of education in empowering women, drawing from her own experiences. Her vision extends to creating a more inclusive educational system, making learning accessible to all children, regardless of their background.

A Symphony of Balance

Viktoria’s life is a symphony of roles played in harmony. Her story is a beacon for women, showing that it’s possible to be a devoted mother, a successful professional, and a fulfilled individual, all at once. Through her blog, she continues to inspire women to embrace their power, beauty, and wisdom, encouraging them to lead lives of balance and fulfillment.


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