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Unlocking Your Potential: An Interview with Maria Shapley on Intuition and Success

Unlocking Your Potential: An Interview with Maria Shapley on Intuition and Success
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In an illuminating interview with Maria Shapley, a renowned coach and accomplished actress, Women’s Journal explores the pivotal role of intuition in achieving personal and professional success. Maria, known for her transformative coaching methods for women in Hollywood, shares her insights and expert advice on harnessing intuition to overcome blocks and reach one’s full potential.

Maria’s Insights on Intuition and Success:

WJM: Maria, you’ve become a beacon for many women striving for success in Hollywood. What’s the secret?

Maria: The secret is simple yet profound – follow your intuition. Everyone possesses this innate guidance system, but often, life’s noise creates blocks that prevent us from listening to our inner voice. My journey in both acting and coaching has shown me the power of tuning into this intuitive wisdom.

WJM: How can someone start to reduce these blocks and hear their spirit more clearly?

Maria: There are five main strategies I recommend:

Always Be Connected to the Light: Light is a frequency, another way of saying the highest levels of pure love and joy. When you connect to this source of energy, you can shift your emotional state, bring in truth, access your intuition, and create real miracles.

Mindful Meditation: Regular meditation helps quiet the mind and amplifies your inner voice.

Journaling: Writing down your thoughts and feelings can unravel inner conflicts and clear mental blocks.

Energy Work: Practices like Energy healing or yoga can balance your energy and enhance intuition.

Movement: Your body is your home, the house of your soul. To keep your body healthy and happy, physical movement is important. 

Nature Connection: Spending time in nature resets your spiritual compass and fosters inner peace.

Community Support: Surrounding yourself with supportive, like-minded individuals encourages a positive mindset and clear intuition.

WJM: How have you applied these techniques in your own career?

Maria: As an actress, I’ve often relied on my intuition to choose roles that resonate with my values and help me grow. This inner guidance has led to some of my most rewarding performances and opportunities.

Maria’s Coaching System and Its Success:

WJM: Tell us more about your coaching system and its impact.

Maria: My coaching system focuses on empowering women, especially in Hollywood, to listen to their intuition and harness it for career success. I combine intuitive guidance with practical strategies to help my clients overcome obstacles and realize their ambitions.

WJM: Can you share a success story from your coaching?

Maria: Certainly! One of my clients, an aspiring director, struggled with self-doubt. Through our sessions, she learned to trust her intuition, which not only improved her decision-making but also led her to direct a critically acclaimed short film.

Why Maria’s Coaching is Ideal for Ambitious Women:

WJM: Why should women aiming for a career in Hollywood or any ambitious path choose you as their coach?

Maria: My unique blend of industry experience and intuitive coaching provides a holistic approach to personal and professional development. I understand the challenges and dynamics of Hollywood and can guide clients through them effectively. Moreover, my coaching is tailored to help each woman discover her unique path and break through any barriers holding her back.

WJM: What’s your message to women aspiring to make it big in their careers?

Maria: Trust in your inner wisdom. Your intuition is your most powerful ally in navigating the complexities of any career, especially in Hollywood. With the right mindset and support, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.


Maria Shapley’s insights shed light on the transformative power of intuition. Her coaching methods are not just theories but proven strategies that have propelled both her acting career and the careers of many women she’s mentored. For anyone with big ambitions, especially in the competitive landscape of Hollywood, Maria’s guidance could be the key to unlocking a world of success.

Contacting Maria Shapley:

For those interested in taking their careers to new heights with Maria’s intuitive coaching, visit her website www.intuitivecoachmaria.com to learn more and schedule a consultation.

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