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Unlock the Power of Your Subconscious Mind: Overcome Unwanted Fears with Childhood Regression Hypnotherapy

Photo Credit To: Susan Lawrence

In personal development and emotional healing, Susan Lawrence, CCHt, stands out with her transformative approach to therapy. With 14 years of experience in hypnotherapy, Susan, the founder of Get Joyful Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching and the author of the #1 hit “Divine State of Mind,” has revolutionized childhood regression techniques. Her work aims to unlock the profound power of the subconscious mind, helping individuals overcome deeply rooted fears and unwanted behaviors.

One of the intriguing aspects of Susan’s practice is her focus on childhood regression hypnosis, a technique that has garnered impressive results, particularly in changing unwanted behaviors. This method highlights past experiences and traumas that unknowingly influence present-day reactions and emotions.

For example, despite years of professional flying, a commercial airline pilot began experiencing panic attacks and anxiety, specifically when flying over water. He feared his plane would “fall out of the sky and he would drown.” This debilitating fear was not just an occupational hazard but threatened his career and well-being.

However, under Susan’s guidance and through childhood regression hypnosis, the pilot recalled a suppressed memory from his childhood. He had almost drowned after falling into the water while fishing with his father. This traumatic experience, hidden in his subconscious, was unexpectedly triggered years later, translating into an irrational fear of flying over water.

“We all have traumas from the past,” Susan explains. “These can be unexpectedly triggered by anything from a thought, a sound, a similar situation, or even a random commercial. Understanding that the root of many of our fears is based on past traumas can be profoundly liberating.”

Susan’s client was no exception. Once he understood the origin of his fear, he could rationalize it and easily let it go. He returned to flying the following week without issues. This success story is just one of the many testimonials featured on her website, highlighting the transformative power of hypnotherapy.

Her credentials are as impressive as her results. Besides her extensive experience, Susan was trained by legends like Dr. Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon, a Level 2 QHHT practitioner. These credentials contributed to her recognition as a USA Today Top Coach in 2023. Her successful business, GetJoyful.com, is a testament to her skill and dedication to her clients’ mental and emotional wellness.

The goal of Susan’s practice, mainly through techniques like childhood regression, is to provide relief and solutions for subconscious fears and phobias. Her approach is not about quick fixes but focuses on comprehensive mental and emotional transformations. With Zoom and in-person session options, Susan’s services are accessible to all seeking joy and emotional freedom.

“Our minds are powerful, and unlocking this power requires understanding and healing the past,” Susan states. “My role is to guide individuals through this journey, helping them find peace, joy, and confidence in life.”

For anyone struggling with similar issues or seeking ways to overcome personal barriers, Susan Lawrence, CCHt, invites you to start your transformative journey with Get Joyful Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching. Discover more about her methods and the life-changing impact of hypnotherapy by visiting GetJoyful.com.

Media inquiries can be directed to Get Joyful Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching. 

Contact: Susan Lawrence, CCHt 

Phone: 631-745-7533

Email: Susan@GetJoyful.com

Address: 14712 Smokey Citrine St, Delray Beach, FL 33446 

Website/URL: GetJoyful.com

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