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Tricia Schepp: Empowering Women Through lumenCLT

Tricia Schepp Empowering Women Through lumenCLT
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By: Heather Holmes

Subtle Glow: The Entrepreneurial Journey of The Candle Lady

In the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, there’s a flicker of warmth and comfort in the form of a small batch soy candle business, lumenCLT. At its helm is an inspiring entrepreneur, Tricia Schepp, who more often goes by the name “The Candle Lady” by her beloved clientele. Her venture into entrepreneurship followed a risky leap from her corporate job to jumping on her passion project, and she has crafted soy candles that spark not just light but life in rooms that are both high-quality and high in safety, free from harmful chemicals. Her work rapidly spread through word of mouth, and before she knew it, she was tasked with the challenge of creating custom candles for a variety of events. Today, lumenCLT operates on a higher level, with its items popping up in the stores of retail partners and gracing pop-up events; Tricia’s work and company are clear reminders of the amazing power and impact of women and stand as an illuminating figure in the realm of female-run business this upcoming Mother’s Day.

This Spring, Tricia is featuring her Spring Candle lineup, including the enchanting scents of Sea Salt & Orchid, Mermaid Lagoon, Spotless Kitchen, Queen City Charlotte, and the limited edition Mom Magic, inspired by the warmth of a mother’s love evoking the aroma of hot coffee and warm hugs. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Mom Magic and lumenCLT’s Spring lineup offers a heartfelt way to express gratitude and appreciation for the maternal figures in people’s lives. The lineup also includes the limited edition Women Supporting Women candle, a candle sporting notes of beech wood, vetiver and eucalyptus as an ode to Women everywhere this upcoming National Women’s Month. As a bonus this season, lumenCLT is offering free shipping for purchases over $100 using the code SHIPDEAL at checkout.

Tricia Schepp Empowering Women Through lumenCLT

Photo Courtesy: Tricia Schepp

Tricia’s dedication to women and service doesn’t stop there. Candles like Women Supporting Women celebrate the spirit of female empowerment not just on International Women’s Day but every day of the year. With notes of beechwood, vetiver, and eucalyptus, the Women Supporting Women candle is a tribute to the strength and resilience of women everywhere.

At the core of lumenCLT is a commitment to quality, transparency and health. Each candle is handcrafted in small batches in Charlotte, NC, and crafted using soy wax and high-quality oils resulting in carcinogen and toxin-free products. Tricia’s choice of exclusively using soy-wax over petroleum-based alternatives ensures that each one of her candles provides a clean burn—contributing to the effort of making healthier and safer options in an industry ridden with unsafe products.

Tricia Schepp Empowering Women Through lumenCLT

Photo Courtesy: Tricia Schepp / lumenCLT

What sets lumenCLT apart is not just the candles themselves but the story behind them. Tricia’s commitment to authenticity shines through in her social media posts, emails, and conversations with customers. She attributes her success to her unique way of authentic entrepreneurship, which she shares:

“What’s been most effective in running my business is being authentic in my social media posts, emails and conversations. By sharing the highs AND lows of my business, I am relatable to my customers. This is the real world where things are going to go sideways at times but we make it work! I think many people relate to those stories and appreciate the honesty (and humor). As time goes on, I realize people want to know my story as well as the lumen story. They want to see photos of me sitting on the floor, labeling 600 candles for a corporate order. They want to know how many pounds of soy wax I used the previous year. I have been gradually slipping little gems of the ‘Tricia life’ into lumen.”

Her commitment to transparency and building authentic connections is evident in the way she shows glimpses of her true self while running her business. As such, she’s created a community that’s both supportive and appreciative of her and her enterprise, thus adding depth and humanity to lumenCLT.

Tricia Schepp is an innovating figure in the candle industry inspiring both change and empowerment through her craft and creations. She’s been featured in numerous publications and outlets for her inspiring story and her dedication to transparent, healthy and high-quality products. Learn more about Tricia Schepp and lumenCLT by visiting http://lumenclt.com

Published by: Holy Minoza

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