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Body and Mind Convert: Greg Anastasiadis’ Los Angeles Gym

By: Press Room

Tarzana, Los Angeles, is on the brink of a fitness revolution as celebrity personal trainer Greg Anastasiadis unveils his highly anticipated gym, “Body and Mind Convert.” With a successful career spanning over a decade, Anastasiadis has transformed the bodies and lives of numerous celebrities and fitness enthusiasts. Now, he is determined to share his expertise and passion for health and wellness with the community by offering a state-of-the-art fitness facility that promotes physical and mental well-being.

Q: What inspired you to open Body and Mind Convert in Los Angeles?

A: After working as a personal trainer for over twenty years with countless people and witnessing the profound impact fitness has on their lives, I wanted to create a space where everyone could experience the transformative power of exercise. Tarzana, in Los Angeles, with its vibrant community, seemed like the perfect location to establish a fitness haven that caters to both physical and mental well-being.

Body and Mind Convert: Greg Anastasiadis’ Los Angeles Gym

Photo Courtesy: VITSIA Entertainment Group / Karl Lascano

Q: What sets Body and Mind Convert apart from other gyms?

A: Body and Mind Convert goes beyond being a traditional gym. We prioritize a holistic approach to fitness, offering personalized training programs, cutting-edge equipment, and dedicated spaces for yoga, meditation, and mindfulness exercises. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive experience that nurtures both the body and the mind.

Q: How do you ensure individualized attention for each member?

A: At Body and Mind Convert, we believe in understanding each member’s unique goals, limitations, and aspirations. Our experienced trainers work closely with individuals to create personalized workout regimens and offer ongoing support and motivation. We believe tailoring our approach to each person’s needs is key to unlocking their full potential.

Q: Can you tell us about the community aspect of Body and Mind Convert?

A: Community is at the heart of Body and Mind Convert. We foster a vibrant, supportive environment where members can connect, share their fitness journeys, and find peer support. We encourage camaraderie and personal growth through group classes, workshops, and events. A strong community acts as a catalyst for long-term success in health and wellness.

Q: How does technology play a role at Body and Mind Convert?

A: We embrace the latest technological advancements to enhance the gym experience. Members can benefit from state-of-the-art fitness tracking devices, semi-private workouts, and interactive training programs that keep them engaged and motivated. By leveraging technology, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of fitness trends and constantly offer innovative solutions to our members.

Body and Mind Convert: Greg Anastasiadis’ Los Angeles Gym

Photo Courtesy: VITSIA Entertainment Group / Karl Lascano

Greg Anastasiadis is a renowned celebrity personal trainer and the writer of the upcoming book “Body and Mind Convert,” based on which he is opening his fitness facility in Tarzana, Los Angeles. With over twenty years of experience in the fitness industry, Anastasiadis has established himself as a respected figure in the field. He has worked with numerous celebrities and fitness enthusiasts, helping them achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall well-being. Anastasiadis is known for his holistic approach to fitness, emphasizing the importance of physical and mental well-being. His gym, Body and Mind Convert, offers personalized training programs, cutting-edge equipment, and dedicated spaces for yoga, meditation, and mindfulness exercises. Anastasiadis is passionate about empowering individuals to transform their bodies and minds through exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle.

With the opening of Body and Mind Convert in Tarzana, Los Angeles, Greg Anastasiadis brings his expertise and passion for fitness to a wider audience. By combining personalized training, a holistic approach to health, a supportive community, and cutting-edge facilities, Anastasiadis aims to empower individuals to transform their bodies and minds. Whether you’re a beginner seeking peak performance or a fitness enthusiast looking for a welcoming and dynamic gym, “Body and Mind Convert” by Greg Anastasiadis, is poised to become the epicenter of health and wellness in Los Angeles.

Reserve your spot now to embark on a fitness journey under the guidance of one of the industry’s most sought-after trainers. Visit https://bodymindconvert.com/ to secure your membership today.


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Understanding Convictions and Legal Challenges

What Is a Conviction?

A conviction remains in the legal profession of a singular’s culpability for a crime. It denotes the definitive decision in a criminal trial, where either a judge or jury unequivocally considers the accused guilty. 

Upon the conveyance of a conviction, critical outcomes might follow for the individual, going from imprisonment and money-related fines to an enduring stain on their criminal record.

Reason for Challenging a Conviction

The process of challenging a conviction involves exploring intricate legal roads to investigate trial proceedings for errors or infringement of constitutional rights. A few grounds exist for challenging a conviction:

  • Legal Errors: This includes botches made by the trial judge, for example, inappropriately conceding evidence or giving wrong jury directions.
  • Constitutional Infringement: Examples where the litigant’s constitutional rights were penetrated during examination, trial, or condemnation can act as grounds for challenging the conviction. Models incorporate unlawful pursuits and seizures or forswearing of the right to legal counsel.
  • New Evidence: The development of new evidence post-trial that could change the outcome might give a premise to challenging the conviction.
  • Insufficient Legal Representation: Assuming that the respondent’s legal counsel was lacking and affected the trial’s outcome, it might comprise grounds for challenging the conviction.

Legal Systems for Challenging a Conviction

The process of challenging a conviction involves exploring explicit legal methods. Here is an outline:

  • Seeking Post-Conviction Relief: After a conviction, the respondent can look for post-conviction relief by recording movements or petitions with the court, including movements for a new trial or appeals.
  • Role of Federal appeal lawyers: In federal court convictions, federal appeal lawyers assume a significant part. They have some expertise in appellate law and are proficient at exploring federal appellate court complexities.
  • Role of Criminal appeal lawyers: Comparably, in state court convictions, criminal appeal lawyers are significant. They comprehend state-explicit laws and methods of administering criminal appeals.
  • Readiness of Appellate Briefs: Lawyers plan appellate briefs framing legal arguments and grounds for challenging the conviction, submitted for audit by the appellate court.
  • Oral Arguments: Appellate courts might plan oral arguments, permitting lawyers to communicate their perspectives face to face for a more intelligent conversation of legal issues.
  • Appellate Court Decision: In the wake of surveying arguments and evidence, the appellate court issues a decision, which might certify, converse, or remand the case for additional proceedings.

Meaning of Federal and Criminal appeal lawyers

Federal appeal lawyers and criminal appeal lawyers assume imperative parts in challenging convictions. They spend significant time in appellate law, lead exhaustive legal research, and back clients seeking justice.

Understanding the Appellate Process

Exploring the appellate process requires a profound understanding of legal systems and key preparation. After a conviction, the respondent’s legal team can record an appeal to a higher court, seeking a survey of the trial proceedings and potential errors that might have impacted the outcome. 

This process includes careful arrangement of appellate briefs that frame the legal arguments, upheld by exhaustive research and investigation of case law and rules. Federal and criminal appeal lawyers assume essential parts in making convincing arguments, introducing oral arguments under the steady gaze of the appellate court, and advocating for their client’s rights.

The Role of Brownstone Appeal Lawyers

At Brownstone Appeal Lawyers, we invest heavily in our obligation to excellence and client advocacy in the appellate field. Our experienced team of federal appeal lawyers and criminal appeal lawyers brings an abundance of information and expertise to each case, determinedly attempting to recognize grounds for challenging convictions and getting post-conviction relief. 

We comprehend the gravity of convictions and the significant effect they can have on people’s lives, which is the reason we are dedicated to giving customized legal strategies to meet our client’s particular needs. Whether confronting federal or state convictions, our firm stands prepared to explore the complexities of appellate law and battle vigorously for justice in the interest of our clients.

Advocating for Justice with Brownstone Appeal Lawyers

Challenging a conviction is a vital part of the legal system, permitting people to look for justice and redress premature deliveries of justice. Brownstone Appeal Lawyers spend significant time in federal and state appellate law, giving dedicated advocacy and vital direction to clients planning to challenge convictions or get post-conviction relief.

If you or somebody you know is confronting a conviction justifying a challenge, consider contacting Brownstone Appeal Lawyers. We are committed to battling for justice and protecting people’s rights all through the appellate process.

DISCLAIMER: The content in this article is provided for general knowledge. It does not constitute legal advice, and readers should seek advice from qualified legal professionals regarding particular cases or situations.


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Flying High: Tracey Curtis-Taylor’s Extraordinary Journey

By: Max Cox

In the world of aviation, certain stories transcend the mere act of flight, capturing the essence of dreams, courage, and passion. Tracey Curtis-Taylor is a modern-day aviator whose affinity for vintage aircraft epitomizes the adventurous spirit and resilience of pioneers. Her audacious flights and reflective insights invite us on a journey through skies, history, gender dynamics, and the depths of the human spirit.

Her odyssey, featured in her book “Bird” and her upcoming documentary of the same name , pays homage to early aviators, particularly women who shattered societal norms to achieve remarkable feats. Drawing inspiration from classic films like “Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines” and “Out of Africa,” Curtis-Taylor embarked on expeditions that retraced the routes of legendary aviators, intertwining her story with theirs.

Her inaugural major flight took her across Africa in an open-cockpit biplane, a tribute to Lady Heath, the first person to fly solo from Cape Town to England in 1928. Further journeys to Australia and across the United States honored figures such as Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart, underscoring the bravery and resolve of these trailblazing women.

Tracey Curtis-Taylor's Extraordinary Journey

Photo Courtesy: Tracey Curtis-Taylor

A particularly harrowing moment occurred when she navigated a severe storm over Romania’s Carpathian Mountains. Curtis-Taylor recounts, “The biggest challenge in flying a slow, open-cockpit vintage airplane is the weather.” Facing the elements, she demonstrated the same grit and perseverance as the pioneers she revered. “It was seriously unnerving, but I had no choice but to press on.”

In retracing these historic paths, Curtis-Taylor connected deeply with the legacies of these remarkable women, gaining insights into their personal and professional battles against a male-dominated society. “I was terribly moved and angered by their struggles to prevail against a patronizing and hostile male establishment,” she reflects.

However, Curtis-Taylor’s mission extends beyond tribute. Her documentary aims to inspire the next generation of female pilots by showcasing the resilience of these pioneers. “One of my goals is to highlight the historic, yet undervalued, contributions women have made to aviation and to encourage more women to enter the field,” she explains.

In her research, she discovered many unsung heroines of early aviation, such as Bessica Raiche, Harriet Quimby, and Katherine Stinson, whose accomplishments are as impressive as those of their male counterparts. These stories, though often overlooked, are powerful examples of the indomitable spirit of women in aviation.

Tracey Curtis-Taylor's Extraordinary Journey

Photo Courtesy: Tracey Curtis-Taylor

Reflecting on the ongoing challenges female aviators face, Curtis-Taylor notes the progress in opportunities and support structures but remains vigilant against the persisting misogyny and biases in the industry. “It’s frustrating to hear my story described as a ‘female story’ as if it’s only relevant to women. Gender should not matter. I defy most men to have lived the life I have.”

Looking ahead, Curtis-Taylor is committed to not just recounting past triumphs but also inspiring future generations through a schools outreach program focused on female aviation pioneers. Her unwavering passion for aviation, history, and female empowerment drives her ongoing advocacy and exploration.

Ultimately, Tracey Curtis-Taylor’s journey is more than a series of flights; it is a celebration of the human spirit, the power of dreams, and the limitless potential of the skies. As she continues to challenge the boundaries of aviation and inspire others, her legacy promises to soar, leaving a remarkable mark on history.

Published by: Holy Minoza

Maximize Your Brand’s Potential: The Benefits of Owning a Personal Domain

The burgeoning relevance of personal domains and websites has never been clearer than in today’s digitally-driven landscape. As more individuals seek to establish unique online identities, the strategy of securing a personal domain has emerged as a pivotal element for content creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone aiming to construct a robust personal brand. Steve Ryan, a seasoned content creator and entrepreneur, champions this approach, frequently discussing its advantages to his community and on his popular podcast. His personal journey illustrates the transformational impact that owning a personal domain can have on one’s professional life and broader personal brand strategy.

Ownership and Brand Building

The analogy of a personal domain as digital real estate aptly captures its fundamental value. It provides a permanent internet address, a home where one’s brand can reside and grow independently of the whims of social media platforms, whose unpredictable changes can otherwise disrupt visibility and audience engagement. This consistency is critical for brand recognition and loyalty, making a personal domain a cornerstone for those aiming to solidify their personal or professional identity online.

Central Hub for Community Engagement

Personal websites serve as the nucleus of all digital interactions, providing a stable platform where supporters or customers can explore everything from a portfolio to personal blogs, contact information, and professional accomplishments. This hub becomes essential for maintaining continuous engagement with one’s community. It allows for streamlined communication and centralized announcements, keeping the audience engaged and informed.

Monetization and Revenue Streams

The financial benefits of owning a personal website are manifold. Direct sales of products or services, affiliate marketing, and the promotion of exclusive content are just a few of the monetization strategies that can be effectively managed through a personal site. Affiliate marketing, in particular, offers a lucrative avenue for creators to earn commission by aligning with brands that resonate with their audience’s interests. Additionally, personal websites allow for the sale of digital products and subscriptions, creating steady revenue streams that are not reliant on external platforms.

Data Analytics and Traffic Insights

Understanding audience behavior through data analytics is another significant perk of owning a personal website. Tools like Google Analytics provide insights into visitor demographics, behaviors, and preferences, enabling owners to tailor their content and marketing strategies more effectively. This data is crucial for enhancing user experience and fostering an environment that encourages repeat visits and sustained engagement.

Simple Beginnings and Resource Availability

The journey to launching a personal website does not have to be daunting. For those intimidated by the potential technical challenges, starting with a simple webpage that includes basic contact information and links to social media can be a practical first step. The wealth of online resources and tools available today—ranging from free tutorials to affordable web design services—makes it easier than ever for individuals to begin their digital ventures.

Steve Ryan embodies the essence of what it means to leverage a personal domain to its fullest potential. With a career that spans across various creative fields, including music, writing, and public speaking, his website not only showcases his multifaceted portfolio but also underscores his commitment to independence and creative freedom. His approach is a testament to the power of personal domains in supporting diverse professional paths and expanding one’s brand beyond conventional boundaries.

The advantages of investing in a personal domain and building a dedicated website are extensive and multifaceted. They are instrumental in establishing a durable online identity, engaging with a broader community, and securing diverse income streams. In a digital era where visibility and direct access to one’s audience are intertwined with success, securing a personal domain is not merely beneficial—it is essential for anyone serious about forging a significant online presence and achieving enduring professional independence.


Published by: Khy Talara

Championing Style and Social Change: Inside the Inspirational Journey of Suzanne Mckenzie, CEO of ABLE MADE

By: Molly Evarts

In the bustling heart of the fashion industry, Suzanne Mckenzie stands out not just as a visionary CEO but as a beacon of purpose-driven entrepreneurship. As the founder of ABLE MADE, a soccer-inspired lifestyle brand, Mckenzie’s mission extends far beyond the realms of couture and commerce.

For Mckenzie, the genesis of ABLE MADE is deeply intertwined with her life’s purpose. “My life purpose is making social change through my work in design and soccer,” she reveals. Following the sudden loss of her husband, Ucal, to cardiac arrest during a soccer game, Mckenzie channeled her grief into action. ABLE MADE became not just a fashion label but a platform to fund the Ucal McKenzie Breakaway Foundation (UMBF), honoring her late husband’s memory and supporting inner-city youth through soccer.

“The impetus for the foundation and ABLE MADE was Ucal’s untimely passing,” Mckenzie shares. “It’s about turning tragedy into transformative impact.”

Suzanne Mckenzie's ABLE MADE: Championing Style

Photo Courtesy: Christopher Schoonover

Yet, Mckenzie’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. In navigating the fast-paced world of fashion entrepreneurship, she encountered the formidable obstacle of securing adequate capital. “The greatest challenge we’ve had has been matching the working capital to ABLE MADE’s fast-growing momentum,” she acknowledges. Compounded by the stark gender disparities in venture capital funding, Mckenzie faced an uphill battle.

“Women entrepreneurs receive much lower access to capital,” Mckenzie notes, citing statistics that paint a sobering picture of the industry. Undeterred, she remains resolute in her ambition to defy the odds and pave the way for future generations of female founders. “I want to show that we can continue to rise despite the odds,” she asserts, with a gaze fixed firmly on the horizon. “Later, I have the ambition to become part of the access solution as an investor.”

Suzanne Mckenzie's ABLE MADE: Championing Style

Photo Courtesy: Amy Lombard

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Mckenzie offers sage advice gleaned from her own journey. “You have to be passionate about what you do,” she advises, emphasizing the importance of a profound connection to one’s purpose. “That passion and commitment will help give you fuel to get through the business challenges that arise.”

Moreover, Mckenzie advocates for fearlessness in pursuit of one’s goals. “You can’t be afraid to ask for something or introduce yourself to someone who you’d like to partner with,” she insists. “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Be fearless!”

In an era of heightened eco-consciousness, ABLE MADE distinguishes itself through its commitment to sustainability. Mckenzie elucidates the brand’s approach, emphasizing the primacy of quality and design. “We lead with great quality, fit, fabrics, and attention to design,” she affirms. Only by delivering exceptional products can a brand capture consumers’ attention, she contends, before addressing broader sustainability concerns.

“Our design approach is thoughtful and diligent,” Mckenzie explains. “We’re transparent with customers about our responsibility and sustainability practices, from sourcing materials to manufacturing.” By fostering transparency and accountability, ABLE MADE not only creates stylish garments but cultivates a community of conscientious consumers.

As Suzanne Mckenzie continues to chart new frontiers in the fashion industry, her legacy extends far beyond the confines of the runway. With ABLE MADE as her canvas, she paints a portrait of resilience, purpose, and social change. In honoring her late husband’s memory, Mckenzie exemplifies the transformative power of fashion as a force for good.

In the words of Mckenzie herself, “It’s about turning tragedy into transformative impact.” And with each stitch, each design, ABLE MADE weaves a tapestry of hope, empowerment, and lasting change.


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A Dive into LUXE & SOL’s Water-Top Villa Communities

By: Sophia Williams

In a world where luxury meets tranquility, LUXE & SOL emerges as a beacon of sophistication, offering an unparalleled opportunity to experience coastal living in its purest form. Imagine waking up to the serene sounds of the ocean, the gentle breeze caressing your skin as you step onto your private terrace overlooking the water. This dreamy scenario is no longer confined to distant tropical islands; thanks to LUXE & SOL, it’s a reality right at your doorstep.

As the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Eric Metzger, LUXE & SOL redefines the concept of waterfront living, introducing a new era of luxury and exclusivity through its water-top villa communities. From the picturesque shores of Miami Beach, Florida, to the vibrant coastal city of San Diego, California, LUXE & SOL’s carefully curated locations offer residents the chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of coastal living while indulging in the finest amenities and services.

Q&A with Eric Metzger, Founder of LUXE & SOL:

Q: What inspired you to create LUXE & SOL and focus on water-top villa communities?

A: LUXE & SOL was born out of a desire to redefine the traditional notions of coastal living and offer discerning individuals a truly unique experience. I’ve always been captivated by the allure of waterfront properties, and I wanted to create communities that not only embraced the natural beauty of their surroundings but also elevated the resident experience to new heights. Water-top villas provide the perfect combination of luxury, exclusivity, and tranquility, making them the ideal choice for those seeking a one-of-a-kind coastal lifestyle.

Q: What sets LUXE & SOL apart from other luxury real estate developments?

A: One of the key factors that sets LUXE & SOL apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of our developments. From the meticulous design and construction of our water-top villas to the unparalleled amenities and services we offer, we strive to exceed the expectations of our residents at every turn. Additionally, our focus on fostering a sense of community and environmental sustainability sets us apart from other luxury real estate developments. We believe that true luxury is not just about the material comforts but also about creating meaningful connections and leaving a positive impact on the world around us.

Q: How do you envision the future of coastal living with LUXE & SOL?

A: I see LUXE & SOL playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of coastal living, both in the United States and beyond. As we continue to expand our footprint and introduce innovative new concepts, I believe that LUXE & SOL will set the standard for luxury waterfront communities around the world. Our vision is to create a legacy of excellence, where residents can enjoy the ultimate in coastal luxury while embracing a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

A Dive into LUXE & SOL's Water-Top Villa Communities

Photo Courtesy: LUXE & SOL

LUXE & SOL offers more than just a place to live—it offers a lifestyle unlike any other. With its unparalleled blend of luxury, exclusivity, and natural beauty, LUXE & SOL’s water-top villa communities represent the epitome of coastal living. Whether you’re seeking a serene retreat or a vibrant waterfront enclave, LUXE & SOL has something for everyone.


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The Female-Owned Restaurant & Bar Rynn in NYC Pours Thai Spirit into their Cuisine and Mixology Program

By: Jahleah Santiago 

As a beacon of nostalgia and culture, Rynn also known as “รินน์” and located at 309 E 5th St. in the East Village is more than just a bar and restaurant; it’s a space where new memories are made, and the memories of passionate founders Natchaya Klinkajon, Serena Thongsri, and Hataichanok Pruksaprawpong flourish. Rynn encapsulates their collective journey, culinary expertise, and cultural heritage in every dish and cocktail served, transferring their sweetest core memories of Thailand to the table. The menu is a tapestry of vibrant Thai cuisine that captivates and delights. From the interior design featuring dazzling murals sourced from an independent artist back in Thailand to the imaginative mixology, Rynn transports worldly flavors and ambiance right to the center of New York City.

The story of Rynn’s founders is as diverse and captivating as the flavors they bring to the table. Linked by mutual friends and bonded by shared years in hospitality, Natchaya Klinkajon, Serena Thongsri, and Hataichanok Pruksaprawpong used their hands-on experience and work ethic to build their own business from the ground up. “We have a hospitality mindset and feel like we can do this. We all started as servers and bartenders, and all of us were promoted to bar or floor manager because of our hard work,” Natchaya, who goes by Pudth, reflected. “We were able to support each other.” Natchaya, who comes from a governor’s family, traveled to different places during her schooling and settled in New York City after some time in finance. Serena Thongsri, from rural Thailand, learned Mandarin and thrived in hospitality in the U.S. and Hataichanok Pruksaprawpong, inspired by her mother’s cooking, trained in culinary arts and joined the New York food scene. Together, they shape Rynn’s menu, blending tradition with innovation to offer diverse flavors.

Restaurant Bar Rynn Pours Thai Spirit into their Cuisine_2

Photo Courtesy: Rynn / Serena Thongsri, Natchaya Klinkajo, and Hataichanok Pruksaprawpong

At Rynn, each dish is a labor of love, crafted to transport diners to the bustling streets of Bangkok or the serene countryside of Thailand. Their menu evolves with the seasons, with a mission to make everything as fresh and local as possible. Signatures like the La Tiang, featuring sautéed shrimp and pork wrapped in a handmade egg nest, can’t be found anywhere else in the city. “Some of our dishes have South Eastern influences from Thailand, but 80% of the menu is from the Central area and is inspired by palace cuisine cooking,” Natchaya revealed. From tantalizing lunch specials like the Grilled Ribeye with soft-boiled egg to the fiery dinner signatures such as the Jeeb Pak every, a savory vegetable dumpling, every bite tells a story of tradition, innovation, and passion. Vegetarian options like the Rak Bua and crispy lotus root infused with Thai spices ensure there’s something for everyone to indulge in. The experiential Nam Ya Pu, served as a spread with tender Lump Crab Curry, Rice Noodles, boiled egg, and vegetables, is a must-order dish. After indulging, guests can order something sweet. Their dessert menu includes Mango Sticky Rice made with real homemade butterfly peas and a heavenly  Banana Roti with butterfly pea coconut ice cream. 

Restaurant Bar Rynn Pours Thai Spirit into their Cuisine_2

Photo Courtesy: Jahleah Santiago / La Tiang served at Rynn

Complementing the culinary journey at Rynn is its eclectic cocktail menu, where each libation is a symphony of flavors designed to tantalize the taste buds. From the refreshing 143, which is a take on Sparkling Sangria, to the exotic Kopitiam coconut-toasted Espresso Martini, every cocktail is a testament to creativity and craftsmanship. Classic favorites like the Satay, a turmeric-infused peanut-washed Rum with Cucumber cordial, is a twist on an Old Fashioned, based on a popular snack. A Glass of Grass is a cocktail pulled from Natchaya’s after-school memories of street vendors serving iced grass jelly drinks in Thailand. The cocktail features Pandan Infused Vodka, Lemongrass, Coconut juice, and grass jelly. “In Thai, Rynn means ‘pour.’ We wanted it to be a real Thai craft cocktail bar, and that’s why we gave it that name. Most of the cocktails are from my background. We only have memories and that is how we come up with our recipes,” Natchaya said. Alongside the cocktail menu is an array of non-alcoholic beverages like the decadent Thai Iced Tea, which features Natchaya’s house-made cream that slowly dissolves into the tea blend, creating a creamy, velvety consistency that almost mirrors a dessert in itself.

Restaurant Bar Rynn Pours Thai Spirit into their Cuisine_4

Photo Courtesy: Jahleah Santiago / Rynn’s Thai Iced Tea

Conceptualized as a vessel for memories, Rynn encapsulates the essence of Thai culture and hospitality in every aspect of its operation. “It’s not just about profit. I tell everyone that I hire; the only thing that matters is that when people leave Rynn, they leave happier. They leave with memories and experiences,” Natchaya explained. Rynn’s use of food and drinks to forge connections, spark conversations, and commemorate life’s precious moments make it a great spot for an early afternoon lunch date, a boisterous dinner with loved ones, or an intimate meal. Whether you’re a seasoned Thai food aficionado or a newcomer to the cuisine, their shareable appetizers and savory entrees showcase the tapestry of vibrant Thai cuisine in a new light. In the bustling microcosm of New York City’s dining scene, Rynn is a fresh breath of authenticity, innovation, and heartfelt dedication. In this place, memories are not just made but cherished, one dish and cocktail at a time.

More photos and food shots can be found here.

Published by: Martin De Juan

Bime Beauty: Pioneering Inclusivity and Innovation in the Beauty Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of beauty, a new star is on the rise, captivating attention with its groundbreaking approach to inclusivity and innovation. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Tanya Bourque, Bime Beauty has quickly become a beacon of empowerment and diversity within the industry. With a career initially rooted in startup and technical recruiting, Bourque’s journey took a transformative turn amidst the challenging backdrop of 2022, a year marked by widespread tech layoffs and economic uncertainty. It was during this tumultuous period that she decided to channel her passion for beauty into creating something meaningful—thus birthing Bime Beauty.

Bourque’s philosophy that “beauty isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about empowerment and inclusivity” has been the guiding principle behind Bime Beauty. The brand name itself, an acronym for “Beauty in my eyes,” perfectly encapsulates Bourque’s ethos. It represents more than just a beauty brand; it stands as a reflection of her vision—a celebration of individuality and a commitment to crafting beauty solutions that inspire confidence and joy in everyone they touch.

The inception of Bime Beauty was also spurred by personal experiences of exclusion within the beauty world. Recounting an upsetting incident from her teenage years when she and a friend were turned away from a salon that claimed not to have suitable products for their hair type, Bourque resolved to ensure others would not have to face similar disappointments. This resolve is evident in Bime Beauty’s diverse line of hair products designed to cater to all hair types, truly differentiating them from other tools on the market.

One such revolutionary product is the Infraglam Hair Illuminator Iron, which epitomizes Bime Beauty’s innovative spirit. This state-of-the-art hair tool uses infrared heat technology to straighten and style hair without causing damage. Featuring premium titanium plates for even heat distribution, this iron significantly reduces frizz while adding shine to any hairstyle. Moreover, its digital temperature control offers up to 14 settings, ensuring there is an ideal heat level for every hair type—a testament to Bourque’s dedication towards inclusivity.

Tanya  expressed her enthusiasm for this product stating, “The Infraglam Hair Illuminator Iron is perfect for anyone wanting salon-quality hair at home. It’s user-friendly, preserves your hair’s integrity, and delivers beautiful results.”

Bime Beauty stands out not only because of its innovative products but also due to its distinctive style and incorporation of modern technology across its offerings. Each product line is meticulously curated from around the globe, reflecting international standards and aspirations. With technology at its core that shields hair from heat damage during styling processes, Bime Beauty enables customers effortlessly achieve their desired looks irrespective of their hair type or length.

The brand has garnered international admiration due in part to its exceptional quality and effectiveness but also because it resonates deeply with values of diversity and inclusion within beauty rituals globally.

 Bime Beauty continues to challenge conventional beauty standards through innovation and an unwavering commitment to diversity.

As we gaze into the future of beauty norms being reshaped by brands like Bime Beauty under Tanya Bourque’s leadership—one thing remains clear—the definition of beauty is expanding in beautifully inclusive ways thanks largely due part companies determined make real difference how we perceive ourselves others around us Their story isn’t just about selling products; it’s about fostering an environment where every individual feels seen valued celebrated That perhaps ultimate testament power transformation lies heart mission drive forward industry at large.

In addition to their website, where customers can explore their exclusive range including the acclaimed Infraglam Hair Illuminator Iron, Bime Beauty actively engages with their community through various social media platforms:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BimeBeauty
Instagram: www.instagram.com/bimebeauty444/
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@bimebeauty

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Why Entrepreneurs Might Need Dr. Sas’s Crush It On Camera Training: A Game-Changer for Business Success

In an era where the digital marketplace is more crowded and competitive than ever, standing out as an entrepreneur or professional demands more than just a unique business idea or a strong work ethic. It requires a compelling personal brand and the ability to communicate one’s vision with confidence and clarity. This is where Dr. Sas’s Crush It On Camera Training programs come into play, offering a transformative journey from camera-shy to camera-ready and enabling individuals to hone their public speaking skills and craft an impactful personal brand.

Dr. Sas, with her extensive expertise in personal branding, has developed training workshops that are nothing short of revolutionary for entrepreneurs and professionals eager to enhance their visibility and influence in their respective industries. Her approach goes beyond the conventional; it’s about empowering individuals to discover their authentic voice and leverage it to connect deeply with their audience.

The transformative effects of Dr. Sas’s workshops are profound. Participants enter the realm of her expertise, often hesitant and unsure about how to present themselves or their businesses effectively in public forums or digital platforms. However, through meticulously designed sessions that blend theory with practical application, they emerge not just as individuals who are camera-ready but as storytellers who captivate and engage their audiences like never before.

A cornerstone of Dr. Sas’s training involves mastering the art of storytelling—an essential skill in today’s content-driven world. She teaches her clients how to weave compelling narratives around their brand, thereby fostering a connection that transcends the typical seller-buyer relationship. This emphasis on impactful storytelling enables her clients to stand out in a saturated market by offering something invaluable: authenticity.

Success stories abound from those who have undergone Dr. Sas’s tutelage and testify to the tangible benefits of her programs. Entrepreneurs speak of newfound confidence in presenting their brands, leading to increased engagement on digital platforms and significant growth in business opportunities. Professionals recount how refining their public speaking skills has opened doors to leadership roles they previously thought unattainable.

But what truly sets Dr. Sas apart is her holistic approach towards personal and professional development. Her programs are comprehensive, covering everything from media training to digital communication strategies—ensuring that participants are well-equipped for success across all fronts in today’s digitally connected world.

Moreover, Dr. Sas’s methods are imbued with a genuine passion for helping others succeed—a trait that resonates deeply with her clients. The environment she creates is one of support and encouragement, allowing individuals to step out of their comfort zones safely and explore new facets of themselves.

For anyone looking at making an investment into advancing their career or business, understanding why Dr. Sas’s programs are so critical is straightforward: In the current marketplace dynamics, being good at what you do isn’t enough; you need to be able to communicate your value effectively, too.

Her workshops do not merely teach; they transform—equipping participants with tools not only for personal branding but also for navigating life’s various challenges confidently.

Engaging with her content across various platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, further illustrates the breadth of knowledge she brings—and shares generously—with those looking to elevate their professional presence online.

In conclusion, while many factors contribute to business success in today’s fast-paced world, few are as critical as the ability to present oneself confidently across multiple channels—be it speaking engagements or digital mediums—and connect genuinely with one’s audience through storytelling.

Dr.Sas offers more than just training; she provides transformational experiences that endow entrepreneurs and professionals with not just skills but also a renewed sense of purpose in both their personal brands and careers.

As we navigate through an increasingly complex digital landscape, enlisting the guidance of experts like Dr.Sas becomes not just beneficial but essential for those serious about achieving lasting success.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

Restaurateur Nicki Laborie’s Reyna is a Haven for Mediterranean Cuisine and Women’s Empowerment in NYC

By: Jahleah Santiago

As the owner of Reyna, a chic Mediterranean tapas restaurant nestled at 11 East 13th Street, Nicki Laborie stands out as both a passionate restaurateur and a fierce advocate for women in the hospitality industry. Whether she’s at the helm of operations on-site, helping to create unique menu signatures like the Lamb Baklava, or pioneering change through events like the Culinary Creators Project where she was a panelist last month, Nicki Laborie lives the Reyna mission statement. Her “people bring back people” mission statement at Reyna has worked exceptionally well. “For us in management, we want to make sure people are happy and things are done with love. In turn, we give that experience and translate that message to guests,” Nicki explained, and since its Toronto opening in 2016, Reyna has done just that. Its Manhattan location, which opened in 2022, follows that trend, offering a mix of classic and contemporary dishes that appeal to a wide range of tastes in a stunning atmosphere.

Restaurateur Nickie Laborie’s Reyna is a Haven for Mediterranean Cuisine and Women’s Empowerment in NYC

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Emberley / Reyna Interior

Reyna’s culinary offerings are a celebration of the rich tapestry of Mediterranean cuisine and culture. “We’re talking Portuguese, Spain, French, Italian, Greek, they’re all on the coast of the Mediterranean. When I first opened Reyna, which means ‘Queen’ in Spanish, people automatically thought it was Spanish cuisine but it wasn’t about that. It was about femininity. I’m a very think-outside-the-box person. I said to my chef at the time, why can’t we do a combination, why can’t we do a paella and a shawarma platter on the same menu? They’re all Mediterranean. I don’t want to have the same menu items as the next restaurant,” she stated emphatically. The regional influences seen on the menu, Nicki credits to her travels, “I travel a lot, and I always come back with flavors from different countries. So, I went to Portugal, and I discovered for example a Cataplana, basically a seafood stew and it’s very famous. It’s not on the menu in New York, but it was on the menu in Canada. It was one of our opening staple dishes that influenced the menu. There are always influences from different countries, but it’s not like we’re fusing them, I’m not making a Lebanese flavored paella, it’s a Spanish paella. If we’re doing Shawarma, it’s a Lebanese Shawarma but it’s all on one menu and those flavors mesh really well.”

Restaurateur Nickie Laborie’s Reyna is a Haven for Mediterranean Cuisine and Women’s Empowerment in NYC

Photo Courtesy: Jahleah Santiago / Reyna Paella

At Reyna, Executive Chef Yarisis Jacobo brings over a decade of expertise to the table, infusing the menu with Mediterranean delights. From house-made dips, to flavorful shawarma platters and fresh seafood. Options range from light Falafel Bites, to fresh Eggplant Carpaccio and from umami Salmon Tartare, to crisp Scallop Crudo Panipuri. Signature gems like the restaurant’s Lamb Baklava and Lebanese Tacos are Nicki’s top recommendations to new diners. Groups can foster community at their table with shareable options like the Grilled Whole Sea Bream, Vegetarian Paella, and a Shawarma Platter loaded with beef, chicken, lamb kofta, housemade flatbread, and an array of tantalizing sauces and accompaniments. And don’t forget the brunch menu, accommodating social connection over delicious food from day to night.

Restaurateur Nickie Laborie’s Reyna is a Haven for Mediterranean Cuisine and Women’s Empowerment in NYC

Photo Courtesy: Jahleah Santiago / And Just Like That Cocktail, Greek Fries and Scallop Crudo Pani Puri

The gorgeous bar, adorned overhead with pink feathers and warm lighting, offers a drink menu that is a treasure trove of handcrafted cocktails. As with the food menu, each drink selection is a unique adventure waiting to be savored. Delight in options like the King Arthur’s Concubine, a tantalizing mix of Diablada Pisco, Chinola passion fruit liqueur, tarragon syrup, tangerine juice, lemon juice, persimmon bitters, and topped off with a tarragon sprig and passion fruit pearls. For a kick, order The French Pornstar, a cheeky concoction of vodka, passion fruit, vanilla, lime, and a shot of champagne. The Champagne and Sparkling options include Lafayette 1777 Blancs De Blancs Grande Réserve and Moet & Chandon Brut Rosé, ready to add some sparkle to your night. Plus, an extensive selection of white wines, rosé, and reds from all around the world, along with premium beers like Hitachino Nest White Ale and Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale. Alcohol-free options are made with an arsenal of fresh fruit juices and there is talk of an upcoming mocktail collection that is soon to be revealed. So, whether you’re in the mood for a classy cocktail, or just want to kick back with a cold one, Nicki makes sure Reyna is top of mind.

From her career beginnings as the General Manager of Bamboo Bernies in St. Maarten, to her reputable role as the founder of Toronto’s renowned View the VIBE Magazine, Laborie’s path has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a dedication to thinking outside of the box. Since the 2016 inception of Bar Reyna, the flagship establishment of Reyna Hospitality Group, she has expanded her culinary empire, expanding with Reyna at Assembly Chefs Hall in 2017 and Reyna on King in 2019, solidifying her status as a culinary force to be reckoned with. Still, the ambition hasn’t slowed down with Nicki strengthening her mission at Reyna even further, “I feel like there’s more to what we’re doing than just a restaurant. It’s been eight and a half years since I started Reyna, and this year for the first time I proudly have an Executive Chef who is female, and my Operations and Creative Director, Natasha Pomnikow, has been with me for seven years. She started as a hostess and she’s now my right arm. My management is all female right now and I want to make it a mission to empower females to stay in hospitality and give them a space to grow. I think that’s a really strong direction for me and the future of Reyna.”


Published By: Aize Perez