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Trailblazers at the Helm: Celebrating the Top Women Coaches Shaping the Business Landscape

Trailblazers at the Helm- Celebrating the Top Women Coaches Shaping the Business Landscape
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In the constantly changing world of business, the tides are turning. Leading the way are a group of pioneering female coaches who are reshaping stories, empowering people, and changing environments. These 15 exceptional women are influencing the future of business through their visionary strategies and mentorship, shaping the paths of entrepreneurs, leaders, and changemakers towards success.

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins, the host of The Mel Robbins Podcast, has been through an incredible transformation, from hitting rock bottom to achieving international recognition. She overcame severe anxiety to become a highly regarded expert on change and motivation. With a large following seeking her advice, Mel provides evidence-based strategies for boosting confidence, productivity, and satisfaction. Her goal extends beyond achieving success; she strives to reduce feelings of isolation by offering support and wit while pursuing personal development. 

Even with all her impressive accomplishments, like bestselling books, billions of views, and a top-ranked podcast, Mel stays down-to-earth and easy to connect with, most proud of the positive influence on people’s lives similar to yours. Mel Robbins welcomes her clients to come along on a life-changing adventure focused on being true to yourself and dedicated to supporting others.

Marie Forloe

Marie, an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer, is dedicated to helping people create a business and life they truly love. Coming from Jersey, she set out on her journey with passion, a laptop, and a vision, resulting in the development of a digital empire that reaches millions worldwide. She uses platforms such as MarieTV and The Marie Forleo Podcast, along with bestselling books and online training programmes, to help dreamers turn their aspirations into real achievements. 

Marie Forloe’s philosophy, “Everything is Figureoutable,” is reflected in her popular book and highlights her belief in endless possibilities through hard work. Marie has a diverse background that includes bartending, entrepreneurship, and mentoring with industry leaders such as Sir Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey. She advocates for authenticity, resilience, and creative entrepreneurship as ways to achieve personal fulfillment and make a positive impact on society. 

Dana Theus

Dana Theus works as an executive and career coach, with a focus on helping individuals reach their full potential for success and self-discovery. She is dedicated to supporting women who are aiming for higher positions in leadership and entrepreneurship. With her help, they are taught to change and make peace with their stories, allowing them to wholeheartedly accept their skills and find their truly confident voice. 

Dana has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in a wide range of sectors, such as Fortune 50 companies, entrepreneurial ventures, governmental and military bodies, and nonprofits. Furthermore, she has made academic contributions by instructing graduate-level courses at various universities in the Washington, DC, area. Dana shares her expertise by writing on various leadership platforms, promoting women’s empowerment and leadership growth. Dana helps female executives overcome hurdles and develop emotional intelligence and intuitive leadership skills to maximize their impact.

Elisa Canali

Elisa Canali, a Psychic Business Strategist, Wealth Activator, and Master Human Design & Gene Keys Expert, assists businesses in optimizing their financial potential using Human Design. Elisa possesses exceptional expertise with Master’s degrees in Philosophy, Human Resources, and Coaching. She skillfully interacts with international clients in five different languages. Elisa, the creator of Opulent Femme and The Mastery Coaching Certification programme, that trains coaches in understanding their clients’ energy blueprints to facilitate mind blowing transformation. Her framework BLOOM OF THE Opulent Femme blends human design mastery, high level business strategy and wealth energetics to help her clients 10x their income. 

Elisa’s importance has been acknowledged by VOGUE and GQ. She assists clients globally in expanding their businesses to six, seven, and eight figures, following her own success in growing her company to multi seven figures in just four years.

Sofia Kakkava

Sofia Kakkava, the mastermind behind Sofia Kakkava Coaching, is a respected Coaching Psychologist (MSc, MBA) known for her significant influence on leadership and organizational potential. Sofia was recently recognised as the top leader in Health & Wellbeing 2024 at the Global Impact Leadership Awards in Dubai. Her expertise ranges from traditional coaching to maximizing human capital and promoting excellence in corporate cultures. 

Utilizing her extensive experience as an HR advisor, Sofia creates customized leadership programmes that incorporate empirical research, cutting-edge methods such as NLP and Mindfulness, and a deep understanding of different cultures. Operating from Dubai and Amsterdam, she serves clients worldwide, drawing on her vast experience overseeing businesses in over 35 countries. Sofia is a reliable advisor for organizations looking to achieve sustainable success through transformational leadership development, thanks to her evidence-based approach and strong commitment.

Lauren Jawno

Lauren Jawno is an accomplished Certified High-Performance CoachTM with over two decades of experience. She helps ambitious female executives, entrepreneurs, and elite coaches reach their fullest potential and career aspirations while prioritizing the quality of their personal lives and well-being.

Lauren is a highly respected figure in the coaching industry and has shared the stage with some of the most notable icons in the field. Her knowledge, passion, and relatability have inspired audiences worldwide.

Lauren has an undisputed reputation for quickly and accurately reading people. She can easily see through commonly perceived but often misguided obstacles and identify the core subconscious reasons holding clients back. She has the expertise, skills, and experience to know the hard questions to ask and simplify complex issues. Her evidence-based programs provide her clients with customized and effective strategies that give them a competitive edge to reach their fullest potential and achieve extraordinary results.

Megan MacPhail

Megan MacPhail, a former emergency veterinarian, transitioned her career to excel in business coaching, entrepreneurship, elopement photography, and podcasting. Achieving a seven-figure income, Megan’s transition was not just a career change but a leap into a life of fulfillment and freedom. This profound personal revelation inspired Megan to share her success formula with others. She created a comprehensive program designed to empower aspiring photographers to turn their passion for photography into a lucrative elopement photography business.

In addition to her coaching program, Megan voices her insights and experiences through her podcast, STOKED with Megan MacPhail. Here, she delves into strategies for escaping the 9-to-5 grind, embracing entrepreneurship, and mastering the elopement photography industry. Her podcast serves as a source of motivation and practical advice for those looking to make significant life changes.

Megan’s commitment to aiding individuals in breaking free from conventional work stems from her own journey of liberation. Understanding the dreams and challenges firsthand, Megan, an enneagram 3 personality, embodies resilience, determination, and the drive to inspire others to overcome obstacles and realize their goals. Her story is one of transformation and success, aimed at motivating others to pursue a career that aligns with their interests and passions.

Trisha Stetzel

Trisha Stetzel, a Navy veteran, experienced corporate executive, and entrepreneur, demonstrates outstanding leadership and forward-thinking in all her pursuits. As a highly respected executive coach, Trisha specializes in both business and personal growth, embodying a commitment to empowering leaders to reach their full potential. She serves as an inspiration to women business leaders, military veterans, and entrepreneurs. 

Recognized internationally as a master executive coach, trainer, speaker, podcaster, best-selling author, experienced entrepreneur, and business owner, Trisha seamlessly juggles her professional responsibilities with those of a wife, mother, daughter, and caregiver. Her ability to balance these roles with finesse has become a hallmark of her career.

Trisha’s dedication to social responsibility, exceptional leadership skills, and forward-thinking mindset drive her and her clients towards heightened success in today’s ever-changing business landscape. She not only practices the delicate art of work-life balance but also shares her expertise to help others achieve the equilibrium and happiness they deserve

Ulrike Seminati

Ulrike Seminati is a highly experienced coach, trainer, and consultant known for her significant impact worldwide. Ulrike, who comes from a distinguished history as a former C-level executive, skillfully combines her wealth of practical insight with her expertise in compelling communication and real leadership. She combines modern self-improvement techniques with practical leadership skills to help leaders build trust and navigate change through clear communication. Countless people around the globe have experienced the advantages of Ulrike’s practical resources, helping leaders streamline operations and unite their teams for corporate growth.

Known for her captivating speaking skills, Ulrike sparks enthusiasm and motivation in leaders to push their teams to new heights. Additionally, she runs the podcast “Leading Change Conversations,” guiding senior leaders through real-world challenges and preparing them to tackle the complexities of organizational transformation.

Merikay Hunt

Merikay Hunt, M.S., is known for her lively, witty, sincere, and reliable approach. She founded COACH MKay Companies, LLC, an organization that aims to unlock leadership potential to go to the next level in business and life.  She has over 20 years of executive coaching expertise in the field. Merikay has presented over a thousand customized training sessions, written books, and contributed to prestigious publications in her role as an executive coach and nationally recognized speaker. 

As a leader in the community, she has been involved in a number of projects and served as an adjunct hospital chaplain and president of multiple volunteer and business network organizations. Merikay holds a Bachelor of Arts from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Master of Science in Human Resource Counseling from NC A&T State University. A recipient of the National Spotlight on Speaking Award, she was formerly a top rated instructor for Dale Carnegie Training of North Carolina and teaches at Cape Fear Community College for area businesses in the customized corporate training division.

Elina Kokorotsis

Elina Kokorotsis, Founder and Owner of In The Worx, Coaching and Consulting, is a dynamic HRforHR Coach, Author, Strategist, and People Operations professional. With life always being in the worx, Elina supports overwhelmed HR Professionals and Small Business Owners to reclaim their time, focus, and life. With 17+ years as a corporate HR professional in multiple industries, she has helped hundreds of high-achieving professionals to find focus through self-leadership and get things done.  In her work with small businesses, she provides a holistic and strategic approach to improving employees’ experiences at work, by creating positive working environments where employees feel their authentic selves, and leaders overcome their overwhelm.  

Born in Albania and raised in the country of Greece, she moved to Rochester, NY in hopes of the American dream. What she found was an endless amount of opportunities for growth and development, and an amazing HR community who are passionate about improving their workplaces and lives of their employees.  Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, build a successful business, focus on self-awareness, or just overcome overwhelm and find joy, Elina invites you to explore how you can work together!

Lisa Anna Palmer

Lisa Anna Palmer (a.k.a. ‘The VP Coach’), Founder & CEO of Light Your Leadership Inc., has established an outstanding reputation in the field of leadership development. Lisa is the internationally bestselling author of “Light A Fire In Their Hearts: The Truth About Leadership” and the creator of the LYLTalks podcast. She works with vice presidents and aspiring vice presidents to help them to love their life and be their best, so they can unleash forces for good in themselves and others. 

Her expertise as a trusted coach across sectors has been refined over her three decades of experience in leadership, human resources, and organizational development. Lisa shares valuable insights through her work, highlighting the significance of fostering human connections and inspiring enthusiasm in workplaces. Lisa gives back as a Director on two Boards, including the Community Navigation of Eastern Ontario (CNEO) and the Obsidian Leadership Development Centre. Further, she is collaborating to establish Mustakabali Wetu–Our Future as an International non-profit in memory of her late friend, Geoffrey Kihara Ndoigo, a Kenyan philanthropist. Lisa is inspiring global change with her impressive credentials and unwavering commitment to compassionate, courageous, and competent leadership.

Dr. April Willis

Dr. April Willis is a highly accomplished professional with a Doctorate and three Master’s degrees, bringing over 15 years of expertise in leadership, business, and operations. She’s a coach, speaker, published author, and business consultant, seamlessly navigating prestigious circles including the Forbes Coaches Council and proudly holding a TEDx license. She also recently launched the National Nonprofit Collaborative to support leaders in the nonprofit sector.

But what really sets her apart is her passion for growth. Dr. Willis is all about sparking positive change in organizations and helping individuals unlock their full potential. Since launching her consultancy in 2018, she and her nationwide team of experts have been helping clients pursue their goals with integrity, excellence, and joy. 

Pooja Bagri


Pooja Bagri, a dynamic keynote speaker and leadership coach, has been creating ripples in the industry with her unwavering passion for driving change. At the heart of her professional odyssey lies a steadfast commitment to empowering individuals to unearth and leverage their strengths to their utmost potential. Driven by a profound purpose, her work aspires to usher in a new era of conscientious leadership.

As an ICF accredited Professional Certified Coach, Pooja specializes in discerning the objectives of all stakeholders and tailoring highly specialized solutions for organizations and their teams. Leveraging her certifications in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Well-being, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, she endeavors to foster a culture and legacy of profoundly conscious leaders. A fervent proponent of inclusion, Pooja is renowned for establishing circles within organizations that significantly influence ethos, environment, mindset, and innate abilities. With over two decades of rich leadership experience in organizations and coaching, her approach is deeply practical, rooted in real-life experiences and insights.

Despite encountering tremendous adversity on her own journey, Pooja remains grounded, authentic, and remarkably humble, inviting individuals from all walks of life to embark on transformative journeys that yield extraordinary outcomes, both professionally and personally. Her knack for connecting with people and helping them recognize their strengths, coupled with her candid approach in sharing perspectives, truly distinguishes her in the field.

Melinda Fouts

With her extensive background in Jungian psychotherapy spanning over 25 years, Dr. Melinda Fouts is able to equip managers and executives through her coaching and public speaking. Her company, “Success Starts with You,” unlocks potential through self-awareness and targeted development using assessments like EQi-2.0 and MBTI.

Dr. Melinda uses unique approaches to guide individuals, from executives in transition to those seeking top performance. Her goal is for everyone to achieve inner peace so that the world can be a more peaceful place. A recipient of the “Top International Coach” and “Empowered Woman” awards, Dr. Melinda holds a Ph.D. in Jungian Psychology and has over 20 years of executive and business consulting experience. Dr. Melinda’s distinctive method, refined over many years, enables individuals to emerge as outstanding leaders. She is often used as a thought partner, which is the equivalent of a Chief of Staff.

More than just personal triumphs, the influence of these 15 female coaches is far-reaching. Together, they are creating a company culture that values diversity of thought and leadership and is working to make everyone feel more included and empowered. There will be beneficial changes in many different sectors and neighborhoods as a result of their increasing impact. These extraordinary women are making waves in the corporate world and will continue to do so in the years to come.

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