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Touche’Mobile615: Bringing Healing Through Medical Massage Therapy

Touche’Mobile615: Bringing Healing Through Medical Massage Therapy
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The journey of the Medical Massage Therapist at Touche’Mobile615 began in 2012, marking the start of a career aimed at healing through massage therapy. The inspiration behind this pursuit was the therapist’s mother, who suffered a total of 13 strokes in her late 40s, leaving her completely disabled. This life-changing event transformed the family’s life, especially since the therapist was in their early 20s with three children, and it motivated a deep dive into a career where they could help others regain their quality of life.

Extensive research led to the discovery that massage therapy could be a major solution in preventing stroke symptoms. Despite numerous obstacles, including being a teen parent and a high school dropout, determination led the therapist to obtain a GED at TSU and enroll in a massage therapy program at Miller Motte Technical College in Madison, TN. Overcoming challenges, they successfully completed the program, obtaining certification as a Licensed Massage Therapist, and later became a Medical Massage Therapist-MMP while working at Massage Envy in Bellevue, TN.

Equipped with skills and training, the therapist is a Reiki Practitioner, trained in the Japanese form of healing that reduces anxiety and stress, and promotes relaxation. They are also a Stretch Coach, assisting individuals in properly and safely stretching their ligaments. Specializing in various modalities such as Deep Tissue, Sports Massage (pre and post), Prenatal Massage, and 

Touche’Mobile615: Bringing Healing Through Medical Massage Therapy

Photo Courtesy: Sarai’ Williams, LMT, MMT.

Medical Massage Therapy, the therapist addresses conditions like car injuries, chronic and acute pain, migraines, back pain, carpal tunnel, and stroke symptoms, among others. With a decade of experience in Massage Therapy, they are considered a muscle expert.

Designed for anyone seeking Massage Therapy, the therapist offers personalized one-on-one sessions, dedicating themselves to understanding clients’ lifestyles and how massage therapy can improve their lives. They provide education on Massage Therapy and cater to a wide range of clients, including those experiencing chronic pain, seeking relaxation, dealing with depression, cancer patients, hospice care patients, and individuals with insomnia.

Priding themselves on their ability to send divine healing energy through their hands, they have worked tirelessly to meet their clients’ needs, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback. Massage therapy, in their practice, is viewed not as a luxury but as a therapeutic option to combat everyday stress. Their approach is patient-centered, tailoring each session entirely to the client’s preferences and offering on-location services.

The motivation behind becoming a Medical Massage Therapist stems from witnessing a loved one’s illness and the transformative effects of massage therapy on loved ones and clients. This profession has not only been fulfilling but has also solidified the belief that massage therapy is an essential part of self-care and wellness.

Looking towards the future, the therapist envisions expanding their practice with a mobile RV for personalized sessions and developing a mobile app for convenient booking. Aspiring to become a worldwide speaker on the importance of massage therapy, their goal is to educate and advocate for its benefits, helping as many individuals as possible on their path to improved health and well-being.

Urging readers to research and educate themselves about massage therapy, the therapist recommends considering it as part of a self-care routine. Whether facing chronic pain, stress, depression, or in need of relaxation, massage therapy offers numerous benefits for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Booking a session with a qualified therapist can provide revitalizing effects, and Touche’Mobile615 is committed to making a positive impact on clients’ lives and spreading awareness about the benefits of massage therapy, looking forward to helping more individuals achieve optimal health and well-being through the power of touch.

For more information and appointments, you can: email at touchemobile615@gmail.com

Published by: Martin De Juan

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