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Thorns of Life: The Courageous Journey Through Childhood Trauma Towards Mental Health Advocacy

Thorns of Life: The Courageous Journey Through Childhood Trauma Towards Mental Health Advocacy
Photo Courtesy: Shayanna Allen

The Weight of Hardship

In the intricate tapestry of life, some threads bear the weight of unspeakable hardships. One such story of hardship, resilience, and triumph is Shayanna Allen’s, who weathered the tempest of childhood sexual and physical abuse from the tender age of nine. Her personal narrative underscores the importance of Mental Health Awareness, spotlighting the urgent need to reform our perspectives on mental health and fortify the mental well-being of our future generations.

The Battle Within: Coming to Terms

Coming to terms with her horrific past was an uphill battle for Shayanna. Gripped by the relentless clutches of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, and Major depression, her days were fraught with hidden struggles. Yet, bound by societal conventions and misunderstood perceptions of mental health, she suffered in silence, her internal turmoil reverberating only within the confines of her tortured soul.

A Glimmer of Hope: Seeking Help

In her bid to navigate through the labyrinth of her anguish, Shayanna sought professional help. As challenging as it was, therapy became her anchoring force. It helped her locate the crux of her unresolved rage and offered a safe harbor for her emotions. However, the demon of her trauma was far from exorcised. Years of indestructible memories constituted a formidable adversary, harboring a fierce resistance to the healing balm of therapy.

The Power of Voice: Self-Discovery and Sharing

Driven by her unyielding spirit, Shayanna discovered solace and strength on her own spiritual path. As she grew in her journey of self-discovery, she realized the immense power of her voice in illuminating her path to recovery. She discovered that sharing her experiences could generate waves of change, not just for her but others languishing in similar circumstances. Embracing her past, acknowledging its impact on her psyche, and vocalizing her battles became integral aspects of her healing process.

The Mantra of Resilience

Shayanna often draws on her personal mantra to derive strength and courage in her journey. “Every experience and challenge that I encounter on my journey teaches me strength, wisdom, and courage, and increases the love I have for myself”, she affirms. This powerful affirmation underscores the transformative influence of confronting trauma, encouraging others to undertake the challenging yet crucial journey of healing.

Thorns of Life: The Courageous Journey Through Childhood Trauma Towards Mental Health Advocacy

Photo Courtesy: Shayanna Allen

The Role of Community and Professional Support

Highlighting the importance of community support and understanding, she suggests joining a support group. The potential of shared experiences to evoke empathy, promote understanding, and foster emotional healing cannot be overstated. Her personal narrative underscores the pivotal role of professional assistance in battling mental ailments. Shayanna exhorts others in hiding to smash their silence, urging them to seek help and remember that it’s okay to falter, as perfection is a myth, not a standard.

Embracing the Journey: Acceptance and Self-Love

Reflecting further on her journey, Shayanna has shown that it’s the acceptance of our experiences and active pursuit of self-love that can enable us to regain control of our present and future. Entrapped by adversities, she unfolded her wings of resilience, soared above her tribulations, and emerged as an emblem of hope, inspiring countless individuals in similar circumstances.

Sharing Wisdom: Podcast and Blog

Shayanna voices her experiences, learnings, and emotions through her featured Podcast- “Innocence Robbed: Trigger Warning Talk Podcast” available on platforms like Apple, Amazon Music, and Spotify. Her ongoing blog on Substack serves as a portal for her pearls of wisdom, open to all those seeking enlightenment and solace. She reaches out to audiences through Twitter (@beautykissel), generating awareness, and fostering a supportive community for individuals battling childhood trauma.

A Beacon of Hope

Her journey, fraught with adversity and triumph, serves as a beacon of inspiration to individuals treading a similar path. By bravely sharing her experiences, enabling discussions around mental health and childhood trauma, and passionately advocating for Mental Health Awareness, Shayanna Allen is paving the way for a future that treats mental health as it should be – an essential part of our overall well-being, not a taboo to be swallowed in silence. Her story inspires us all to embrace our vulnerabilities, seek help when needed, and continue on our path to healing, no matter the obstacles we face in our journey.


Published By: Aize Perez

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