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Taking Back Your Power and Self-Worth to Become Your Truest Best Self

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In a world where women continuously strive for equality and recognition, Tamara Friedman, Co-founder of ‘It’s OVER. End Discrimination Now’ brings a powerful message: the journey to embracing one’s authentic self and reclaiming inherent power. Her insights form the bedrock of a movement empowering women who’ve faced adversity such as abuse, narcissism, and discrimination.

The Paradox of Lost Power

The concept of “taking back power” as a woman might seem paradoxical. True power, according to Friedman, lies in embracing one’s authentic self entirely—a power that should never have been lost. This includes cultivating a healthy mindset, high self-esteem, self-worth, and total acceptance of one’s own being.

Collective Empowerment

Friedman emphasizes that as women embrace and experience their power fully, they lift others to do the same. Despite the strides made towards equality, the journey is far from over. The societal quest for feeling truly equal continues.

Battling Against Limitations

Women often face numerous behaviors that limit and inhibit their endeavors, dreams, and goals. These include manipulation, negative innuendos, microaggressions, controlling tactics, deception, and jealousy. Such actions not only inhibit women but also often objectify them, eroding self-esteem, self-worth, and pride in their accomplishments.

Owning Your Power

The key to empowerment, as Friedman highlights, is for women to own their talents, skills, and dreams without shame or guilt and with full confidence in their power. Knowledge is a vital tool in this empowerment journey. Understanding that outdated tactics aimed at disarming women from being their authentic selves are no longer effective is crucial.

Personal Journey to Empowerment

Friedman shares her personal journey, where she realized that her dreams and goals weren’t being acknowledged or supported. This realization led her to seek knowledge aggressively, understand the unfair treatment she faced as a woman, and recognize the widespread nature of these issues.

Listening to the Inner Voice

A significant part of reclaiming power involves listening to one’s inner guidance system. Recognizing toxic energies and understanding how to combat them is essential in regaining one’s power as a woman.

The Essence of Feminine Power

As described by Friedman, feminine power is incredible, strong, purposeful, kind, empathetic, and caring. Women must own this power and refuse to let anyone diminish their natural, pure, energetic spirit.

Knowledge as the Path Forward

For women to move forward, determined to regain excitement, passion, and purpose in their lives, acquiring knowledge is imperative. Friedman’s experience as a woman who regained her power and self-respect exemplifies this journey.

Tamara Friedman’s message is clear and potent. For women across the globe, the path to becoming their truest best selves involves recognizing and reclaiming their inherent power. It’s a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and embracing the full extent of their abilities and worth. As Friedman’s story illustrates, it’s a journey worth embarking on, for it leads to empowerment, fulfillment, and unapologetic authenticity.

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