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Space Between Us: Triumph and Serenity in Alex Krawczyk’s Latest Single

Space Between Us: Triumph and Serenity in Alex Krawczyk's Latest Single
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Canadian Folk Music Awards nominee, Alex Krawczyk released her freshly-baked musical treat, “Space Between Us,” back in May. Written in collaboration with her producer, Robbie Roth, the single has charmed listeners through its inspirational lyrics and soul-stirring melody.

Krawczyk has been making significant strides in the Canadian folk music scene for the past 2 years, capturing the hearts of music aficionados with her raw talent and sincerity. Her forthcoming single, “Space Between Us,” features not only her signature grasp over melody and composition but also resonates with her belief in the uniting power of music, despite the physical distances.

The lyrics of the single are like a soulful voyage through the natural world, emphasizing the significance of embracing the spaces between us, a sentiment deeply echoed in Krawczyk’s own Canadian origins. Through the strength of her authentic voice and sincere lyrics, Krawczyk has won over loyal fans and intrigue newcomers alike.

With her nomination for the Canadian Folk Music Awards last year, Krawczyk has steadily marked her presence as an emerging luminary in the music industry. Serving as a reaffirmation of her talent, “Space Between Us” solidified Krawczyk’s position as one of Canada’s most creative and engaging folk musicians.


Listeners worldwide will be able to experience “Space Between Us” across all major streaming platforms starting tomorrow. With its contagious tune and positive message, this single became a popular choice amongst fans of Canadian folk music and a broader audience.

Emerging onto the folk music scene in 2022, Alex Krawczyk has quickly gained widespread recognition with her songs streamed over 650K times on Spotify. Her numerous accomplishments feature a number one US radio airplay chart single, a top ten US radio single, and a nomination for the Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Born in Toronto, Krawczyk is a person of few words, instead allowing her authentic and powerful music to be her voice. She has been likened to Adele, LeeAnn Rimes, Susan Tedeschi, and Bonnie Raitt, resonating her individual blend of folk, pop, country, and blues with her listeners. Her initial album, “Le Olam” (2022), showcases her creative prowess, particularly in tracks like “There Will Be Light,” which has been hailed as a “gorgeous, soothing composition that encompasses tenderness” by Tonic Grain.

Krawczyk started to pen songs for “Le Olam” as a therapeutic response to the devastating loss of her parents. This musical journey of healing, exemplified in songs such as “Remember,” “Better Days,” and “There Will Be Light,” has not only offered comfort to Krawczyk but also shared hope with her friends.

The making of “Le Olam” was realized through the collective efforts of her friends, particularly songwriter Robbie Roth and Canadian vocalist Dione Taylor. Recorded individually during the pandemic to ensure safety, the album serves as a testimonial to the harmonious efforts of all the artists involved.

Away from the music, Krawczyk dedicates a significant portion of her time to charitable initiatives in her community. Despite her rising popularity, she prefers to keep a low profile, focusing her energy instead on continuing her musical journey of hope and healing. To immerse yourself in her music, visit her official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/alexkrawczykofficial.


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