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Sherita Moss: Rising Star in Sustainable Fashion

Sherita Moss
Photo Courtesy: D. Anthony Photography

The journey to success often begins with the first brush of necessity, sparking an undying passion for creation. Such was the case for Sherita Moss, the mind and heart behind the sustainable fashion brand, Moss Kouture. Rising from a life colored by the complexities of the foster care system, she found solace in creativity, transforming second-hand clothes and scraps into a vibrant celebration of individualism.

Orphaned from mainstream fashion education, Moss took to self-learning. The supplemental kit of her foster mother coupled with YouTube and an infectious zeal to learn threaded the first stitches of her destiny. Moss sought inspiration in the innovative minds within the fashion industry, practitioners like self-taught Virgil Abloh, the street-savvy Dapper Dan, and Bethann Hardison, a commendable advocate for diversity in fashion. The imprints of their ardor found resonance in Sherita’s work, fueling her unique blend of style and sustainability.

In the unprecedented downturn of 2020, with her husband’s job on the line, necessity nudged Moss once more. This push brought forth the existence of Moss Kouture, a brand epiphany born out of a time when resilience was the only choice. Her every day is lit by the touch of spiritual affirmations and the encouraging words of distinguished motivational speakers such as Les Brown. An early morning run with an infusion of motivation preludes a day of meticulous design and sewing, churning out fashion-forward attire.

Sherita Moss

Photo Courtesy: Elyse Photos

However, the demanding life of an entrepreneur didn’t cloud the essence of family for Moss. Her calendar prioritized quality family time, positioning business commitments as supporting cast. This meticulous balance whispered into the ears of aspiring designers: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”. For working moms, she extended her empathetic advice to permit oneself pauses and breaks, ones that celebrate both professional and personal triumphs.

Moss Kouture remained unwavering in the preservation of our planet. It held the hand of sustainability, choosing to upcycle and employ scrap fabrics whenever possible. Her background as a foster child, moving in and out of homes and persistently facing the calls of sustainability, inspired Moss’s sustainable manufacturing practices. In her words, “A lot of the clothes that I make is upcycled… It’s 100% sustainable”.

Additionally, promoting this message of sustainability, Moss Kouture uses eco-friendly postcards for flyers, encouraging customers to retain them. The brand’s Instagram’s handles: “saucy.mossy” and “mosskouture”, along with the website www.mosskouture.com, beautifully showcase these sustainable creations.

To further extend her fashion vision, Sherita has several ventures on the horizon, including partnerships, showcases, a lingerie line, and even a TV show to celebrate her TV network deal. An exciting entry on her agenda was a noteworthy showcase with Raw Artists LA carried out this past December, while January witnessed her fashion show debut and the grand launch of her first TV network deal.

Sherita’s initiation into fashion and modeling was equally unconventional, having won a vogueing dance competition in a Minneapolis gay club as a teenager. As one of the few black models during that time in Minneapolis, her victory turned heads, flipping open the pages of her new chapter in fashion.

In essence, Sherita Moss and Moss Kouture are an embodiment of bold character, resilient spirit, and a commitment to sustainable practices. Driven by a need for uniqueness and a passion for fashion, Sherita has carved out a niche for herself in the industry, a beacon of inspiration to aspiring designers, working moms, and individuals who seek the courage to define their paths. Her story and her creations reiterate that fashion design is not confined within institutional walls, but lives in the hearts of those who dare to disrupt, innovate, and ideate. Crocheting her adversities into a garment of victory, Sherita Moss boldly showcases the beauty of sustainable fashion, one creation at a time.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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