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Patti Spadaro Band’s Powerful New Single “Glass Shatters”

Patti Spadaro Band's Powerful New Single Glass Shatters
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By: John Glover (MBA)

The Patti Spadaro Band, fronted by the talented guitarist, singer, and songwriter Patti Spadaro, has released a new single titled “Glass Shatters.” This song stands as a powerful anthem celebrating the strength and resilience of women, inspired by the historic swearing-in of the first female Vice President of the United States. The single, released on June 8, 2024, marks a significant moment in the band’s journey, embodying the spirit of progress and unity.

“Glass Shatters” begins with the evocative imagery of breaking glass, a metaphor for breaking barriers and overcoming obstacles. The opening verse sets a celebratory tone with the lines, “Glass shatters, clear the way / Declare today a holiday.” Spadaro’s lyrics capture a sense of liberation and joy, urging listeners to put on their sneakers, turn up their speakers, and dance. This immediate call to action sets the stage for a song that is both a rallying cry and a celebration.

The pre-chorus and chorus of the song amplify this sense of triumph. With lines like “Some people say, they don’t believe it / Others cry ‘you must have cheated,'” Spadaro addresses the skepticism and challenges that often accompany progress. Yet, she counters this with an uplifting message: “With joyful tears, we’re standing proud / Finally represented.” The chorus, “We should be waking up to celebrations / Women, this is our nation / Keep rising up, never giving up / Hear us Roar, Hear us Roar,” encapsulates the essence of the song. It is a call for continuous perseverance and a declaration of women’s rightful place in society.

Musically, “Glass Shatters” is vibrant and dynamic, featuring the harmonious blend of five women’s voices. Spadaro’s lead guitar work is both creative and engaging, driving the song with an infectious energy. Anne Celedonia’s keyboard contributions add depth and texture, while the background vocalists—Cherylann Hawk, Jill Simmons, and Alison McTavish—bring a rich, layered sound that enhances the song’s anthemic quality. The rhythm section, comprising drummer and recording engineer Eric Kurtzrock and bassist Ryan Black, provides a solid foundation, ensuring the track’s groove and momentum.

The second verse continues the theme of empowerment, highlighting the role of women in shaping future generations: “Life giving, amazing women / Raising up each generation / Main street to Harvard, pushing forward so long.” The pre-chorus and chorus are repeated, reinforcing the song’s core message of perseverance and celebration. 

One of the standout moments in “Glass Shatters” is the bridge, which uses the imagery of a lotus rising from the mud. “Lotus rising up from the mud / Grow through resistance, bloom from a bud / Float on the water, bloom brighter and broader, rise high.” This metaphor beautifully captures the journey of overcoming adversity and emerging stronger. The bridge concludes with a triumphant declaration: “Gonna shatter this ceiling to a million pieces / Breathe free, turn up our speakers, and dance,” seamlessly leading back into the chorus.

Recorded at Blue Door Recorders in Pittsburgh, “Glass Shatters” showcases the collaborative spirit and local talent that define the Patti Spadaro Band. Spadaro’s music career, which has seen her perform at renowned clubs and festivals and open for legendary acts, is a testament to her dedication and talent. Despite her success, Spadaro’s return to Pennsylvania to raise her daughters and continue her musical journey speaks volumes about her commitment to both her family and her art.

Influenced by a diverse range of artists, including Bonnie Raitt, Tedeschi/Trucks, The Grateful Dead, and Natalie Merchant, Spadaro’s music is a fusion of heartfelt songwriting and organic grooves. “Glass Shatters” is a testament to her ability to craft songs that are both introspective and universally resonant.

In conclusion, “Glass Shatters” by the Patti Spadaro Band is a powerful, uplifting anthem that celebrates women’s progress and resilience. With its infectious energy, compelling lyrics, and masterful musicianship, the song is a fitting tribute to a historic moment and an inspiring call to action. As Spadaro and her band continue to inspire and unite through their music, “Glass Shatters” stands out as a highlight in their impressive repertoire.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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