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Pamela Lue-Hing: The Coach for Women Coaches Over 40

Pamela Lue-Hing: The Coach for Women Coaches Over 40
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In an era where the essence of entrepreneurship melds seamlessly with the spirit of coaching, one name stands as a beacon for women over 40 seeking to transform their lives and careers through coaching: Pamela R. H. Lue-Hing. Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Unlimited, LLC, Lue-Hing has carved a niche in the vast $350 billion coaching industry by offering something not just unique but essential—a one-stop-one-of-a-kind-shop tailored specifically for personal and professional women coaches over 40.

Pamela’s journey into the realm of coaching and entrepreneurship is both inspiring and emblematic of her tenacity and commitment to living life on purpose. After facing downsizing for the third time, she took what many would see as a setback and turned it into an opportunity—an opportunity to reassess her skills, experiences, and passions, leading her down the path of becoming a certified DISC trainer and life coach. Her story is not just about overcoming obstacles; it’s about embracing change with courage and determination.

The inception of Powerhouse Unlimited was no accident but a deliberate move fueled by Lue-Hing’s lifelong affair with entrepreneurship—from her first lemonade stand at age eight to establishing a sorority & fraternity paraphernalia business in college, then becoming an independent consultant and director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. These ventures were more than business endeavors; they were stepping stones towards realizing her true calling—coaching.

What sets Pamela apart in this bustling industry? It’s her unwavering dedication to serving seasoned women coaches who are beyond fabulous yet find themselves at different levels in their lives requiring a space that understands them completely. Through Powerhouse Unlimited, she offers this space—one that moves at their pace, gives them what they need, and is designed to help them thrive.

Challenges are part and parcel of any entrepreneurial journey. For Pamela, aligning with her niche while recognizing when and where she needed help were significant hurdles. She candidly shares how peeling back layers of complexity led to clarity—realizing she was spreading herself too thin was a pivotal moment. This epiphany prompted a strategic pivot focusing on depth rather than breadth in coaching. 

Learning to evolve rather than simply overcoming obstacles has been key to Pamela’s success; it involves constant self-assessment, embracing collaboration under the African proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” and leveraging collective strengths for greater impact.

Pamela’s contributions have not gone unnoticed; her accolades include serving on the Mecklenburg County Small Business Advisory Board, facilitation roles within local business consortia, numerous awards recognizing her boldness in making a difference in the community, keynote speaking engagements highlighting her influence as a transformational speaker, along with features on platforms like Charlotte Today Show that spotlighted the thriving coaching industry.

But perhaps what truly encapsulates Pamela’s impact are the testimonials from those who’ve worked with her—like Lashanda Milner or Elder Gwen Cohen—who commend not just the practical business systems put into place but also the personal transformation experienced through engaging with Powerhouse Unlimited’s programs.

Looking forward, Pamela envisions Powerhouse Unlimited solidifying its position as an accredited powerhouse in coach training particularly catering to entrepreneurs who coach—not merely coaches who happen into entrepreneurship. This distinction underscores thinking business-first while harnessing coaching as the medium for transformative work.

Her aspirations extend beyond building successful businesses; they’re about nurturing legacies that ripple through generations by empowering women to package their brilliance effectively —transforming lives while creating fulfilling livelihoods rooted in purposeful service.

Pamela Lue-Hing embodies more than just entrepreneurship or coaching excellence; she represents a movement—the Powerhouse Coach in Motion Movement—aimed at educating, equipping, and empowering women coaches over 40 to live life fully engaged while impacting those they’re called to serve profoundly.

For further insights into this transformative journey or if you’re embarking on your own path toward becoming a powerhouse coach in motion,
– visit [Powerhouse Unlimited](www.facebook.com/pluehing),
– follow Pamela on [Instagram](www.instagram.com/pluehing/) or [LinkedIn](www.linkedin.com/in/pamelaluehing),
– or tune into her wisdom via [Twitter](twitter.com/pamelaluehing)


Published By: Aize Perez

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