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Overcoming Sickness with Author Noah Asher

Overcoming Sickness with Author Noah Asher
Photo Courtesy: Noah Asher

Noah Asher’s story is one of resilience. A little over a year ago, Asher was diagnosed with a rare form of Lupus. He was in and out of the hospital and then in a wheelchair. Doctors couldn’t explain why; they just kept prescribing him more and more medicine. Asher wasn’t getting better, though. So, he decided to change things up—he changed his diet and began exercising. This started small because every move was painful. 

How about now? Noah Asher runs two miles every day!

Asher’s resilience and refusal to stay down was what led him from overwhelming to overcoming. In Noah Asher’s new book, “CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming,” he looks at different ways chaos seeps into our lives: illness, loss, addiction, rejection, and anxiety. The list is endless. Asher writes from his own struggles as well as his own victories. But this isn’t an autobiography. This is a Christian nonfiction book that points people to the hope only found in Jesus.

Chaos comes in like a thief in the night, looking to destroy our purpose and our future. But Jesus steps in. The common theme in “CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming” is: If you’re still breathing, God isn’t done with you. There can be purpose found in your pain. A platform can be born out of your darkest past. This is all possible through the redemption of Jesus. 

Noah Asher’s book provides Hope, Help, and Humor to a hurting world. This isn’t a typical self-help book. Asher communicates Scripture in such an inspirational way that’ll have the reader laughing, crying, and feeling empowered. 

If you’re struggling with illness, the loss of a loved one, divorce, or any other chaotic circumstance, this book is for you. This book offers practical steps to conquer your chaos and move from overwhelming to overcoming. 

At the heart of “CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming” lies an empowering quote that encapsulates Asher’s heart for Jesus:

“Pain does not plague Him.
The economy does not faze Him.
The weather does not disturb Him.
Disease does not infect Him.
Death cannot claim Him.
He has resources we do not have and wisdom we’ve never imagined.
Jesus is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think.”

Noah Asher’s new book is needed in our chaotic world today. There is no wonder why people are finding it useful and helpful. To find out more information on Noah Asher and all that he is doing, check out his website (www.thenoahasher.com) or his Instagram (@TheNoahAsher). Noah is currently doing Book Signing Events as well as some speaking engagements with addiction centers and rehab centers. Noah believes this is just the beginning, “This book isn’t just a book; it’s a movement. A movement to bring the brightest of lights for people in their darkest of pits.” 

Noah Asher’s literary debut is available now. “CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming” can be purchased online and in stores across the globe. *All proceeds of the book go to providing copies for prison libraries and rehab centers.


Published By: Aize Perez

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