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Nicolette Moore: Empowering Speakers through Unicorn Talks

Nicolette Moore: Empowering Speakers through Unicorn Talks
Photo Courtesy: Nicolette Moore

In a world where our deepest pains can often overshadow our dreams, finding a way to transform that pain into a powerful purpose is a journey few undertake. For Nicolette Moore, the founder of Unicorn Talks, this transformation became her life’s mission. Today, she dedicates herself to helping others do the same through her innovative speaking enrichment program.

The Birth of Unicorn Talks: A Journey from Grief to Purpose

In 2017, after having three boys, Nicolette was thrilled to learn she was pregnant with her first daughter. Tragically, her daughter passed away when Nicolette was six months pregnant. Losing her daughter was the hardest thing Nicolette had ever endured. It felt like the culmination of all the pain in her life sitting heavily on her chest. Eight months later, a pivotal moment came when a woman in a YouTube video posed a question that changed everything: “What story do you want to tell?” 

At that time, Nicolette was battling suicidal thoughts and considered making her death appear accidental to spare her children the pain of knowing their mother had taken her own life. However, that question made her realize she wanted her daughter’s legacy to be about life, not death. She chose to transform her pain into her life’s purpose, focusing on healing grief, transforming trauma into victory, and helping others do the same. 

Unicorn Talks was born from this desire to assist people in crafting compelling stories that transmit change and inspire others.

Overcoming Early Challenges: Building a Unique Program

Despite Unicorn Talks being a speaking enrichment program, one of Nicolette’s biggest challenges was effectively communicating what the program entails and the benefits of joining. 

Even though Unicorn Talks is still in its early stages, having just completed its second program and planning the third, the challenge remains to get in front of the right people and clearly convey how Unicorn Talks develops one’s story through understanding storytelling frameworks, body language, tone, and delivery. 

Unicorn Talks is unique in its approach, offering a six-week high-level coaching experience that culminates in a competition where participants present their stories in front of a judge panel and an audience of 50 to 150 people. This experience provides valuable visibility, feedback from professional speakers, and high-level coaching, creating an intimate environment where participants can grow and connect.

Transformative Success Stories

The success stories emerging from Unicorn Talks are a testament to the program’s impact. Joanna, the first winner of Unicorn Talks, entered the program intending to coach Christian women but discovered through the program that she wanted to focus solely on speaking. She is now on a mission to speak on as many stages as possible. 

Sarah, who began as a VA without a clear coaching path, gained clarity about her mission through the program and launched her first group coaching program, successfully filling it with both men and women as a Christian business coach. 

Sharon, an advocate for foster care children, significantly expanded her network and opportunities for speaking and consulting after gaining clarity about her passion. 

Tonia, who teaches about social media visibility and overcoming fear, moved forward despite her fears and placed first in Unicorn Talks’ second competition. 

These stories illustrate the clarity, confidence, and opportunities participants gain from Unicorn Talks.

Building the Future: A Vision for Global Impact

Nicolette envisions Unicorn Talks growing to be as renowned as the TED stage, where its speakers are recognized as thought leaders and sought after for various stages. She aims for Unicorn Talks to be a launchpad for people to develop remarkable speaking careers and be acknowledged as experts in their fields. Ensuring the program remains true to its heart-centered approach is crucial to Nicolette. 

She achieves this by fostering a culture of human-centered leadership and feedback, creating a strong community where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. 

Her vision is to continue creating spaces where magic happens, connections are forged, and lives are transformed through powerful, purpose-driven storytelling.

Join the Unicorn Talks Revolution

Nicolette Moore’s journey from personal tragedy to empowering speakers worldwide is a testament to the transformative power of turning pain into purpose. Unicorn Talks offers a unique blend of intimate coaching, community building, and practical experience, helping heart-centered entrepreneurs craft and deliver impactful messages. 

Whether you’re looking to find your voice, gain clarity on your mission, or simply connect with a vibrant community, Unicorn Talks provides the support and resources to make your speaking dreams a reality.

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Nicolette Moore is the inspirational founder of Unicorn Talks, a program dedicated to transforming personal pain into powerful, impactful stories. Her journey from profound loss to empowering speakers worldwide serves as a pillar of hope and transformation.

Curious to get involved? Register for Nicolette’s FREE 2-day, no-pitch workshop, Speaker Launch Pad. You’ll walk away with a StoryBank of stories you can use to build your brand authority, along with clarity on your life purpose, as well as the message at the heart of your brand. With breakout sessions, and intentional exercises to get you clear results, you’ll walk away with a new vision for your professional direction that will land you endless stages you can feel confident stepping onto.


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