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Mother’s Day Gifts for Homesteading Moms

Mother's Day Gifts for Homesteading Moms
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Publicity For Good 2024 Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Homesteaders and Gardeners

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the homesteader moms in your life with thoughtful gifts that enrich their connection to nature and their passion for sustainable living. As a mom, founder of Publicity For Good, and someone passionate about intentional and purpose-driven products, I’m always on the lookout for amazing brands. With being a mom of 2 under 2 with 1 on the way and living life off the land on our 2-acre homestead complete with livestock and a productive garden,, I appreciate the value of self-sufficiency and sustainability. Discover the perfect gifts for the mom who loves homesteading with our Homesteaders Gift Guide, curated with products to enhance her self-sufficient lifestyle.

Mother's Day Gifts for Homesteading Moms

Photo Courtesy: Publicity for Good

Help Mom Build The Perfect Homestead With These Thoughtful Gifts

Multipure Aquagrow Water Filter, Priced at $60

Give Mom the gift of healthier plants and cleaner water with Multipure’s Aquagrow Water Filter. This inline garden hose filter removes chlorine, enhancing plant growth and ensuring pets and children enjoy chlorine-free water. From watering plants to filling kiddie pools, Aquagrow makes every use of the garden hose a benefit to both plants and family.

Elysia Myers Wine Art, Priced at $33

Elysia Myers transforms the art of wine into beautiful wine-inspired paintings, perfect for homesteader moms who appreciate the finer things in life. Using corks as her paintbrush, Elysia’s creations capture the passion, dedication, and energy of winemakers from around the world.

Finding Silver Pennies Hydrangea Collection, Priced at $5.21

Give Mom the gift of timeless beauty with the watercolor hydrangea collection from Finding Silver Pennies. Each piece, including hydrangea-themed home decor, is made in the USA and supports conservation efforts through donations to the World Wildlife Fund.

Buzzy Margarita and Mojito Windowsill Garden Grow Kit, Priced at $14.99

For moms who love gardening and mixology, the Buzzy Margarita and Mojito Windowsill Garden Grow Kit is the perfect gift. Grow mint, lime basil, and lavender right in your kitchen and impress guests with fresh ingredients for homemade cocktails.

Buzzy Blossombs, Priced at $19.99

Encourage Mom to spread beauty and support pollinators with Buzzy Blossombs, organic wildflower seed balls made in the Netherlands. Each Blossomb contains a mix of ten wildflower varieties that will bloom from spring to fall, making it a delightful addition to any homestead garden.

Buzzy Kitchen Herbs Windowsill Grow Kit, Priced at $13.99

Give Mom the gift of fresh herbs with the Buzzy Kitchen Herbs Windowsill Grow Kit. This kit includes everything she needs to grow a variety of kitchen herbs right in her own home, from basil and mint to lavender and rosemary. With easy-to-follow instructions, she’ll have a thriving herb garden in no time, perfect for adding flavor to her home-cooked meals and cocktails.

Zollie Learn to Embroider Kit and Video Guide, Priced at $75

Nurture Mom’s creativity with the Zollie Learn to Embroider Kit and Video Guide. This kit includes everything she needs to create two botanical illustrations and one sampler, guided by video instruction from fiber artist Arounna Khounnoraj.

Igor Biarritz Mate – Malva Jelly Sandal, Priced at $58

Let Mom step out in style and comfort with Igor’s Biarritz Mate – Malva Jelly Sandals. Made of high-quality PVC, these jellies offer foot support for any homesteading adventure, from strolling through the garden to a fun day at the beach.

Help Your Mom Nurture The Gift of Land And Nature This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, show your appreciation for the hardworking homesteader moms with gifts that reflect their love for nature and sustainable living. From vibrant botanical artwork to practical gardening kits, these thoughtful gifts will inspire and delight, allowing them to continue building the perfect homestead sanctuary. Let your mom know how much she’s cherished by giving her the tools she needs to nurture her passions and create a home filled with love and abundance. Visit this link for more options for your mom this Mother’s Day season.

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