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Meet The Iconic LeadHer of Impact, Shayla Burtin

Meet The Iconic LeadHer of Impact, Shayla Burtin
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In the realm of influential speakers and impactful initiatives, the Iconic Speakers Network stands out as a beacon of empowerment and inspiration. This vibrant platform provides a stage for individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries to share their stories and expertise with a global audience.

Complementing this platform is the visionary mission of Iconic LeadHers, a movement dedicated to empowering female leaders and entrepreneurs, with a tagline that embodies its spirit—”Ignite. Inspire. Impact.”—Iconic LeadHers celebrates the resilience, innovation, and impact of women who are breaking barriers and driving change.

As we delve into the world of leadership, resilience, and empowerment, we explore the transformative journey of the Iconic Speakers Network and the trailblazing mission of Iconic LeadHers.

In the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Shayla Burtin, a pioneering Business Strategist with two decades of experience in Human Resources and Operations, has been redefining leadership paradigms. Shayla’s leadership journey, deeply rooted in the mentorship and guidance from seasoned managers early in her career, propelled her towards empowering the oft-overlooked introverted women in the entrepreneurial sphere.

With the launch of “Building Her Dream,” Shayla has created a sanctuary for introverted women entrepreneurs, showcasing that leadership is not solely the domain of the extroverted. Her unique approach to leadership, focusing on the empowerment of others, has been a beacon for women aspiring to lead, regardless of their disposition towards quietude.

Four years into her entrepreneurial leadership role and a year since founding “Building Her Dream,” Shayla reflects on the evolution of her leadership style—from a hands-on manager to an empowering mentor. A significant milestone in her journey was overcoming the challenge of delegating, a shift that not only spurred growth within her team but also cultivated a culture of trust and innovation.

Shayla’s first brush with leadership at a corporate job in human resources was a defining moment that crystallized her path toward nurturing environments where leadership thrives. Her strategies for fostering leadership in others—leading by example, providing leadership opportunities, and building a supportive community—have been instrumental in encouraging women to embrace their leadership potential.

Moreover, Shayla’s efforts to identify and nurture leadership qualities in environments where they might go unrecognized have been pivotal. By offering opportunities for emerging leaders to showcase their talents through leading projects and providing constructive feedback, she has played a crucial role in bringing to light the latent leadership abilities in many.

Shayla Burtin’s work through “Yes, I Can Help You” and “Building Her Dream” extends beyond professional achievements; it’s a testament to her belief that true leadership transcends the individual. As Shayla continues to inspire from Milwaukee, balancing her professional commitments with being the World’s Best Aunt and exploring the outdoors, her legacy of fostering introverted leaders is shaping the future of leadership.

About the Author:

Antoinette Logan is a dynamic media professional and award-winning best-selling international author from Chicago, known for her versatility and determination. Logan transforms challenges into opportunities with a profound mission to positively influence everyone she meets. Unwilling to be confined, she champions a broad spectrum of roles guided by a higher purpose. As a life coach and business consultant, Logan empowers others through her extensive experience and personal insights, affirming her reputation as a trusted advisor in branding, public relations, and digital media. Logan represents a beacon of guidance, inspiring all to achieve beyond their aspirations.

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Published By: Aize Perez

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