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“Let’s Be Ballin’… with a Little Side of Bipolar: Triumph Path”

Let's Be Ballin’... with a Little Side of Bipolar
Photo Courtesy: Phyllecia Kellar

In the journey of life, challenges are inevitable, but for those diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, the road can seem especially daunting. The key to surviving and thriving with this diagnosis lies in understanding it deeply and harnessing its dynamics for personal growth and stability. “Let’s be ballin… with a little side of Bipolar,” as Phylecia, a beacon of hope and guidance in the bipolar community, often says. This mantra encapsulates the essence of turning a challenging diagnosis into a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The first step towards owning your Bipolar diagnosis is recognizing that finding stability is paramount. Stability isn’t merely about managing symptoms; it’s about establishing a foundation to build a fulfilling life. This involves a multi-pronged approach that addresses physical health, mental resilience, emotional well-being, and practical daily living strategies.

Stability Through Holistic Health

Achieving stability often begins with getting level on medications under the guidance of healthcare professionals who understand your unique needs. However, medication is only one piece of the puzzle. Supplements, holistic practices, and lifestyle adjustments are crucial in building sustainable energy levels and well-being.

Routine is your ally in this quest. Establishing regular patterns for sleep, exercise, hygiene, and healthy eating can significantly impact your mood and energy levels. Moreover, surrounding yourself with a support team of doctors who listen, friends who care, and communities who understand creates an environment conducive to healing.

Gratitude and Mindset: Seeing Beauty Amidst Struggle

How you perceive your world shapes your experience within it. Cultivating gratitude transforms your perspective from one of scarcity to abundance. Even on difficult days, seeking beauty can shift focus from despair to appreciation.

Adopting a ‘glass half full’ mindset propels you toward positive actions rather than dwelling on negatives. This attitude doesn’t negate the reality of hardship but offers a way through it by prioritizing solutions over problems.

CIJ: Confidence, Independence, Joy

Independence regained leads to confidence rediscovered; within this growth cycle lies joy—a potent reminder that dreams are waiting to be fulfilled beyond the diagnosis. Focusing on one aspect of confidence, independence, or joy can catalyze progress in all three areas.

Reclaiming these elements requires patience and perseverance, but knowing that each step forward reinstates a piece of your worth makes the journey worthwhile.

Inquiry as Insight: The Power of Questions 

Life unfolds in the questions asked daily. “How do I make my experience better?” prompts reflection on actionable steps for improvement while pondering “Who do I want to be?” guides personal evolution.

 Questions like “What do I want to bring to life?” encourage contributions for personal gain and communal upliftment. By asking ourselves meaningful questions consistently over time—we pave our path toward success defined by us alone.


The path laid out by Phylecia integrates these principles into a roadmap towards bipolar success; it emphasizes action over inertia—the hardest part yet most critical step toward change.

Engaging actively with each ‘box’—stability through holistic health, gratitude and Mindset transformation, fostering Confidence, Independence, joy (CIJ), and insightful Inquiry—facilitates measurable and deeply felt progress.

Phylecia’s insights resonate across her platforms from Instagram (@phylecia_ballinandbipolar01), where she shares glimpses into her journey, to her podcast ‘Ballin and Bipolar,’ available across all outlets where stories of resilience abound—and further onto Facebook groups like ‘Ballin and Bipolar – our support space,’ offering solidarity in shared experiences.

Phylecia’s book, ‘Be happy or get the F out, ‘ launched on May 30th. You can grab your copy on Amazon. It reached bestseller status in hours! It’s her story on her bipolar journey and how to climb back out and live a life of happiness while being bipolar. It’s a great book for people who want to get better in their lives if they’ve suffered from any kind of trauma, not just bipolar. 

Her website stands as a testament to what embracing one’s narrative through informed action can achieve—an existence marked not by limitation but limitless potential despite—and indeed because—of bipolar disorder.

Embracing this multifaceted approach redefines what it means to live beyond bipolar—not merely existing beside it but flourishing because of it. As Phylicia reminds us through her brand’s inspiring quote: Let’s indeed be ballin’…with just a little side of Bipolar—signifying that while bipolar is part of our story, it does not define us entirely; rather, it serves as a catalyst for personal triumphs previously unimagined.


Published by: Khy Talara

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