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Leading the Way: The Inspirational Women Coaches in the Professional Arena

Leading the Way: The Inspirational Women Coaches in the Professional Arena
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Women hold up half the sky, but despite women’s impressive achievements in education and the workplace over the last decades, men still greatly outnumber women in leadership, especially in top positions. This underrepresentation of women in leadership positions is a global issue that needs to be addressed. So let’s go around the globe and explore some of the top women coaches in the professional arena who are leading the way and breaking barriers.

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins epitomizes resilience and inspiration, transcending her personal struggles to become a global authority on change and motivation. From battling crippling anxiety to becoming a beacon of empowerment, Mel’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-belief. With bestselling books like “The 5 Second Rule” and “The High 5 Habit,” she equips millions with tools to overcome adversity. Her billions of video views and top-ranked podcast attest to her profound impact and relatable presence. 

Despite her remarkable success, Mel remains grounded, cherishing her roles as a devoted mother and partner in a 26-year-strong marriage. What distinguishes Mel is not just her achievements but her commitment to empowering others. Through her work, she inspires individuals to embrace their potential and live lives of purpose. Mel Robbins isn’t just a motivational figure; she’s proof that resilience and determination can turn adversity into triumph.

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo, a proud Jersey girl with nothing but passion, a laptop, and a dream, has crafted a digital empire that impacts millions worldwide. Through her acclaimed show MarieTV, The Marie Forleo Podcast, and bestselling book “Everything is Figureoutable,” she empowers individuals to dream big and take meaningful action. Marie offers guidance to budding entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the path to their dream business without the need for an MBA or a hefty bank account. She assists creatives in finding their voice and attracting attention to their work while also advocating for freedom from toxic overwork and overwhelm. 

Marie’s mantra, “Everything is Figureoutable,” embodies her philosophy of embracing challenges with resilience and determination. From her humble beginnings in a modest Italian-American household to gracing the cover of Success magazine, Marie’s journey is a testament to the power of curiosity, passion, and relentless determination. As a self-proclaimed “Multipassionate Entrepreneur,” Marie celebrates the beauty of embracing diverse interests and skills, inspiring others to defy conventional norms and pursue their unique paths to success. If you resonate with Marie’s unapologetically eclectic approach to life and work, you’re in the right place to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

Edith Hamilton 

Edith Hamilton is an Executive Coach for Chief Financial Officers, and she specializes in working with women CFOs in companies with revenues ranging from $75M to $2 Billion. Most of these women are leaders in private-equity-backed companies like Yahoo, while others hold top positions in public companies such as Telus International.

Edith Hamilton’s dedication to empowering women in leadership roles and her own climb to the position of Group CFO for a segment of a Fortune 500 company speaks volumes about her expertise and influence in the industry.

Her approach to executive coaching for women CFOs goes beyond just professional development; she delves into the unique challenges and barriers that women in these positions often face. By providing tailored guidance and support, Edith Hamilton is not only shaping the success of individual CFOs but also contributing to the larger movement of gender diversity and equality in the corporate world.

As we continue to explore the trailblazing women coaches in the professional arena, it’s clear that Edith Hamilton’s impact extends far beyond her immediate sphere of influence. 

Mary Gregory

Mary Gregory’s impact on the international stage of leadership coaching has been nothing short of revolutionary. Through her work with women leaders in the UK, Asia, Africa, South America, and North America, Mary Gregory has not only provided strategic guidance and support but also fostered a community of women who uplift and inspire each other. Mary’s deep understanding of human behavior enables her to help her clients develop self-confidence, trust their instincts, and negotiate workplace complexity and biases. Her practical guide, “Ego – Get Over Yourself and Lead,” helps people manage themselves, influence others authentically, and lead with authority.

Furthermore, her international expertise has allowed her to explore the intersectionality of gender and leadership, addressing challenges specific to different cultural contexts and embracing diversity as a catalyst for innovation and progress. Her partnerships with well-known worldwide companies like Pepsico, MTV, Ralph Lauren, and Tapestry highlight her knowledge and impact on a global level. Mary has created a community of purpose-driven women leaders that put values over profit.

Stephanie Kelly

Meet Stephanie Kelly, a dynamic entrepreneur and coach shaping the professional landscape. After 15 years in entertainment marketing, working with industry giants like Cirque Du Soleil and Google, Stephanie realized that there is no level of success that shields you from an overactive inner-critic, and the relentless pressure to achieve. She says it’s quite the opposite, in fact, the more you achieve, the louder that critic can become.

Stephanie’s coaching approach seamlessly intertwines the personal and professional,

empowering women in leadership to rein in their inner critic and lead confidently from a place of strength, rather than self-doubt. Stephanie’s coaching philosophy revolves around empowerment, inspiring entrepreneurs and teams to get out of their own way, and achieve sustainable personal and professional success,

Stephanie’s impact transcends the ordinary, transforming potential into lasting success.

Lisa Bilyeu

Lisa Bilyeu is a talented billion-dollar entrepreneur, best-selling author, show host, and badass confidence coach who refused to accept a life that was just “fine” and instead worked hard to build the passionate life of her dreams. Throughout her personal journey and challenges, Lisa demonstrates that confidence isn’t a trait you’re born with, but a tool you can strengthen and develop. 

Lisa knows how to push the boundaries and preconceived notions of women in the business world. Today, through her show Women of Impact, best-selling book Radical Confidence, and online confidence course, she works tirelessly to inspire and empower women to have the confidence to go after their dreams and build the relationship, career, and life they really want! Her stories inspire women to step out of their comfort zone, and her practical strategies empower them to boldly chase after their dreams with Radical Confidence!

Carla Biesinger

Carla Biesinger is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of professional coaching, specializing in the intricacies of organic online marketing and business expansion. With a wealth of experience in digital marketing and entrepreneurship under her belt, Carla possesses a profound understanding of the nuanced strategies required to thrive in today’s ever-evolving online landscape. 

Her expertise lies in assisting entrepreneurs and business owners in crafting bespoke marketing approaches that foster organic growth and bolster their digital footprint. Carla’s guidance not only equips her clients with the tools to navigate the complexities of online marketing but also empowers them to cultivate lasting connections with their audience. Through her unwavering dedication and strategic acumen, Carla continues to empower individuals and businesses alike to achieve unprecedented success in the digital sphere.

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis is a highly accomplished professional with an impressive background as a 22-year Army veteran, international TEDx Speaker, and bestselling author. Through her role as President/CEO of the Executive Women’s Success Institute, Dr. Lewis empowers women to succeed in their careers, particularly in upper management and executive level positions.

With her comprehensive toolkit of life skills and abilities, Dr. Lewis helps women unlock their amazing power within to lead with confidence, charisma, and credibility. Besides her work with the Executive Women’s Success Institute, Dr. Lewis is also the creator of an online course titled “Crack The Career Code,” where she provides women with the tools and strategies to achieve career breakthroughs.

Rachel Letham

Rachel Letham’s coaching philosophy is centered around the belief that visualization and maintaining a positive mindset are key components to achieving success. Through her unique approach, Rachel has helped countless individuals and corporate teams, break through mental barriers and harness their inner strength to reach their full potential. Rachel supports her clients to use vision boards as a tool to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

Rachel provides a tangible tool for people to stay focused and motivated on their path to success. She also guides her clients in cultivating a positive mindset, helping them to overcome self-doubt and negative thinking patterns that may be holding them back.

Rachel’s holistic coaching approach has garnered global recognition for its transformative impact especially in the tech and financial services world. By combining visualization techniques with mindset coaching, Rachel has empowered her clients to take charge of their professional and personal lives, guiding them toward achieving their aspirations with clarity and purpose. Her unique methods have not only resulted in tangible career advancements but also in personal growth and fulfillment for those under her guidance.

Trina Ramsey

Trina Ramsey has extensive experience as a Senior Consultant, Executive Coach, Author, and Speaker, with a background spanning over 20 years in nonprofit management and coaching. Trina has always been committed to assisting leaders in reaching their maximum potential and chasing after their aspirations. Trina provides a wide array of services tailored to empower women leaders and nonprofit executives, such as strategic planning, team building, and board management. Her popular book, Just Do You: A Declaration of Independence from Guilt, Obligation, and Shame, is a source of motivation for those looking to overcome restrictive beliefs and societal expectations. 

Trina’s most recent programme, Sweet Freedom, offers women a guide to pursue their dreams and let go of what no longer benefits them. Trina is extremely dedicated to mental health advocacy, using her own experiences to initiate important discussions and promote empathy. Trina is sharing her family’s journey in her upcoming memoir and blog on Medium, emphasizing the significance of reducing the stigma around mental health challenges. Engage with Trina to discover her unique leadership and personal growth methods, and start a path towards empowerment and self-awareness.

Kelsey Murphy

Kelsey Murphy is a Business & Life Coach for Fortune 500 companies like Facebook and Twitter, working with entrepreneurs like Marie Forloe, Cathy Heller, & Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly Leveque. Kelsey is a master at helping coaches create highly successful businesses. She takes the big-hearted humans & builds them lucrative businesses that end up impacting millions.  Previously Kelsey was the Advertising Director for Nintendo, Go Pro, and Elizabeth Arden, and she’s been featured in places like Forbes, Business Insider, Huffington Post & more.  She’s a firm believer that each person holds a passion and a viewpoint uniquely their own and through her coaching and workshops she equips people with a toolbox of actionable strategies to create the life they envision.

Additionally, she hosts a top-ranked podcast called Whiskey & Work, where she discusses her refreshingly honest opinion on navigating the waters of work, life, and family. Kelsey addresses issues like relationships, dreams, motivation, starting a business, morning routines, and living a life you’re proud of. She’s a champion for acting brave, embracing your imperfections, and not taking life too seriously. You can come say hello to her here kelseymurphy.com

Jennifer Sertl

Jennifer Sertl is the founder of Agility3R, a consultancy that is illustrious for its dedication to assisting corporate executives and organizations develop resilience, responsiveness, and reflection. According to Jennifer’s beliefs, leaders become stronger by integrating resilience principles. She excels at being responsive, helping executives and organizations adapt to change with agility. Moreover, she advocates for reflection, prompting profound self-examination and awareness to cultivate strategic decision-making in line with fundamental beliefs.

Jennifer has become a revered executive coach, helping many CEOs succeed in rapidly changing markets. Her approach showcases her deep knowledge in cognitive science, behavioral psychology, and strategic management, leading to a coaching model that is both intellectually strong and highly impactful. She focuses on providing practical strategies and practical advice customized to each leader’s specific situation, ensuring they are prepared to tackle present obstacles and remain flexible for what lies ahead.

Marichen Mortimer

Coaching, facilitation, leadership development, authorship, public speaking, training, and business consulting are just a few of Marichen Mortimer’s many varied abilities. Her stellar background includes experiences with both multinational corporations and small businesses in a wide range of sectors. In addition, Marichen is active on several boards, where she shares her expertise in helping others become self-leaders, conquer their fears, and realize their greatest potential. 

Her extensive approach to coaching is her secret weapon, and it has paid off handsomely for customers all around the world. Marichen has an amazing record that showcases her commitment to excellence and continuous improvement; it includes certification as a Master Coach and recognition in CHRO ASIA’s “100 Best Global Coaches” list. 

Kara Duffy

Kara Duffy is a multi-entrepreneur and founder of Kara Duffy Coaching & Consulting, Powerful Ladies, and Olivet.  As a business coach and consultant, she uses her Have It All Method™ to help business owners, leaders, and change makers create A Ridiculous & Extraordinary Life™. She’s worked with 100+ businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs across the world to help them run effectively all while creating more money, fun, freedom and impact in their lives. Her unique background in streetwear, footwear, skateboarding, and saving misfit product categories and brands means she knows how to build something from nothing and where to borrow best practices from to create tailored coaching plans unique to her clients’ values and needs. 

Kara Duffy is also the host of the Powerful Ladies Podcast where she interviews “awesome and up-to-something” women ranging from entrepreneurs, creatives, humanitarians, athletes, chefs, writers, scientists, adventurers and beyond. Kara amplifies the voices of women who are changing their own lives, their communities, and the world. Through sharing these stories with her audience she inspires listeners to take powerful and extraordinary actions.

Alyssa Nobriga

Alyssa Nobriga is a dynamic international speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, leaving a significant mark in the coaching industry. With over 15 years of experience in life coaching, Alyssa has earned recognition as one of the top life coaches of 2023, positively transforming countless lives with her approach.

As the Founder and CEO of The Institute of Coaching Mastery, Alyssa’s methodology has empowered hundreds of certified coaches annually. Whether seeking life coaching or aspiring to become a coach, Alyssa offers unwavering support and expertise, accessible through her website.

Dedicated to guiding clients through transformative journeys, Alyssa is a licensed Clinical Somatic Psychotherapist with a strong academic background. Holding a master’s degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a second master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, Alyssa brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her coaching practice.

In conclusion, these women coaches in the professional arena are truly leading the way and breaking barriers. They are not only excelling in their respective fields, but they are also paving the way for future generations of women aspiring to be leaders. By sharing their knowledge, expertise, and experiences, these women coaches are empowering other women to pursue their goals and overcome obstacles.

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