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Lady In Red Dominating High Stakes World of Publicity

Lady In Red Dominating High Stakes World of Publicity
Photo Courtesy: Lamourie Media

By: Samantha Sterling 

In the high profile, high stakes world of public relations and media, few publicists shine as brightly as Tracy Lamourie.   Married for three decades to husband Dave Parkinson (co-founder of Lamourie Media), the mother of two children. Lamourie is an  international publicist who started her business a little over a decade ago.

You can’t miss her.   She dominates any room she walks into, garnering admiring glances and turning heads in  attention, getting “look over here” flaming red framed with well placed streaks of authoritative black – from her hair to her distinctive well manicured nails.  But it’s not just her signature style that draws people to her – “it’s her whole vibe.” 

Those who know her will tell you she’s as friendly and as down to earth as she is fabulous. “People who meet me often say ‘I really like your energy,’ laughs Lamourie.  “I’m never quite sure what they mean – but it’s a huge compliment!”  It’s clear that she cares about people – “And that ain’t no PR spin!”  She listens to them  – and then she makes sure they are heard – on a global scale. 

 Moving very quickly from freelancer on high profile entertainment projects to general partnership incorporation, Tracy has carved a niche for herself as a masterful communicator, advocate for change, and a visionary in brand building across borders – and across industries 

As the Founder and Managing Director of Lamourie Media Inc., her journey is not just about personal success but also about lifting others to heights they never imagined possible.

The inception of Lamourie Media was more than just the birth of another PR firm; it was an embodiment of Tracy’s philosophy that everyone has a story worth telling. Whether representing celebrities or emerging talents, Tracy approaches each client with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment. This personalized touch has not only endeared her to clients but also resulted in remarkable successes across various industries.

Tracy’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With a career that spans over two decades, she has not only set the standard in PR but also become a beacon of inspiration for many. From walking red carpets at the Cannes International Film Festival to winning prestigious awards such as the 2020 Woman of Inspiration Winner for Women In Media from Universal Women’s Network, Tracy’s accolades are testament to her influence and effectiveness in the media industry.

Tracy’s approach to PR transcends conventional boundaries. By leveraging media relations effectively, she has helped creatives and brands breakthrough cluttered markets to reach their target audiences more authentically than traditional advertising ever could. Her strategy emphasizes creating compelling narratives that resonate with people on a deeper level—a reflection of her belief in the power of storytelling.

One notable aspect of Tracy’s work is her ability to navigate diverse cultural landscapes seamlessly. Splitting her time between Ontario, Canada, and Gozo Island, Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean, while maintaining a strong professional presence across North America and Europe at all times speaks volumes about her global perspective on PR.

Beyond her professional achievements, Tracy stands out for her dedication to advocacy on global issues. Her voice has been instrumental in campaigns that span human rights, social justice, and equality—highlighting her role not just as a publicist but as a force for positive change in the world.

Tracy’s trajectory from advocating for social justice issues alongside Dave Parkinson—to becoming an internationally recognized leader in PR—underscores an essential truth: true success comes from doing what you love while making an impactful difference along the way.

Indeed, amidst all accomplishments and accolades lies an indelible lesson: whether elevating brands or amplifying voices on critical issues—the power lies within authentic storytelling backed by unwavering conviction. For those looking up to leaders like Tracy Lamourie—it serves both as inspiration and blueprint towards forging meaningful paths within their careers while contributing positively towards society at large.

Published by: Holy Minoza

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