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Kathy Saulsberry: Breaking New Grounds With Taylor-Made Business Solutions

Kathy Saulsberry
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By: Whitefriar PR

“Success in business is not just about having a good idea; it’s about having the resilience to pursue that idea against all odds.”

As the founder of TaylorMade Consultants, Kathy Saulsberry has carved a niche in guiding aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses toward success. Kathy’s journey began with a strong affinity for business and finance. Her early career, marked by a stint at the Attorney General’s office and a decade in loan processing, laid the foundation for her business acumen.

Kathy’s venture into entrepreneurship was a natural progression. With over eight years of experience working for others in the business development field, she identified a gap in the market – comprehensive support for developing businesses. This insight led to the birth of TaylorMade Consultants, a firm dedicated to offering a full spectrum of business services.

Leading Without Fear

As a woman in the competitive field of business consulting, Kathy has consistently shattered ceilings. For Kathy, everything starts with developing a fearless mindset. “I speak to fear. Because a lot of people are scared.” With fear out of the way, she believes that entrepreneurs will find their sweet spot in business. “As a woman in business, understanding and overcoming fear has been pivotal to my success.” Beyond mindset, Kathy’s approach is rooted in personalized solutions. “We offer Taylor-made solutions,” she states, emphasizing her commitment to addressing the unique needs of each client. This philosophy has been a cornerstone of her success.

The Perfect Solution For The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Kathy is committed to imparting her knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs. “I’ve done everything from selling circus tickets to caskets. I know a lot of things that I can pass on to the next generation.” In addition to her broad experience, Kathy has formed a team of experienced attorneys, tax consultants and business leaders to provide guidance in starting a business. “I want the next generation to have the tools they need to succeed.”

Looking to Create a Lasting Impact

Whether leading her business or her youth business advocacy programs, Kathy is committed to pushing people into success. Under her leadership, TaylorMade Consultants has become synonymous with results-driven business strategies. Although her business is still young, she is committed to creating a legacy that shapes the future. “We’ve already made a difference in the business world, and we are just getting started.”

As Kathy looks to the future, she sees herself expanding her influence as a business mentor and thought leader. As she expands her reach, her focus remains on empowering more entrepreneurs. Her advice for success, “Success is uncomfortable,” highlights the essence of her ethos.

In Summary

Kathy Saulsberry Taylormade Consultants is a minority woman-owned business that is committed to empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses. From bilingual business consulting to comprehensive business support, including legal support, lending opportunities, social media management, and more – Kathy’s team has a combined 40 years of experience to guide entrepreneurs through the intricacies of business ownership with confidence and success.

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