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Jessica Gabor Provided Her Top 3 Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Jessica Gabor Provided Her Top 3 Tips For First Time Home Buyers
Photo Credit: Jessica Gabor

By: Caleb Hellinger

Clackamas County Real Estate Broker Jessica Gabor says, “One of the most thrilling yet complex endeavors one can experience in life is purchasing a home, especially for the first time.” This becomes even more exciting when strategizing the process in a dynamic locality such as Clackamas County. Jessica Gabor, a licensed real estate broker in Oregon, shares her wisdom-gleaned insights with first-time buyers to ease this crucial, life-changing transition. She offers three practical steps to ensure the journey is less daunting and more fruitful, a mantra well-demonstrated in her quote, “don’t just buy a house; invest in your home.”

First and foremost, Jessica emphasizes the importance of a good credit score, ideally at least 620, when considering a conventional loan. A credit score, in essence, is a numerical representation of your creditworthiness, including how promptly you manage credit card bills, student or car loans, among others. A higher score can lead to more attractive interest rates, lower down payments, and lowered PMIs, significantly impacting your long-term home ownership expenses.

If your credit score is below this fundamental threshold, don’t despair. There are ways to pump it up. These can include disputing any errors in your credit report, keeping your credit utilization below 30%, and making timely payments. In the picturesque Clackamas County, where homes are in high demand, a robust credit score is essential for emerging successfully in a competitive market.

Next in line, according to Jessica, is the need to get preapproved for a loan before starting your home hunt. The preapproval process, albeit tedious at times, is your safety net in the financial landscape of buying a home. It gives you a realistic idea of how much you can borrow, the interest rates applicable, your potential monthly payments, the closing costs, and your down payment. Knowing these nuggets of information equips you to budget and plan accordingly and can go a long way in sidestepping future financial hiccups.

In the lush environment of Clackamas County, where property values might vary, having a preapproval letter in your hands might also give you an edge in negotiating deals with sellers. It’s a sign that you are serious about buying a home and financially eligible to fulfill the commitment.

Lastly, Jessica accentuates the critical role of a trusted real estate agent in your first home buying journey. The journey from your dream property description to holding your new home’s keys is far from linear. It requires adept negotiation skills, deep familiarity with local market trends, and a deft hand at paperwork and legalities. A dependable real estate agent does just that and more. They represent you during the negotiation process, sift through properties that align with your specifications, and ensure you understand every piece of paperwork you sign.

Choosing the right home, especially in a charming area like Clackamas County, is a steep hill to climb. A trusted real estate agent can help you scale this humanely, channeling your visions of a dream home into the tangible reality of a house in Oregon.

Jessica Gabor, with her extensive experience in Oregon’s ever-evolving real estate market, especially in Clackamas County, underscores these three crucial steps as the cornerstone for the first-time home buyer’s journey. Reflecting her belief that buying your first home is more than a transaction, it’s an investment that should be strategically planned and executed for long-term benefits. After all, it isn’t just about owning a house, but creating a home where your life unfolds in small, beautiful moments.

As you embark on your journey of becoming a homeowner, remember that the path is filled with potential pitfalls, but with the right guide, you’ll be armed to make prosperous decisions on your journey. Take the time to follow these steps, and the dream of owning your home in Clackamas County won’t be deferred. Connect with Jessica Gabor on LinkedIn for more of her expert insights into Oregon and Clackamas County’s real estate scenarios.

You can reach Jessica Gabor via LinkedIn for more guidance and support in making sound real estate decisions.

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