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Introducing Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories: An Inspired Journey through Scripture for the Young at Heart

Introducing Uncommonly Told Children's Bible Stories: An Inspired Journey through Scripture for the Young at Heart
Photo Credit To: G.B. Glory

GB Glory, an inspirational faith based author who lives in California, continues to inspire countless lives, most recently those of the youngest Christians. 

From her early dedication serving in the United States Air Force at a tender age of 18 to her current role as a caring mother of two and an active community servant, Glory’s journey has been a continuous testament of faith, perseverance, and love.

In her everyday life, Glory’s commitment to promoting Christian values has never changed. Aside from devoting her time to her family, she spends her spare time volunteering as a Sunday Bible school teacher and serving at her church’s food pantry. It’s this unwavering spiritual commitment that has inspired her writings, seeking to instill strong Christian values and teachings to as many people as possible.

Following her debut book, “This Is How I Can”, she published a groundbreaking new book for children dubbed “Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories”. It is the Christian narratives that are less featured but equally important in children’s Bibles that stirred GB Glory’s eager spirit to write this impactful book. As a mother and a leader in children’s church service, she noticed some Bible stories were rarely highlighted, fostering her desire to tell them through her book.

Aimed at children aged between 3 and 8 years, “Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories” is a delightful compilation of some of the most amazing but uncommonly shared stories from the Bible. Inside, you will discover fascinating accounts about Moses, Elijah, Elisha, and several enriching Proverbs. The cheerful and captivating images within the book perfectly complement these stories, deliberately designed to convey and etch these wonderful narratives in the children’s minds.

Talking about her anticipated release, the passionate author highlighted her readiness for the book to be shared and her profound hopes for its impact: “I feel so ready for this book to be out in the world spreading messages of friendship, God’s undeniable power, and the resulting wonders of faith. I pray that these stories will be a foundation for the spiritual growth of the children who read them leading them to have encouraging, fun, and powerful memories of God when they need them most. I hope that these stories and illustrations encourage children to think of their own ways to remember Bible stories well and ways to share them with others in an exciting, natural way.”

Diversifying tales from scripture, “Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories” is a treasure trove of overlooked and often forgotten stories. These include beautiful portrayals of friendship, awe-inspiring displays of God’s mighty power, and His personal acts of love. Readers, young and old, are encouraged to immerse themselves in these Bible stories and remember the importance of following Christ, loving others, and loving themselves.

Whether you prefer a hardcover, softcover or an ebook edition, there’s an Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories available for you. Inside, you will find many examples and life applications straight from the Bible that remain relevant for individuals espousing Christian values.

With a passage in her book that vividly captures her inspiration and purpose, Glory succinctly says, “My inspiration for Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories was my children. I was reading Bible storybooks to them and realized that a few stories were not mentioned. I felt led to write one myself, including those stories uncommonly told.”

Gb Glory’s inspiring work and journey can be further explored at www.authorgbglory.com/. Her social media links, including Facebook and Instagram, are also open for those who want to connect and stay updated by this spirited author’s journey and works.

Indeed, GB Glory’s fresh book, “Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories”, helps to draw the littlest Christians closer to their faith while offering a fresh and inspiring perspective on the divine scriptures. Let the children of today become the faith-inspired leaders of tomorrow with this unique faith-building journey.

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