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Introducing Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories: An Inspired Journey through Scripture for the Young at Heart

GB Glory, an inspirational faith based author who lives in California, continues to inspire countless lives, most recently those of the youngest Christians. 

From her early dedication serving in the United States Air Force at a tender age of 18 to her current role as a caring mother of two and an active community servant, Glory’s journey has been a continuous testament of faith, perseverance, and love.

In her everyday life, Glory’s commitment to promoting Christian values has never changed. Aside from devoting her time to her family, she spends her spare time volunteering as a Sunday Bible school teacher and serving at her church’s food pantry. It’s this unwavering spiritual commitment that has inspired her writings, seeking to instill strong Christian values and teachings to as many people as possible.

Following her debut book, “This Is How I Can”, she published a groundbreaking new book for children dubbed “Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories”. It is the Christian narratives that are less featured but equally important in children’s Bibles that stirred GB Glory’s eager spirit to write this impactful book. As a mother and a leader in children’s church service, she noticed some Bible stories were rarely highlighted, fostering her desire to tell them through her book.

Aimed at children aged between 3 and 8 years, “Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories” is a delightful compilation of some of the most amazing but uncommonly shared stories from the Bible. Inside, you will discover fascinating accounts about Moses, Elijah, Elisha, and several enriching Proverbs. The cheerful and captivating images within the book perfectly complement these stories, deliberately designed to convey and etch these wonderful narratives in the children’s minds.

Talking about her anticipated release, the passionate author highlighted her readiness for the book to be shared and her profound hopes for its impact: “I feel so ready for this book to be out in the world spreading messages of friendship, God’s undeniable power, and the resulting wonders of faith. I pray that these stories will be a foundation for the spiritual growth of the children who read them leading them to have encouraging, fun, and powerful memories of God when they need them most. I hope that these stories and illustrations encourage children to think of their own ways to remember Bible stories well and ways to share them with others in an exciting, natural way.”

Diversifying tales from scripture, “Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories” is a treasure trove of overlooked and often forgotten stories. These include beautiful portrayals of friendship, awe-inspiring displays of God’s mighty power, and His personal acts of love. Readers, young and old, are encouraged to immerse themselves in these Bible stories and remember the importance of following Christ, loving others, and loving themselves.

Whether you prefer a hardcover, softcover or an ebook edition, there’s an Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories available for you. Inside, you will find many examples and life applications straight from the Bible that remain relevant for individuals espousing Christian values.

With a passage in her book that vividly captures her inspiration and purpose, Glory succinctly says, “My inspiration for Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories was my children. I was reading Bible storybooks to them and realized that a few stories were not mentioned. I felt led to write one myself, including those stories uncommonly told.”

Gb Glory’s inspiring work and journey can be further explored at www.authorgbglory.com/. Her social media links, including Facebook and Instagram, are also open for those who want to connect and stay updated by this spirited author’s journey and works.

Indeed, GB Glory’s fresh book, “Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories”, helps to draw the littlest Christians closer to their faith while offering a fresh and inspiring perspective on the divine scriptures. Let the children of today become the faith-inspired leaders of tomorrow with this unique faith-building journey.

Kayleigh Meacham: A Fusion of Art, IT, and Finance Shaping A New Horizon in Learning

By: Ivy June

Kayleigh Meacham is not an ordinary entrepreneur. She is a dazzling amalgamation of diverse, intriguing facets, a woman whose background is as varied as it is impressive. From a history rich in plays, acting, and modeling, to her current professional orbit in finance IT, Kayleigh’s journey uniquely blends the creative force of the arts with the analytical acumen of finance and technology. This unique fusion of skills and expertise gives her an edge in an ever-evolving world of commerce and digitization.

Besides her professional pursuits, Kayleigh’s creative flair flourishes further as a published poet. Her poetry, a testament to her creative prowess, serves as a unique representation of her multifaceted personality, which extends beyond the traditional confines of corporate finance and information technology.

Kayleigh’s role as an influential figure within the Women’s Impact Network (WIN), a leadership group focused on empowering and uplifting women, signals her dedication to creating lasting, positive change. As an active member of WIN, she channels her energies to endorse gender equality and propel further advances in women’s empowerment. Hence, Kayleigh’s commitment to amplifying women’s voices and influence is compellingly insightful.

The impressive list of Kayleigh’s accomplishments does not end here. Her name is now attached to an exciting new project that promises to provide valuable insights and tools for those interested in business process analysis and IT. Kayleigh has been working tirelessly on a curriculum, a discipline bridging IT tools and business process analyst. This captivating union of Kayleigh’s primary areas of expertise is bound to create a seismic wave of knowledge and skills, unequivocally bearing her distinctive mark of creativity and precision.

This highly anticipated curriculum is an endeavor to share and disseminate the wealth of knowledge Kayleigh accrued and honed over the years, reflecting her career in finance and IT. It promises to guide learners on an exploratory journey through the intricate terrain of IT tools and business process analysis. All signs point to this new offering as being nothing short of a game-changer, set to provide a fresh approach to learning, enriched by Kayleigh’s innovative perspectives and exquisite grasp of her field.

Kayleigh Meacham: A Fusion of Art, IT, and Finance Shaping A New Horizon in Learning

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On the horizon lies yet another exciting development from Kayleigh. She has a new book in the pipeline. While details remain closely guarded, the anticipation surrounding the release is palpable. Given Kayleigh’s diverse background, one can speculate that the upcoming book will indeed be a captivating trove of insights.

Managing multiple ventures simultaneously is a strenuous task, but Kayleigh, with her diverse talents and indomitable spirit, navigates this juggling act seamlessly. Her dynamic nature and ability to adapt to varying demands illustrate her strength as a leader — a trait recognizable, and perhaps learnt, from her artistic pursuits that required constant adaptation and creativity.

For those who aspire to engage with Kayleigh’s impressive journey, her robust online presence offers a wealth of resources. The Alpha Elite Agency, her management agency, offers a noteworthy overview of her projects. Additionally, it presents a platform that reflects her commitment to uplifting women and cultivating an environment of growth. Interested parties can connect with her through the agency’s email, alphaqna@gmail.com, or peruse her digital footprint to gather additional insights about her work and influence.

Kayleigh Meacham is, at her core, a trailblazer, a woman who breaks bureaucratic barriers and forges a path marked by creativity, knowledge, and influence. It is safe to state that her innovative curriculum and forthcoming book will undoubtedly add another chapter of success to her extraordinary journey. Through these endeavors, she seeks to create ripple effects of change, embracing the transformative power of knowledge and innovative learning. We look forward to the ripening fruits of her labors, which, no doubt, will continue to inspire and empower those lucky enough to savor them.

Elevate Your Bathroom Design with Elegant Glass Shower Doors Installation in South San Francisco, CA, by SF Small Bathroom Remodel Works

By: SF Small Bathroom Remodel Works


In a setting as intimate as your bathroom, style and functionality serve a dual purpose. Gleaming fixtures, exceptional tile work, and illuminated mirrors all contribute to its aesthetic appeal, but when it comes to amplifying elegance, nothing compares with the beauty of a glass shower door. SF Small Bathroom Remodel Works, a prominent player based in South San Francisco, California, brings its unique brand of excellence to glass shower door installations, ensuring your bathroom is not only functional but also a haven of refinement.


Immersed in the home remodeling business, SF Small Bathroom Remodel Works has consistently proven that quality and affordability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. With a team of skilled artisans using state-of-the-art equipment, the brand offers services that transform your conventional bathroom space into an epitome of elegance. The local and family-owned company takes pride in offering its customers unmatched craftsmanship and personalized service, especially when it comes to installing glass shower doors.

Nothing adds a touch of sophistication to a bathroom like a glass shower door. Beyond mere aesthetics, glass shower doors have numerous advantages. They create an illusion of space, making small bathrooms appear larger and more inviting. They are easier to clean and maintain compared to shower curtains, and their transparency allows for more light circulation in the shower area, which makes your bathroom look brighter and feel more spacious.

With SF Small Bathroom Remodel Works, customers are assured of top-quality yet cost-effective glass shower door installations. Their wide range of items caters to endless aesthetic possibilities, including frameless glass doors for a sleek, modern look or framed ones for a more classic style. Regardless of your style preference, SF Small Bathroom Remodel Works provides the same consistent quality in material use and installation. 

Each stage of the glass shower door installation process is done meticulously to ensure durability and longevity. From the initial measurements to the final touch-ups, every step is executed with precision to offer an effective balance between style and functionality. Moreover, the brand ensures that all installations are compliant with California’s safety regulations, fulfilling sustainability measures whilst keeping families secure.

What sets SF Small Bathroom Remodel Works apart from the competition is their dedication to excellent customer service. Its team of professionals works closely with customers to deliver tailor-fit solutions that match their unique requirements and budget. Whether a minor bathroom update or a full-scale remodel, they pay attention to every detail and place customer satisfaction at the forefront of every project.

To keep up with their quality services and ensure transparency with their customers, SF Small Bathroom Remodel Works has made significant strides in putting their brand where customers can easily reach them. Whether it’s their functional website, sanfranciscobathroomremodel.com where potential clients can learn about their comprehensive services, or their social media platforms, where feedback and testimonials are shared, their dynamic presence on Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, and Google Maps serve as versatile platforms where potential customers can preview their remarkable past projects and get inspiration for their own.


In the realm of home improvement, the SF Small Bathroom Remodel Works is carving out its name in the bathroom remodeling industry with its exemplary glass shower door installations. Servicing South San Francisco, they continue to set the benchmark for superior craftsmanship, on-time project completion, and customer satisfaction.

Turn your dream of a classy yet functional bathroom into reality with SF Small Bathroom Remodel Works. Step into a world where style meets functionality. Embark on a remodeling journey that brings together the best materials, design and expert installers to make your bathroom an enclave of relaxation and style.

Trust in their experience and expertise. Witness your bathroom transform under the skilled hands of SF Small Bathroom Remodel Works, and watch as elegance and functionality unite in your bathroom space in South San Francisco, CA.

Need Support Discovering Your Best-Self? Meet Dr. La Toya Davis, Founder of CHI Healing Institute

The journey to personal and professional growth can be hindered by unseen obstacles, often rooted in fear and limiting beliefs. Most individuals are unaware of these constraints’ power over them, primarily as they stem from insidious sources like childhood conditioning, societal expectations, and past failures. Such fears and beliefs become so ingrained that they are mistakenly accurate, dictating our actions based on their domineering narrative.

Built on a strong belief that personal growth involves awakening one’s divine aspect, the CHI Healing Institute, founded by Dr. La Toya Davis, lends a helping hand to individuals on their journey of self-discovery. Offering a judgment-free environment, this institute places spiritual self-empowerment at its core, with the soul being the ultimate decision-making authority. The mission is simple: to empower individuals to be free to live authentically, to trust their intuition and to embrace the life they desire.

As Davis emphatically says, “Everything that you want is on the other side of fear.”

To begin overcoming fear and limiting beliefs, it is first critical to identify their existence. This process starts with self-reflection and journaling, where individuals outline their goals and the perceived barriers hindering their achievement. It is a space of self-inquiry, questioning if these barriers are learned notions, inherited beliefs, or simply fear responses.

Recognizing each limiting belief or fear is crucial to conquering them and rewriting the unconscious script. With fear out of the driver’s seat, one can explore the limitless possibilities beyond these boundaries.

Every setback is a learning curve, and every failure is a step towards growth. Understanding this diminishes fear’s stronghold, empowering one to grow beyond the limitations. It is no longer a lurking monster that paralyzes but a stepping stone to achieving the desired progress.

The services offered by the CHI Healing Institute include classes and coaching to help individuals connect, heal, grow, and elevate. Catering to people at various stages of their spiritual journey, these services promote fully aligned abundance, joy, and prosperity. The focus is on helping individuals overcome fears and limiting beliefs, to rise above their self-imposed limitations and claim the life they truly want and deserve.

Dr. La Toya Davis’s vision for the institute is not merely to overcome limiting beliefs but to replace them with empowering narratives. She firmly believes anyone can rewrite their life script by facing their fears, examining their limitations, and making conscious decisions aligned with their highest good.

Despite the complex nature of the transformation journey, Davis’s reassuring expertise and the supportive environment of the CHI Healing Institute ensure that no one walks alone on this path of self-discovery and growth.

To stay connected and updated with the offerings of the CHI Healing Institute, visit their website at chicourses.com. They can also be found on social media at @chihealinginstitute.

Inspiring countless people on their journey, Dr. La Toya Davis and the CHI Healing Institute serve as a haven of self-discovery, growth, and transformation, guiding one towards realizing their full potential and enjoying unrestrained prosperity and happiness in their lifetime. With their unyielding support, anyone can experience the exhilarating freedom that resides on the other side of fear—the truly desired life.