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Inspiring Authenticity: Unveiling Myesha Chaney’s Inspiring Book, ‘Hiding Behind the Lipstick’

Myesha Chaney
Photo Credit To: Myesha Chaney

Offering a ray of inspirational guidance in a world clouded by societal pressures, the leading voice in personal growth and empowerment, Myesha Chaney, introduces her groundbreaking book: “Hiding Behind the Lipstick.” In this compelling volume, Chaney reaches out to unveil the ‘masks’ women often feel compelled to wear. She invites her readers to peel back the layers of societal pressures and external appearances and encourages each one to accept and love their authentic selves.

“Hiding Behind the Lipstick” is an empowering manifesto which urges women to break free from societal constraints, to recognize and celebrate their inner strengths, passions, and beauty. Chaney’s dynamic message resonates profoundly, inviting each reader to question societal norms, redefine their identities, and live with unapologetic confidence.

“I want readers to know that they don’t have to hide behind societal expectations or external facades. They possess an innate power within them, and it’s time to let it shine,” Myesha Chaney articulates her vision. Her aim to ignite a movement of authenticity is evident in every chapter of “Hiding Behind the Lipstick.” Through it, she wishes to empower women to reclaim their true selves, fueling personal growth and self-acceptance.

Born and raised in Long Beach, Myesha has been driven by an enduring mission to help and heal. Her belief that everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and loved shines bright through her transparent speaking style and resonates deeply with her audience, leaving an indelible impact. 

Adding another feather to her cap, Chaney co-hosted the popular radio show “Real Life with the Chaneys,” on Stevie Wonder’s KJLH 102.3 FM. With engaging discussions about societal concerns viewed through a Christian lens, the show has managed to maintain its relevance and grow its audience over its three-year run. 

Beyond the radio waves, her vision extends to the co-founding of the Long Beach Gospel Fest. The event unites politicians, entrepreneurs, gospel artists, and over 25,000 individuals in a celebration of inspiration, worship, and music.

Her charisma radiated through the television screens when she participated in Oxygen’s hit television series, Preachers of LA. Recently, Chaney took her mission a step further by launching her own YouTube channel, providing inspiration to those who seek to lead authentic and purposeful lives.

“Hiding Behind the Lipstick” has garnered critical acclaim for its powerful storytelling, insightful and relatable content, and practical guidance. Readers appreciate its ability to challenge conventional norms and inspire a shift from societal expectations.

As a testimonial to the author’s dedication to empowering others, the book has attracted commendations from notable thought leaders and reviewers. They applaud Chaney’s nurturing approach and the book’s power to inspire readers to break free from confinement and explore their inner strengths.

Now available in both print and digital formats, “Hiding Behind the Lipstick” conveys a transformative message in a relatable manner, making it accessible to readers worldwide.

Embarking on a life mission to encourage women to shed societal masks and embrace their authenticity, Myesha Chaney delivers a strong and potent message of empowerment. Her dedication continually radiates positivity and wisdom, affirming her status as a dynamic figure in inspiring others.

Whether it is a national television show, pastoring people, organizing a regional festival, feeding thousands, or simply sharing empowering messages, Myesha is bound to make a difference. With degrees from Biola University in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, and Christian Leadership & Ministry in Women’s Ministry, Chaney encompasses everything that is required to be a beacon of hope and empowerment. 

Her book, “Hiding Behind the Lipstick,” serves as a testament to her dynamic capability to inspire personal growth and a call to action to every woman – reclaim your true self, break free, and let your inner beauty shine.

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