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How to Create an Outdoor Living Space Your Family Will Love

How to Create an Outdoor Living Space Your Family Will Love
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Outdoor living spaces are a great way to make the most of every square foot of space available to you, making it easier for you to spend time in the great outdoors. Are you ready to start crafting your and your family’s ideal outdoor living space? Try these great tips to create an area your family will love.

Consider Your Plans

What are you planning to do with your new outdoor living space? Do you want to:

  • Host friends and family in a comfortable seating area
  • Cook in the great outdoors (or enjoy meals with family)
  • Sit around a fire pit
  • Entertain kids
  • Include space for pets
  • Offer you time to unwind 

Carefully considering your intended purpose for the new outdoor living space will make choosing furniture, accessories, and other factors that will fit your goals easier.

Take a Look at Your Existing Space

Examine your yard and available space. Take a look at your surroundings. Where can you best see the sunrise or sunset? Are there existing features of your outdoor living space, from water features to plants, that you’d like to maximize? Examine your setup carefully to ensure you have incorporated any important elements into your plans.

Create the Foundation

If you want a great, family-friendly outdoor living space, consider combining hard surfaces, like concrete or flagstones, and soft surfaces, like grass, where the kids can play. Lay a clear foundation and let the new flooring designate specific areas of your outdoor living space: for example, flagstones could showcase your seating area, while a grassy area is a great place for the kids to play games.

Choose the Right Furniture

Choose the right furniture if you want to create an outdoor living space that the family will love! Like the furniture you choose for your home, your outdoor furniture should be comfortable and inviting. Look for comfortable cushions and make sure that there is adequate seating for everyone. Don’t forget to ensure you have selected durable, washable choices intended for outdoor use.

Beat the Heat

While being outside is great, sometimes, especially in the heat of summer, you may want to enjoy the great outdoors with the benefit of some climate control. Try using awnings or a porch area to block out excess sun, and consider installing fans.

Light It Up

If you want to enjoy your outdoor living space after the sun goes down:

Make sure you have adequate lighting.

Use decorative lighting around pathways and install brighter lighting in the areas where guests will gather.

Don’t forget about security lighting, which can help light up the night and protect your family and guests.

Create the Outdoor Living Space of Your Dreams

Designing the ideal outdoor living space involves many elements. However, with careful consideration and attention to detail, you can create a space that the whole family will love and use regularly.

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