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Heather Burgett: The Visibility Whisperer Who Helps Women in Business Shine

Heather Burgett: The Visibility Whisperer Who Helps Women in Business Shine
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In the competitive world of business, women entrepreneurs often face challenges when it comes to getting noticed. Traditional methods of promotion, like social media and online advertising, can be expensive and overwhelming. But what if there was a way to attract ideal clients organically by sharing your inherent authority and leveraging the power of strategic visibility?

Enter Heather Burgett, an award-winning publicist, visibility expert, and transformational business coach. As a leading small business consultant, Burgett’s mission is to empower women to ascend to their next level by helping them develop a magnetic marketing and public relations strategy that elevates their brand and attracts a steady stream of high-quality clients.

Beyond Social Media: The Power of Organic Lead Generation

Burgett’s approach is refreshingly different. She steers clear of the “endless content creation” trap and the pressure to maintain a constant social media presence. She also guides her clients away from excessive tech, complicated funnels and paid advertising. Instead, she focuses on cultivating  inner authority, helping women master their message and establish themselves as recognized leaders in their industries—with simple boutique business models that get them further faster.

She emphasizes, “Fact: visibility is the key to organic lead generation. If people don’t know you exist or can’t find you, that makes it very challenging to hire you.” 

Organic marketing and “free publicity” are the cornerstones of Burgett’s philosophy. Through a  customized inside-out journey, she equips her clients with the tools and strategies they need to thrive, through the media, speaking and writing. “Everyone is using social media, but they are forgetting that this is just a small piece of the visibility pie, and almost all of the women I encounter are lacking a PR Plan.”

She talks a lot about visibility with a purpose, “We first need to audit your business model and offerings, as there’s no sense in driving new eyes your way if you don’t have a way to convert them into high paying clients. So many people out there are doing it backwards. They are jumping from zero to step 60, skipping critical phases in their business growth and wondering why things aren’t working.”

She adds, “I teach my clients how to start simple by crafting a signature 6-figure plus offer, and then, show them how to easily start filling their suite of offerings through simple referral marketing and visibility strategies that don’t require excessive tech or huge ad budgets.”

Her strategies not only make a bigger impact but also create an aligned global presence, allowing women to connect with their target audience on a deeper level.

The Inner Game

Due to Burgett’s background as an energy healer and spiritual practitioner, she also incorporates universal spiritual principles into her business programs and approaches.

She says, “It all starts with our own energy, being in alignment with our vision and entering the quantum field by holding the frequency of our desires.”

Burgett holds over 500 hours in healing arts training. She expands, “When I was having so much success for my clients with my PR Agency, The Burgett Group, Inc., I had to figure out how that was happening. And when I started my PR Stars Online Programs, and it was time to bottle up my own magic, I realized that it was rooted in the alignment and energy work.”

This is when she conceived her 6 Pillars to Shine Online, which are the core curriculum for her signature Shine Online Mastermind group program.

Success Stories Speak Volumes

Burgett’s impact is undeniable. She has helped her clients land billions of media impressions in her 25+ year career. Top 100 Business Coach David Meltzer called Burgett, “one of the best PR people in the world” when interviewing her on his popular show, “Office Hours.” And countless clients rave about her “life-changing” programs, including her main offering, the Shine Online Mastermind, which helps them identify and fill gaps in their marketing and PR strategies.

She has repped Oscar and Grammy winners and says, “I’ve worked with millionaires, billionaires and celebrities. If it’s out there, I’ve PR’d it. Now it’s my greatest passion to serve small business owners—the experts, consultants, coaches and creatives who are the light walkers changing the world and ushering human evolution into its next chapter.”

Transformation for Transformational Experts

Burgett shares how she feels her greatest purpose now is her role as a transformational business coach and consultant for transformational experts. “Over the past few years of entering the online business space, I have continually observed my ideal clients and who I am the most lit up about serving. It has become crystal clear to me that it is the women who are leading the charge for a better world.”

She adds, “These women are the stars shining amidst us, helping carry us into a timeline where humanity is evolving into its full potential. It might not look that way now with all the struggle and conflict in the world, but these transformational experts are being called forth, and I feel that it’s my mission in this life to help them get into the spotlight with their messages so they can reach more of the people they are meant to impact in this lifetime.”

A New Paradigm of Business

As a give for her community, Burgett invites women entrepreneurs as featured guests to her “Masterminding Parties”—transformative virtual sessions. These exclusive curated events cater to established women in business who are eager to enhance their online visibility and make a more significant impact in the world. 

She states, “These events are unlike anything else out there. There’s a new wave of business happening. What worked online 10 years ago—or even two years ago—isn’t necessarily working now. We are at a special moment in time, and there’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the new paradigm of business, which is centered around community, collaboration, connection and conversation.”

What sets Burgett’s free live global virtual events apart?

  • Genuine Connection: Forge lasting relationships with a supportive network of like-minded entrepreneurs who are getting visible in a safe space.
  • Powerful Mastermind Sessions: Engage in a mutual exchange of challenges and solutions, gaining invaluable insights while offering your expertise.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit directly from Heather’s extensive experience in boosting online visibility, ensuring your brand stands out in the digital arena.
  • Pure Engagement: These sessions are free from sales pitches and training sessions, focusing solely on connection, giving and receiving.
  • No Strings Attached: Participants are not expected to promote, pay or prepare anything to participate. They simply get to show up and shine, and the bonus is that Burgett promotes them to her community of entrepreneurs.

Participation is by invitation only, ensuring an intimate setting for profound collaboration and growth.

“It’s a win win,” she says. “I get to host these incredible women from around the world in these love fests, and it also gets me visible and out there. Otherwise, I’d be staying behind-the-scenes. I practice what I teach and am constantly finding ways to stretch into my edges when it comes to my own visibility.”

A Leader for Women Entrepreneurs

Burgett’s heart-centered and purpose-driven community, programs and virtual global Masterminding Parties for women in business offer a path to achieving soul-aligned success. By leaning into their strengths and embracing their authenticity, Burgett’s clients are not only building thriving businesses but also forging a new and empowered way forward in the world of online business.

Ready to Shine?

Are you a woman entrepreneur looking to become a globally recognized thought leader with a thriving multi-six figure boutique business? If so, Heather Burgett and her Shine Insiders community may be the key to unlocking your full potential.

Burgett also hosts a series of free Live Visibility Masterclasses

She ends with a simple, yet powerful message, “It’s your time to shine.”

Published by: Martin De Juan

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