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From Rome, Italy to Sedona, AZ: “Love in Sedona” – A Real Love Story Born on Social Media with Hit Songs and Love Comic

From Rome, Italy to Sedona, AZ Love in Sedona - A Real Love Story Born on Social Media with Hit Songs and Love Comic
Photo Courtesy: Gianluca Zanna / Claudette Lyons

SEDONA, AZ – Italian-born, naturalized American songwriter and music producer Gianluca Zanna connected through the virtual world of Facebook at the beginning of 2023 with artist and singer Claudette Lyons from Sedona, AZ. They discovered a profound connection fueled by their shared love for music. Despite living in different parts of the world, they finally met in person in the picturesque landscapes of Sedona, Arizona, where they embarked on an extraordinary journey of creativity and love, creating the hypnotic dance duo “Love in Sedona.”

Besides being musicians and songwriters, both Gianluca and Claudette are also hypnotherapists. In their productions, they infuse unforgettable catchy melodies with empowering lyrics construed on hypnotic sequences, aiming to empower their listeners. Their unique approach combines the therapeutic aspects of hypnotherapy with the universal language of music, creating a distinct and memorable sound that resonates deeply with their audience.

Their first hit, released in June 2023, was “Love in Sedona,” sharing their love story in an upbeat electronic dance song blended with real ambient sounds from the nature of Sedona, Arizona. The track was mixed by award-winning, multiplatinum music producer Brian Reeves. In just a few weeks, “Love in Sedona” hit over 130,000 streams on Spotify. The song captures the essence of their love story, blending personal anecdotes with vibrant melodies that transport listeners to the scenic landscapes of Sedona.

Following the success of their first hit, they released their second song, “Just Feel It,” which is their first hypno-dance hit. The hypnotic rhythms and uplifting lyrics continue to capture the essence of their unique musical style. “Just Feel It” showcases their ability to merge hypnotic beats with meaningful lyrics, creating an immersive listening experience that encourages listeners to connect with the music on a deeper level.

From Rome, Italy to Sedona, AZ Love in Sedona - A Real Love Story Born on Social Media with Hit Songs and Love Comic

Photo Courtesy: Gianluca Zanna / Claudette Lyons

Their latest act of love is their comic “Love in Sedona,” a digital comic that encapsulates their real-life love story mixed with action, set against the backdrop of one of Arizona’s most stunning locations. The comic weaves their personal experiences into a captivating narrative, offering fans a new way to engage with their story and music. The visually striking artwork combined with a compelling storyline makes the comic a unique addition to their creative portfolio, reflecting their multifaceted talents and passion for storytelling.

Gianluca Zanna’s background as a self-defense Krav Maga and firearms instructor, former executive protection agent, and songwriter adds depth and diversity to his creative endeavors. His extensive experience in various fields informs his approach to music and storytelling, allowing him to draw from a rich tapestry of experiences to create compelling and authentic art. More about his work can be found at GianlucaZanna.com.

Claudette Lyons is a multifaceted individual with a rich background in philosophy, yoga, hypnotherapy, self-defense, and singing. Her diverse expertise and talents complement her musical and creative projects, bringing a unique perspective to their collaborative efforts. Claudette’s holistic approach to life and art is evident in her work, where she seamlessly blends her various passions into a cohesive and inspiring body of work. More about her work can be found at ClaudetteReneeLyons.com.

Together, Gianluca and Claudette have created a unique artistic partnership that transcends traditional boundaries. Their work as “Love in Sedona” is a testament to the power of love and creativity, demonstrating how personal connections can inspire extraordinary art. Their music, infused with the therapeutic qualities of hypnotherapy, offers listeners a transformative experience, while their digital comic provides a visual and narrative exploration of their love story.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Name: Gianluca Zanna & Claudette Lyons
Email: lucaclaudette@yahoo.com, zanna@zanna.us
Phone: 928-263-0071

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Download the free comic at www.LoveinSedona.US

Follow their journey on Facebook: Love in Sedona Facebook

“Love in Sedona” stands out as a unique project, merging real-life love stories with creative musical and visual arts. Gianluca Zanna and Claudette Lyons have transformed their love into a captivating artistic endeavor, offering their audience an immersive experience through their music and digital comic. Their work continues to inspire and empower, proving that love can indeed create beautiful and lasting art. This unique combination of music, hypnotherapy, and storytelling distinguishes them in the entertainment industry, making “Love in Sedona” a compelling project that captivates and engages audiences worldwide.

Published by: Holy Minoza

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