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From Closet to Cash: Why Tieks ballet flats are a worthy investment

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There are multiple ways that individuals can invest their money. You can invest in stocks, rental properties, or precious metals and hope to see a return in time. Or, you can purchase an item that may retain some value even after use, like a car, technology, appliances, furniture, purses, or shoes. Although these items will likely depreciate as they are used, you are unlikely to lose everything you spent if you try to resell them in a few years.

Well, that’s what I thought before I struck what I like to call “Tieks gold” in the back of my closet. If you haven’t heard of Pinterest’s favorite ballet flat, Tieks, let me catch you up. Tieks are leather ballet flats that I’ve been obsessed with since I came across them on Oprah’s Favorite Things list. They’re high quality and versatile, but most importantly, they are COMFORTABLE. I’m not talking about “wear for a few hours instead of heels” comfort, I mean “wear all day at Disneyland and then some” comfort.

A few weeks ago, I decided to make a TikTok-worthy closet transformation, sorting through my entire wardrobe and getting rid of things that no longer brought me joy. Amid my reorganization, I came across a pair of red Tieks I had bought for an event that I never ended up attending. Now, these were not a year-round red style that Tieks offers – these were the ultra-coveted 2017 holiday limited edition Red Diamond Tieks. (Before we move on, please do yourself a favor and Google this shoe color so you can understand their stunning beauty.)

I have spent a small fortune on investment essentials for my closet and wanted to be able to replenish what was being evicted, so I was planning on selling some of my old clothing to make back some of what I had spent. While I definitely wanted to hang onto my newly rediscovered Red Diamonds, I was curious to see what they were reselling for online. After combing through third-party retail sites and Facebook Marketplace, I was surprised – actually, I was shocked – at the prices I saw. One pair was selling for as high as (drumroll please)… $1,000! Other used pairs had sold for $500+. I realized that if I were to sell my Tieks, I could make a 500% return on my initial investment. My first thought was, did I just discover the internet’s best-kept secret? Are these the new Birkin…but for your feet?

If I were to tell someone that their shoes – the item in their closet that gets the most wear and tear – could be sold in a few years for a profit, they would laugh in my face. It is extremely hard to find an investment that you can enjoy and still allows you to grow your money. I already knew that Tieks were a wardrobe essential, but the fact that they are also an investment that appreciates over time means I will definitely continue to add more styles to my collection.

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