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Fore-té’s Club Core Collection: Elevating Style Both On and Off The Course

Fore-té's Club Core Collection- Elevating Style Both On and Off The Course
Photo Courtesy: Fore-té

In a world where style meets function, Fore-té emerges as the beacon for modern women navigating the greens or the courts. With the launch of their latest collection, the Club Core Collection, Fore-té pioneers a movement towards stylish, more sustainable attire that seamlessly blends class with contemporary performance.

Gone are the days of compromising personal style for sports attire. Fore-té is a testament to the belief that women should feel empowered in their everyday wardrobe choices, regardless of the occasion. Andrea Wroble Houlihan, Founder of Fore-té, embarked on this journey after experiencing firsthand the lack of chic, affordable options in the world of club sports attire.

Fore-té's Club Core

Photo Courtesy: Fore-té

“Launching Fore-té has been a personal journey for me. Picking up golf in my mid-20s, I searched high and low for outfits that were chic, well-priced, and contemporary. I quickly noticed there are not enough modern attire options for women; instead, I was met with unflattering fits, loud patterns, and bright colors – a complete departure from my everyday style”, says Andrea.

The collection features a meticulously curated array of garments, from elegantly tailored tops to versatile bottoms and accessories. Each piece embodies Fore-té’s mission to challenge industry norms and offer women stylish alternatives that cater to both their aesthetic preferences and conscience.

Fore-té's Club Core Collections

Photo Courtesy: Fore-té

Fore-té isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling confident and comfortable while pursuing your passion for golf, tennis, or pickleball. With options like crewnecks, pullovers, tanks, polos, skirts, skorts, and even a stylish baseball cap, Fore-té ensures that every aspect of your wardrobe is covered.

Fore-té's Club Core Collection

Photo Courtesy: Fore-té

Furthermore, Fore-té’s commitment to sustainability shines through in the collection, with pieces crafted from eco-friendly materials without compromising on style or performance. From the fairways to the courts, Fore-té invites women to embrace a lifestyle where fashion and sustainability intertwine effortlessly.

The timing of Fore-té’s launch couldn’t be better, as female participation in club sports continues to rise. Whether it’s golf, tennis, or pickleball, women are making their mark on the sports scene like never before. With over 6 million female golfers, a rapidly growing number of pickleball enthusiasts, and nearly half of the world’s tennis players being women, Fore-té recognizes the need for stylish, performance-driven attire tailored specifically for women.

Beyond offering a curated selection of apparel and accessories, Fore-té’s Club Core Collection empowers women to express their individuality through a variety of color palettes and tasteful designs. The collection caters to a range of preferences, from soft pastels and classic neutrals to pops of vibrant hues. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to flatter various body types, ensuring a confident and comfortable fit for every woman who steps onto the court or green.

Fore-té’s dedication to quality extends beyond the materials and construction of their garments. The brand prioritizes exceptional customer service, offering a seamless online shopping experience and a hassle-free return policy. Fore-té understands that finding the perfect outfit can be a journey, and they are committed to providing women with the support and resources they need to feel confident and empowered throughout the process. Whether it’s browsing the collection online or seeking advice from their knowledgeable customer service team, Fore-té fosters a welcoming environment that caters to every woman’s needs.

The Club Core Collection is now available at Fore-té’s online store, inviting athleisure aficionados to explore a world where style and sustainability converge seamlessly. Join the movement and discover a new era of club sports attire with Fore-té.

For more information and to shop the collection, visit www.shopforete.com or follow @fore_te_ on Instagram.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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