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Finally Understood: How Dr. Simone Kolysh, an Autistic Sociologist, Became a Life Coach for the Marginalized

Finally Understood: How Dr. Simone Kolysh, an Autistic Sociologist, Became a Life Coach for the Marginalized
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Simone Kolysh

From Refugee to Renowned Advocate 

The story of Dr. Simone Kolysh is one of defiance, resilience, and profound understanding. As a refugee child from Azerbaijan, their traversal from the troubled streets of Russia to the esteemed halls of NYU was riddled with uncertainty. The expectations of immigrant parents loomed over them as they pursued an education, and the issues of identity and trauma were often unacknowledged amidst the culture of busyness.

Educational Pivots: From Biology to Sociology 

In pursuit of their dream to become a doctor, they studied Biology at NYU. But when the dark side of the US medical profession – particularly its mistreatment of the intersex community – came to light, they forwent their medical dreams. Always pivoting, they earned a Master’s in Public Health and began helping the community on a broader scale.

Navigating Motherhood and Identity

With two children at home, Simone came to understand themselves as non-binary, a revelation that only further distanced them from traditional institutions. Despite this, they continued to be an advocate for the community. They trained as an OUTSPOKEN peer educator at NYU, delivering hundreds of workshops on sex, gender, and sexuality. They became a patient navigator for the American Cancer Society, helping those in need to comprehend the complexities of their healthcare.

PhD in Sociology: Breaking Down Barriers 

But the more they worked, the greater their frustration grew as they witnessed injustice and inequality. These painful experiences propelled them to undertake a PhD in Sociology. Continuing to break down barriers, Simone also earned a certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies and concentrated on LGBTQ Studies.

From Sociologist to Life Coach: A Personal Calling

Understanding the power of education, they used their knowledge to help others, coaching clients on diverse issues like thesis writing, job applications, and book writing. They also facilitated workshops on inequality as a DEI consultant. While these aspects of their work were fulfilling, Simone felt that more could be done.

Author and Life Coach: Transforming Pain into Power

Their third stint in motherhood and the harsh realization of the obstetric violence they’d previously faced was a turning point. They channeled their experiences and insights into a book titled Everyday Violence: The Public Harassment of Women and LGBTQ People, which candidly touched upon catcalling and harassment in NYC. Even in their position as sociologists, Simone felt the call to do something more personal and more directly influential.

Finally Understood: How Dr. Simone Kolysh, an Autistic Sociologist, Became a Life Coach for the Marginalized

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Simone Kolysh

Defiant Life Coaching: Navigating Life’s Complexities 

That’s how Simone became a life coach. It’s through Defiant Life Coaching that they use their extensive and uniquely diverse background to help people navigate their lives. From being an immigrant to identifying as a non-binary, lesbian, and a multiply disabled autistic person, Simone’s own experiences provide a profoundly nuanced understanding of those who are marginalized.

A Personal Touch: A Coach and Companion 

Providing a safe space for their clients to vent their frustration and anger, Simone is not just a life coach; they are a companion who walks with them. Incandescent with resilience against the societal pressure of conformity, they encourage their clients to carve their own paths without feeling compelled to meet conventional norms of marrying, having kids, or conforming to a specific gender or sexual identity.

A Beacon of Support in a Gaslighting World 

In a world that constantly gaslights individuals who differ from the norm, Dr. Simone Kolysh stands as a beacon of support, empathy, and inspiration. Their story serves as a powerful testament of strength and defiance, highlighting their distinctive capability as a life coach.

A Unique Journey, A Guiding Light

Their battle against societal norms and structures and their transition from being a Biology student aiming to be a doctor to a life coach and an advocate for marginalized communities all testify to the unique path they have carved for themselves. And the understanding derived from their own journey is the foundation of their unique ability to guide others on theirs.

Finally Understood: How Dr. Simone Kolysh, an Autistic Sociologist, Became a Life Coach for the Marginalized

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Simone Kolysh

Connecting with Dr. Simone Kolysh 

Dr. Simone Kolysh passionately shares their life and work on various social media platforms, providing glimpses into their multifaceted journey. Connect with their mission on the Defiant Life Coaching website www.defiantlifecoaching.com, as well as across social media, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook (@defiantlifecoaching) to be part of this transformative experience. 

Motherhood, Writing, and Advocacy: The Next Chapter 

Beyond being an advocate, mentor, and formidable fighter for just causes, Dr. Kolysh now wears the hats of a parent to four and a dedicated writer currently working on their second book. This upcoming literary venture delves into the experiences of trans and non-binary individuals, exploring the intersection of their stories with the crucial theme of reproductive justice. In establishing a new paradigm of defiance, resilience, and understanding, Dr. Simone Kolysh continues to impact numerous lives through their distinctive brand, Defiant Life Coaching.


Published By: Aize Perez

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