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Femme Flexor’s Founder Wanda Cotie: Unleashing A New Era of Female Empowerment

Femme Flexor's Founder Wanda Cotie: Unleashing A New Era of Female Empowerment
Photo Credit To: Wanda Cotie

 By: Lamourie Media

When it comes to empowering women to take control of their sexuality and their health, few are as impactful as Wanda Cotie, the founder of Ottawa’s oldest kink-positive sex shop – and one of the few women led – Wicked Wanda’s Adult Emporium, and the innovator behind Femme Flexor. Wanda’s reputation as a competent, compassionate sexual wellness expert has allowed her to guide thousands toward more fulfilling relationships – both with their partners and, perhaps most importantly, with themselves. 

The Femme Flexor, Wanda’s latest invention, is a testament to such empowerment. Designed in collaboration with pelvic floor physiotherapist Silvia Saraiva, it sets a groundbreaking standard in pelvic floor strengthening. Unlike other tools on the market, the Femme Flexor focuses on gentle resistance, resulting in increased flexibility and strength in the pelvic floor muscles. This unique device is made from body-safe platinum-grade, non-porous silicone so the user doesn’t have to worry about unsafe toxins or contaminants. Moreover, it proudly bears the stamp of Canada, emphasizing its quality and standards.

At its core, the Femme Flexor is designed to nurture a world where pleasure is a force for renewal, not just a fleeting joy. It is a tool that ensures pleasure isn’t just a side note, but an essential part of our well-being. 

“Having three kids and personally having many pelvic issues that brought around why I put so much effort in finding a different solution for pelvic floor care.”

The benefits of the Femme Flexor extend beyond the realm of pleasure. Regular usage aids in controlling urinary leaks, an issue prevalent amongst many women, especially post-childbirth and during menopause. This innovative tool further heightens arousal, lubrication, and sensation during intercourse which can usher in more intense orgasms.

For new mothers struggling to reconnect with their postpartum bodies, the Femme Flexor is a beacon of hope. It enables them to rebuild, restore, and regain their confidence while being supportive of their pelvic health. Moreover, the Femme Flexor has shown promise in slowing down the aging process. It promotes natural lubrication, releases endorphins, improves sleep, reduces stress, and brings a positive shift in mood, proving that the battle against aging can be fought with a dose of pleasure.

The Femme Flexor’s philosophy is based on the principle that everyone deserves to have a strong, healthy pelvic floor and the support they need to achieve it. A concept born from Wanda’s frustration of not finding flexible, comfortable, and safe tools for pelvic floor strengthening available worldwide. This impasse motivated her to invent a versatile and safe product that fills this gap and brings a significant change to women’s health.

For over two decades, Wanda has observed just how prevalent pelvic floor issues are, and this knowledge has fuelled her commitment to women’s health. Unfortunately, pelvic floor issues range from the mild nuances of everyday life to more serious health implications. With the Femme Flexor, Wanda is determined to help individuals greatly reduce these issues, subsequently improving their quality of life.

Wanda Cotie, alongside Silvia Saraiva, has not only developed a tool; the Femme Flexor signifies a revolution in women’s wellness. By focusing on preventative and therapeutic training methods, they aim to empower women to actively participate in their pelvic floor health. Femme Flexor encourages women to celebrate themselves, inviting them to feel the ‘floorgasm’.

Encapsulating the Femme Flexor ethos, Wanda states, “The Femme Flexor is an innovative pelvic floor strengthening tool designed by a sexual wellness expert and a pelvic floor physiotherapist who share a passion to make a real difference in women’s health.” This is the foundation for Femme Flexor and the epicenter of the revolutionary change it aims to spur in women’s health.

The Femme Flexor is more than just a pelvic floor strengthening tool; it embodies the strength, courage, and determination of every woman. It is a salute to womanhood, and an ode to the power of pleasure as an integral part of femininity and health.

More information about Wanda Cotie, her mission, the Femme Flexor, and other available resources can be found at femmeflexor.com and on their official blog at femmeflexor.com/resources/our-blog/

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