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Exclusive Interview with Tammy Skomorowski: The Key to Your Most Powerful Future Lies in Healing Your Past

Exclusive Interview with Tammy Skomorowski: The Key to Your Most Powerful Future Lies in Healing Your Past
Photo Courtesy: Tammy Skomorowski

By: Heather Burgett

In 2020, when the world shut down, essential workers continued to selflessly show up to work. But who was there for the workers, supporting the tired, stressed front-line staff to stay motivated, emotionally strong, and mentally healthy so they could persevere? 

It was the same unsung heroes and heroines who supported 9-11 firefighters and first responders—who continue today, behind the scenes, helping the helpers. 

It’s the counselors, therapists, social workers and healers of the world.  

Enter Tammy Skomorowski—a transformational practitioner for caregivers, therapists and healers—is going the extra mile, spreading her messages of light and love, hope and strength, as a healer to the healers.

QUESTION: What is your background and experience in the field of counseling therapy, spiritual life coaching and meditation?

Tammy: I’ve been a Registered Therapist for over 30 years, specializing in deep inner healing and spiritual growth. I have five professional degrees and am certified as an Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Life Coach and meditation teacher. I love learning, growing and inspiring others. 

My mission is to guide spiritually curious caregivers, healers and professionals to help them with my signature approach to Reawaken Ancient Wisdom (RAW). This unlocks their fullest potential so they can take their own clients deeper, further and faster. After all, you can’t guide someone further than the depths you’ve healed within yourself. The RAW Healing Journey is my signature method that I’ve developed after years of clinical practice.

QUESTION: What inspired you to embark on this journey of becoming an Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Life Coach helping spiritually curious women?

Tammy: My journey began with a deep passion to help women who were feeling stuck and unfulfilled to recognize how powerful they are. And, I realized I needed to do my own deep work too.  

So, the last Sunday in August 2014, I enrolled in a Spiritual Life Coach Training Certification program and in true synchronicity, the very next day, strange events began to unfold at my workplace. I was micromanaged, stripped of authority, and every minute of my day was monitored, including bathroom breaks. 

After 6 long months my mental health started to deteriorate. Although I was told to quit making a big deal out of nothing, I knew intuitively something big was going down.  When the entire counseling department and every top executive was called into a last-minute meeting I thought, “This can’t be good.” As I sat at the round table in the corner of the President’s Chambers watching the flag blowing outside in the wind, my VP said the entire counseling department was being cut.

My reaction was relief. My last week of employment lined up with my last week of Spiritual Life Coach training and the topic of the lesson was self-compassion as a form of forgiveness. This marked the beginning of my full-time commitment to my Spiritual Life Coaching practice, True S3lf: Wellness for Mind, Body & Spirit. I had no more excuses and all the time in the world. I was suddenly able to be ‘all in’ on my own new business adventure. 

QUESTION: You are multifaceted, with a diverse background and training. How did you combine your formal education in counseling, psychology, teaching, and cultural anthropology to create your RAW Healing Journey? 

Tammy: I’m a true student and teacher. Like a sponge, I’m passionate about learning, soaking it all up, and sharing all of my combined educational knowledge and personal life experience in my RAW Healing Journey to provide deep inner healing and personal and professional growth to spiritual seekers. 

My Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching is rooted in a deep understanding of attachment theory and the impact of childhood experiences on our adult relationships and belief patterns. I’ve created a fusion of my 15-year ancient secrets meditation practice with brain-based psychology, deep psychotherapy and cultural anthropology. This integrative approach allows me to deep dive into spiritual concepts and translate them into practical therapeutic strategies to empower my clients to take real action in making life-long transformational change. 

Through my RAW Healing Journey, I guide spiritual seekers and help professionals to erase and replace negative, limiting beliefs, manage painful emotions and triggers, and self-parent their inner child to create emotional intimacy with themselves. By combining therapeutic techniques with spiritual teachings, I support my clients to rediscover their true selves and tap into their fullest universal potential. 

This is not what some people might interpret as “woo-woo”—this is straight-up psychology and neurobiology. 

QUESTION: You are incredibly passionate about what you do. What keeps you going?  What is it about helping others that gets you out of bed and has kept you going for three decades with this work? 

Tammy: I love doing the deep work with my clients and seeing them come to their own realizations with my support. This keeps me passionate and bounding out of bed in the morning, even 30+ years later. One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is witnessing the profound transformations. 

Tara, a 50-year-old volunteer coordinator, had been in and out of counseling for 20 years. With my support and guidance she learned to manage her anxiety. As a single mom, she has created a deeper connection with her teenage children— she says, “with less reactivity.” 

Jamie, a 35-year-old executive coach, has created deeper intimacy and emotionally honest communication in her marriage and took a major leap into a career change, which has improved her overall happiness and outlook on life.

And, Shayleen, a 45-year-old psychologist has given up feeling responsible for everyone else and built some much-needed boundaries. She’s left an emotionally empty relationship and job to open up her private practice, and she says she’s “never been happier”.  

Seeing these women light up so quickly is what gets me up and going in the morning. I freakin’ love it!

QUESTION: You have boundless energy and so many life-changing ideas. Where do you envision yourself and your True S3lf business in the future?

Tammy: My vision for the future is to make my Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching and Registered Therapy services accessible to healers, caregivers, professionals, and spiritual seekers from every walk of life. 

I am continuing to expand my offerings: self-help resources, mini-programs and an Ancient Secrets Monthly Meditation Membership. This is so that spiritual growth and personal development is accessible to anyone who wants to do deep work. 

I don’t just want to be the pebble in the pond creating a ripple; I want to be the meteor in the ocean creating a tsunami of change. Because when each one of us digs deep and does the real transformational self-awareness work, we bring our best selves to create a more loving and enlightened world. 

For now, I will continue to help heal the healers, and they will ripple out the change. 

Unlock Your Inner Potential with Tammy Skomorowski as she guides you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and deep healing. Join her RAW Healing Journey and embark on a path to self-empowerment, spiritual growth, and alignment with your highest self.

Visit Tammy’s True S3lf website for more information. You can also find her on Instagram.


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