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Empowering Women in Clean Beauty: Cassandra McClure Launches the Clean Beauty Collective Program

Empowering Women in Clean Beauty: Cassandra McClure Launches the Clean Beauty Collective Program
Photo Courtesy: Cassandra McClure

In a forward-thinking move, Cassandra McClure introduces the Clean Beauty Collective – a transformative initiative aimed at connecting and empowering female founders in the clean and sustainable beauty industry. More than just a program, it’s a community, a support system, and a platform to foster lasting connections.

A Personal Mission Rooted in Experience

Cassandra McClure, the visionary behind the Clean Beauty Collective, shares a personal journey that led to the creation of this empowering program. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, McClure found herself navigating the clean beauty industry with a sense of isolation. The Clean Beauty Collective is her answer to the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in this sector.

Simi Khanna, formulator, and skincare founder at Simi Beauty, expresses her connection with the collective, stating, “I knew I wanted to be here to learn and connect on a deeper level.”

Addressing Industry Gaps

In today’s culture, female founders in the clean beauty sector often struggle with limited resources, a lack of tailored support, and navigating the complexities of effective networking. The Clean Beauty Founder Collective aims to bridge these gaps, offering a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond traditional networking.

Comprehensive Support System

Joining the Clean Beauty Collective means gaining access to a vast network, strategic PR campaigns, and invaluable relationships within the industry. It’s not just about connecting with fellow founders; it’s about gaining access to PR experts, mentors, and resources essential for sustainable business growth.

Key Features of the Clean Beauty Collective:

  1. Clean Beauty Community: A supportive community where female founders can connect, collaborate, and learn from each other through networking events, workshops, and online forums.
  2. Clean Beauty Connect: Access to a trusted cohort of industry experts, including venture capitalists, photographers, makeup artists, publicists, web designers, reporters, influencers, formulators, chemists, and suppliers.
  3. Clean Beauty PR: Various platforms and marketing channels to showcase products and stories, including social media features, magazines, books, and industry events.
  4. Clean Beauty VIP: Complimentary VIP tickets to connect meetings, mixers, and celebrity-studded events, with personal introductions to expert community members.
  5. Clean Beauty Retreat: Invitation to the annual Clean Beauty Founders Retreat, providing a transformative, healing experience to replenish mind, body, and business.


Karen Behnke, founder of Juice Beauty, commends Cassandra’s leadership in the clean beauty movement, stating, “Cassandra is such a great partner and brings forward relevant opportunities for brands that create buzz.”

Apply to join Clean Beauty Collective Today!

Female founders ready for the next level of business are invited to be part of the Clean Beauty Collective. Benefits include a kick-off strategy session, founder perks, VIP access to events, monthly coaching calls, and ‘BIZ BFF’ access to Cassandra McClure during business hours.

Kate Fish, founder of Katari Skincare, reflects on the community, saying, “It’s truly amazing to see women together falling in love with each other.”

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Published By: Aize Perez

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