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Empowering Legacy With Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. and CEO Robert White’s Journey

Robert White
Photo Courtesy: Jason Tubbs

By: Jason Smith

In the heart of Corning, New York, a beacon of creativity and resilience thrives in the form of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc., led by the visionary CEO, Robert White. Behind this thriving enterprise is not just a tale of business acumen, but one woven with threads of inspiration, legacy, and a deep appreciation for the female influences that shaped the man at its helm.

Robert White, a CEO with a heart attuned to the arts, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to leaving behind a lasting legacy, stands as a testament to the impact of the women who molded him. Raised by his Grandmother and Mother, White’s journey is interwoven with the strength, wisdom, and grace that women bring to the table.

In an exclusive exploration of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc., we delve into the unique perspective of a woman, celebrating the triumphs and challenges of a company that embodies the spirit of creativity and innovation. Founded in 2013 with a modest $400 and an audacious dream, the company has blossomed from a booking service into a dynamic force, reshaping the entertainment and marketing landscape.

Robert White’s roots in the Finger Lakes region of New York hold a special place for him, not just as a CEO but as a man deeply influenced by the women who raised him. In an intimate conversation, White shared, “I always believed in the power of creativity and its ability to bring about generational change. I started this company to create a new branch in the family tree, something I could leave behind for my children that would give them opportunity, options, and an open mindset about what the future could be.”

As Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. weathered the storm of the global pandemic, White’s resilience and determination took center stage. Reflecting on the challenges faced, he stated, “The Covid Pandemic had my business on fumes. The day the country shut down, my company lost thousands of dollars in business. I was unqualified for SBA grants and loans, due to personal debt, but I also contracted Covid and was hospitalized because of it.”

Yet, it was during this tumultuous period that the strength of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. and its leader shone through. White’s commitment to his legacy and the future of his children propelled him to navigate through the uncertainties, initiating a strategic rebuild. “In the start of 2023, when the world was opening again, I knew I couldn’t let this company fail, and so I went back to basics, back to the beginning and started grinding and building it again!” he affirmed.

Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. stands today as a multifaceted powerhouse, hosting international model search contests, redefining public relations, and pioneering in metaverse site creation and AI services. Admired PR, Innovate XR, and Savoir Faire—all under the Dolphin Entertainment umbrella—reflect White’s diverse interests and the company’s commitment to innovation.

For a woman observing this journey, Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. is not just a company; it’s a tapestry woven with resilience, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of a CEO who grew up surrounded by strong women. As Robert White forges ahead, reshaping his family tree and leaving behind a legacy, it’s a testament to the enduring strength of women who inspire and the men who carry their influence forward.

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