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Embrace Your SoulPath: The Journey of Inthirani Arul to the Women of Global Change

Embrace Your SoulPath: The Journey of Inthirani Arul to the Women of Global Change
Photo Courtesy: Inthirani Arul

Inthirani Arul, a remarkable woman with a diverse portfolio encompassing the roles of ambassador, heart-centered human relations leader, inspirational speaker, author, and founder of Soul Path Discovery, has committed herself to live and lead with compassion and authenticity. Her immersion with the Women of Global Change, a globally recognized initiative dedicated to empowering women and fostering positive change, is a testament to her immense dedication to service.

Her strong belief in the transformative power of collaboration and collective action propelled her to become an ambassador for the Women of Global Change. As an ambassador, Inthirani had a unique platform to amplify her impact and immerse herself wholly into fulfilling the organization’s mission of empowering women and architecting a better world.

But the journey was not without its trials. From a young age, Inthirani had to care for her blind mother, an experience that taught her the significance of empathy, compassion, and selflessness. Further volunteer work involving the elderly and young people cemented this learning experience by instilling in her the value of heartfelt service. It has invariably shaped her distinct style of leadership, one that is heart-centered, authentic, and aimed at making a positive impact.

In 2011, while in the pursuit of personal growth and self-discovery, Inthirani had the great fortune to be introduced to Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, an Enlightened and Miraculous Being with Divine Embodiment.  Through her association with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, and the integration of his teachings, Inthirani was able to develop her confidence, speaking abilities, gifts of devotion, inspiration, compassion, sensitivity, and perseverance that now allow her to empower the lives of others through her heart-centered leadership.

The concept of being a heart-centered leader, according to Inthirani, is an approach that encourages leading from a place of authenticity, compassion, and love. In a world where empathy and human connection are often overshadowed by personal gain, this model of leadership serves as a beacon of hope. It establishes trust, promotes fruitful collaboration, and inspires others by example.

Inthirani has devoted her practice to help individuals discover their unique purposes and generate positive action in their lives. Her methodology involves a mix of coaching measures, meditative practices, and intuitive interpretation. With this dynamic approach, she aims to unearth individuals’ passions, talents, and values, subsequently guiding them toward goal-focused actions and strategies.

A key part of becoming an authentic, heart-centered leader, as Inthirani suggests, lies in personal growth and self-assessment. This introspective process sharpens self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and the necessary skills to lead with empathy, compassion, and authenticity.

The Vancouver Chapter of the Women of Global Change, with Inthirani’s active participation, now organizes empowerment-oriented events and collaborates with local organizations to support homeless children and families in need of adoption. These initiatives reflect the values and mission of both Inthirani and the organization: to make a tangible positive impact through targeted and far-reaching efforts.

What does the future hold for Inthirani and the Women of Global Change? Expanding reach and impact, empowering women of all backgrounds and driving transformative change across global communities. Inthirani envisions a future where women’s merits and contributions are acknowledged, social transformation is fuelled by compassion, and the Women of Global Change continues to catalyze lasting, significant change.

For those inspired by her journey, teachings, and the transformative work of The Women of Global Change, Inthirani invites you to connect through her website at www.inthirani.com. As she aptly quotes, “Whatever happens in life is to always do whatever it takes. Because you too can save someone’s life.” This captures the core belief that drives her work—the power of individual actions to create collective impact. An undeniable testament to the indomitable spirit of Inthirani Arul and her ceaseless quest to lead, serve, and inspire.

Published by: Aly Cinco

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