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Easton Author Pastor Juanita Davis Shares Her Life and Love of God in New Novel Titled “He, She, and Us”

Easton Author Pastor Juanita Davis Shares Her Life and Love of God in New Novel Titled “He, She, and Us”
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Easton, PA – Pastor Juanita Davis is widely appreciated by her congregation members, family, and friends. Many admire her for being a woman of faith, described as having an elegant and graceful demeanor. With 86 years of life, she is seen as a person who generously and humbly shares the wisdom she has gained over the years.

Pastor Juanita is forever young and proves it by exploring new horizons in literary circles. She has finished co-authoring “He, She, and Us” subtitled “You See the Glory, but You Don’t Know the Story,” which she and her beloved husband, Pastor Fred Davis (now deceased) started many years prior.

“He, She, and Us” is a love story that began decades ago in New York. On that God-ordained day, Fred, a handsome charismatic young man from Chatham, Virginia, saw a beautiful and very young lady, Juanita, and knew she was the one for him. They were soon married and set off to do God’s work in the kingdom.

“He, She, and Us” takes the reader along their journey and warms the heart as they witness Fred and Juanita’s undying faith in God.  “He, She, and Us” encapsulates the essence of a remarkable journey and the unwavering devotion that held them together as one. Their travels in life were filled with a lot of ups and downs but gifted author Davis would be quick to state, “the ups far outweighed the downs.”

Overseer Juanita Davis successfully completed this rendering despite the loss of her husband, Fred Davis. Their enduring commitment to each other and their faith is evident in the work. “He, She, and Us” portrays the lives of two individuals who were champions of their faith, striving to exemplify the love of Jesus Christ. The book narrates moments of joy and sorrow, with a focus on the belief that God played a unifying role in their relationship.

About Pastors Fred and Juanita Davis

Known as Dad and Mom Davis, Pastors Fred and Juanita Davis have been dedicated spiritual leaders at Greater Shiloh Church in Easton, PA, for many years. Their commitment to the ministry and congregation has left a positive impact on those who have crossed paths with them. Even after the passing of her husband, Overseer Juanita continued to lead the church with grace and determination. Her resilience and commitment to the Lord’s work are evident in her active involvement in various church ministries, contributing to the growth of The Kingdom. Their warmth and compassion have endeared them to the community, creating a legacy that will be remembered for generations. The impact of their love, wisdom, and spiritual guidance has shaped Greater Shiloh Church and left a lasting imprint on the tapestry of faith and community in Easton and beyond.

“He, She, and Us” subtitled “You See the Glory, but You Don’t Know the Story.” is available on Amazon.com.

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