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Discover DeClue’s Breakthrough in Wellness: The Power of Iridology Revealed

Discover DeClue's Breakthrough in Wellness: The Power of Iridology Revealed
Photo Credit To: Jane Owen PR

Ginger DeClue, the founder of Detox By DeClue, is making waves in the wellness and detoxification industry with her pioneering use of iridology. This ancient practice, which examines the eyes as a window to one’s health, has become the cornerstone of her transformative approach to wellness. In this press article, we delve into the innovative use of iridology and its profound impact on the Detox By DeClue programs. 

In an ever-evolving wellness landscape, Detox By DeClue remains at the forefront by embracing the potential of iridology. This ancient practice offers a fresh perspective on health and healing, setting it apart from conventional approaches.

A Glimpse into the Iridology Inspiration

Ginger’s journey to wellness was marked by years of chronic illness and a strong desire to understand and heal her body. “I suffered from chronic illness for years and at one point I ended up in a wheelchair from encephalitis (brain swelling) and I spent a year learning to walk again. I never thought I’d be a health coach, but I spent over a decade studying and implementing everything from Ayurveda, to Chinese medicine” Ginger explains. It was the revelation of iridology that became the turning point in her life. By analyzing the patterns and features of the eyes, iridology offered Ginger profound insights into the inner workings of the body. This discovery became the catalyst for the creation of Detox By DeClue.

Discover DeClue's Breakthrough in Wellness: The Power of Iridology Revealed

Photo Credit To: Jane Owen PR

A Unique Iridology-Based Approach

What sets Detox By DeClue apart is its core reliance on iridology. Every student undergoes a comprehensive eye reading and iris analysis consultation. This in-depth examination reveals critical information about the body’s state, from accumulated toxins to potential health issues. “Each part of the body is represented in the eyes and based on my findings, I can determine how much waste has accumulated in the system and what herbs would work best for their specific needs” Gingers explains. Ginger’s belief is simple yet profound: by removing toxins and addressing underlying imbalances, the body can restore itself to a state of vitality and balance.

Iridology’s Role in Ensuring Safety and Effectiveness

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of Detox By DeClue’s programs, registered nurses are an integral part of the process, particularly for clients with complex medical conditions. While scientific research on iridology remains limited due to pharmaceutical interests, the program prioritizes a holistic approach to wellness guided by iridological insights. “Sadly major research is funded by pharmaceutical companies, their aim isn’t to find cures but to find ways to keep you on a medicine for LIFE. A patient healed is a CUSTOMER lost” Ginger remarks. “If they can’t patent it, they won’t do large scale studies on it” . At detox by Declue you are taken off of processed foods and junk and taught you a Whole Foods approach to eating and wellness. Over 200 video testimonials from satisfied clients attest to the program’s positive outcomes.

Iridology Illuminates Success Stories

The power of iridology shines through in the success stories of Detox By DeClue’s clients. Iridology-guided detoxification has led to remarkable results, including the reduction of fibroids, the healing of PCOS, and even the reversal of kidney failure. These outcomes of Ginger’s practice underscore the incredible potential of iridology in promoting health and well-being.

Challenges and Triumphs on the Iridology Journey

Ginger DeClue’s path as an iridology-driven entrepreneur has not been without challenges. 

Ginger DeClue reflects on the difficulties she faced in building Detox By DeClue, stating, “Being a Black women-owned company is far from easy. I come from poverty, I come from struggle and strife, I didn’t have people around me cheering me on for me to succeed.” She adds, “In fact, I had the opposite; my estranged father struggles with a crack addiction, and I watched my mother die tragically from a stroke at just 55.” Despite these hardships, Ginger’s determination prevailed. She emphasizes the importance of mentors, noting, “I’d say my biggest reason we are a leader in detox is that I HIRE THE MENTORS. Why try and reinvent the wheel when you can simply pay someone who’s already done it?” Ginger encourages her students to follow the same path, saying, “Stand on the shoulders of giants is what I like to say… Steve Jobs, Kobe Bryant, and Serena Williams all had coaches. To be the greatest, you need a coach, you need mentorship, and I’m constantly seeking that out.”Yet, her dedication to harnessing the potential of iridology, coupled with mentorship, has empowered her to overcome obstacles and redefine wellness.

Future Iridology-Driven Ventures

Looking ahead, Ginger envisions a future where iridology-based wellness can reach even more people, particularly those in underserved communities. Educational initiatives and expanded scholarship programs aim to bring the transformative power of iridology to a broader audience.

Iridology-Focused Goals Ahead

Ginger’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of iridology is clear—embrace the power of this ancient practice, immerse yourself in its wisdom, and let the eyes reveal the path to wellness and success.

In the coming months, Detox By DeClue aims to share the insights of iridology with the world through Ginger’s upcoming book, “Hell-Bent on Healing.” Social justice impact funding will drive expansion, creating more opportunities and jobs, particularly in underserved communities.

As well, Ginger will be making her first appearance in London, England on September 30th for an exclusive immersive and intimate wellness event at the luxurious Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel, located in the heart of vibrant Soho. This day-long experience is crafted to empower, enlighten, and refresh attendees, all while fostering an environment of both relaxation and inspiration.

Ginger DeClue’s Detox By DeClue is not just a wellness program; it’s an exploration of the healing potential held within our eyes. Iridology, as the guiding light, reveals a path to health and vitality that transcends conventional approaches. Ginger’s unwavering commitment to this ancient practice promises to illuminate the way forward for countless individuals seeking wellness and transformation.


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