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Deena Speaks Dog – And She Says You Can, Too!

Deena Speaks Dog - And She Says You Can, Too!
Photo Courtesy: Deena Cooper

Deena Cooper is a well-known figure in the world of dog training and behavior modification.  Based in Canada,  with her extensive knowledge and experience, she has earned a global reputation as one of the respected specialists in this field.

Through her company, Deena Speaks Dog, she has dedicated over three decades to training, boarding, and modifying the behavior of our beloved canine companions.  In that time, she has touched the lives of countless canine companions and their owners.

What sets Deena apart from many others in her field is her innate and deep-felt understanding of “the doggy psyche.” Many years ago, she discovered her uncanny ability to work with dogs – and their often equally hard-to-train owners. She realized that in order to effectively train and modify a dog’s behavior, it was crucial to have a thorough understanding of their psychology.  Cooper possesses the unique skill of speaking both English and ‘Dog,’ bridging the communication gap between humans and their four-legged friends.

She says the key to having a well-behaved and happy dog lies in training the owners to understand their dogs’ behavior. In her own words,  she is “a people-trainer who happens to work with people who have dogs.”  She firmly believes in using positive reinforcement to help both dogs and people develop wonderful, nurturing relationships. The unfortunate reality is that many dogs end up in shelters due to their owners’ inability to achieve these relationships.   By imparting her deep knowledge and expertise to dog owners, Cooper empowers them to communicate effectively with their pets, leading to better behavior –  and strengthened bonds.

Deena Cooper has rightfully earned her place as one of North America’s respected dog trainers and behavior modification specialists.   Her contribution to the field cannot be overstated.

With her innate understanding of the doggy psyche, her commitment to positive reinforcement methods, and her passion for creating nurturing relationships between dogs and their owners, Cooper continues to make a lasting impact in the world of dog training. Her legacy serves as an inspiration for future generations of dog trainers, ensuring that the bonds between dogs and humans will only grow stronger with time.

Dog owners in Canada are blessed to have a trainer who truly understands the behaviors of their furry friends.  Beyond her technical skills and expertise, Cooper has a genuine passion for creating a better world for both dogs and their owners. Her dedication to promoting humane and nurturing training methods has helped shape the current landscape of dog training practices. Through her work, she aims to eradicate the need for dogs to end up in shelters due to behavioral issues, allowing more dogs to live fulfilled and happy lives.
In addition to her work in dog training and behavior, she has developed some unique product packages – including treat boxes your furry friend will love you for, the first ever first aid kit for dogs, and a puppy training kit that is highly recommended for use between 7 to 16 weeks of age.

“This is the window of opportunity in which your puppy will be at his best for learning and enjoying the exercises,” she explains.  “These exercises help to create a life balance of enjoyment and proper behaviour. They will channel the puppy’s mental and physical energies in a constructive and enjoyable way.”

She also offers an innovative  training kit specific for the special needs of rescue dogs – a boon for anyone bringing dogs that have experienced trauma into their homes.

As she shared in a recent social media post, “Working harmoniously with a dog’s inherent instincts, instead of suppressing them to conform to human standards, offers a profound perspective. By adopting this philosophy, transformation can arise from mutual understanding and emotional comfort, rather than from fear or pain.”

Deena finds immense joy in helping people and dogs live happily and successfully together.  “Some say I’m a dog whisperer, a doggy psychologist, and a doggy philosopher all rolled into one,” she says with a smile.

One thing is sure :  “Deena speaks Dog” – and she can teach you how to speak to- and understand – your canine companion, too.  

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Published by: Aly Cinco

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