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Crafting a Life of Thriving Success through “Higher Self Habits” with Alessia Citro

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to transition from a corporate powerhouse to a multifaceted entrepreneur while crafting a life of thriving success? Alessia Citro, an ex-Google and ex-Salesforce top performer turned certified life coach and author of the upcoming book Higher Self Habits, not only accomplished this feat but is now on a mission to empower others for similar success.

Embarking on a Quest for Holistic Growth

Alessia’s journey was not without its hurdles. From the demanding world of tech sales to the uncertainties of entrepreneurship, she faced the challenge of creating harmony between motherhood and family and launching a business from scratch. It was a journey marked by a quest for harmony, purpose, and fulfillment.

The pivotal moment in Alessia’s life came when she recognized the need for foundational habits. These habits, first addressing fundamental needs like sleep and hydration, became the cornerstones of her success. This realization marked a turning point, propelling her toward a path of holistic personal growth.

Alessia’s success lies not only in her transition from the corporate realm to entrepreneurship but also in her ability to merge neuroscience, behavioral science, quantum principles, and spirituality seamlessly. Her upcoming book, Higher Self Habits, is set to revolutionize personal development by providing a comprehensive framework for a fulfilling life.

Key Strategies or Philosophies

Alessia’s success stems from a unique approach that emphasizes addressing basic needs before pursuing advanced personal development goals. She advocates for building a solid foundation, much like constructing a house, before delving into higher pursuits.

Alessia’s guide on habits, illustrated through practical examples in her book, provides a framework for addressing habits that implements Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Dr. BJ Fogg’s behavior model but with the continued invitation to align energetically to an individual’s aspirational identity. She showcases how understanding and fulfilling basic needs set the stage for profound personal growth.

Transformative Impact and Empowerment Stories

The impact of Alessia’s philosophy is evident in the success stories of those who have embraced her teachings. Individuals have reported transformative experiences, citing a newfound sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Alessia’s approach to personal development has garnered praise from those who have embraced her teachings. One client reflects on the profound insights gained, stating, “It’s not me problem; it’s a behavior design problem.” Another highlights the tangible changes experienced since engaging with Alessia’s program, noting, “Alessia’s approach is such a breath of fresh air—she gives tactical simple tweaks to truly change habits in a sustainable way that works for my unique self!” These testimonials underscore the transformative power of Alessia’s methodology, offering practical and sustainable solutions tailored to individuals’ unique needs, particularly resonating with entrepreneurs seeking holistic personal growth. 

Beyond individual success stories, Alessia’s work has had a broader impact on the industry and community. Her unique blend of neuroscience, behavioral science, spirituality, and quantum principles has sparked a paradigm shift in how personal development is approached. As Alessia continues to inspire and empower through her upcoming book and various platforms, these stories stand as powerful reminders of the transformative potential inherent in embracing “Higher Self Habits” and embarking on a journey toward thriving success.

Practical Tips from Alessia’s Toolkit

Alessia offers practical advice derived from her diverse experiences. She underscores the importance of prioritizing basic needs, integrating diverse knowledge, and understanding the intricacies of personal growth.

To engage her clients effectively to create lasting transformation, Alessia brings together her tech prowess and coaching skills, marrying digital with tried and true coaching practices. In addition to an arsenal of digital tools and resources at her client’s fingertips, she leverages the power of community through group coaching and discussion. Her approach emphasizes the significance of creating a holistic strategy that resonates with individuals seeking personal and professional growth.

Crafting a Life of Thriving Success through "Higher Self Habits" with Alessia Citro

Photo Credit: Alessia Citro

Transform Your Habits and Discover Higher Personal Growth

Alessia invites individuals to embark on a transformative journey through her upcoming book, Higher Self Habits. Additionally, she offers coaching programs and events designed to guide others on their path to success.

For further engagement, Alessia’s podcast, “Inhabit,” serves as a valuable resource. Links to her book, coaching programs, and social media platforms are available on her website for those eager to join her community. She also offers 1 on 1 coaching for those who desire to go even deeper.

In a world where success stories often seem elusive, Alessia Citro stands as a testament to the power of foundational habits, unique approaches, and a commitment to holistic personal growth. As she continues to inspire through her upcoming book and various platforms, Alessia is not just transforming lives; she’s creating a movement toward a thriving and fulfilling existence.


Published By: Aize Perez

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