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CoCaBee: The Organic Lip Balm Revolution

CoCaBee: The Organic Lip Balm Revolution
Photo Courtesy: Amanda Lavery

If, like internationally known model Amanda Lavery, you have found yourself paying more attention to the things you put in and on your body – and if you consider how the products you buy effect animals and the natural world, you are going to want to know about CoCaBee – the company founded by a globally known model who cares about animals – and ingredients.

“I was scrutinizing the ingredients of the products I consumed and researching their production methods,” She has said.  

She didn’t like what she found, so she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to create her own. 

In the process of creating an ethical product she loved, she built an iconic new beauty brand.

Inspired by the wonders of nature, CoCaBee is a Canadian company based in Ottawa. Amanda  was frustrated by the lack of all-natural, cruelty-free, and organic lip balms in the market. Determined to fill this gap, she set out on a journey of trial and testing. Eventually, she crafted a 100% organic lip balm made from raw, natural ingredients like coconut oil. To her delight, the lip balm proved to be smoother, more flavorful, and longer-lasting than any non-organic alternatives. Friends, family, and even coworkers couldn’t help but notice the difference and soon began requesting their own. Thus, CoCaBee was born.

CoCaBee’s mission is simple: to prioritize the well-being of its customers. With a focus on safety, health, and happiness, the brand ensures that all its products are made from natural, chemical-free, and cruelty-free ingredients. In an effort to go the extra mile, CoCaBee has incorporated antibacterial properties into its body care products through the use of natural and safe antibacterial essential oils. By constantly evolving and learning, CoCaBee strives to create a product that customers can confidently embrace.

The commitment to natural and safe products extends beyond the ingredients themselves. CoCaBee is dedicated to reducing plastic consumption and waste, protecting both consumers and the environment. The brand sources its ingredients from accredited and certified suppliers, ensuring that they are safe and tested. Furthermore, CoCaBee’s containers are made from natural and renewable bamboo, a fast-growing plant that provides a strong and exotic alternative to plastic packaging. These eco-friendly choices make CoCaBee a perfect addition to any beauty routine.

Amanda Lavery’s love for animals and nature played a significant role in the creation of CoCaBee. As an ardent animal lover, she found the idea of animal cruelty inhumane and disturbing. This inspired her to create a company that focuses on producing safe and cruelty-free products while actively reducing plastic waste. CoCaBee’s dedication to ethical practices has garnered recognition, with the brand being asked to feature its products at the Oscars. Additionally, it recently received acclaim as the top lip care product in Ontario.

Looking ahead, Amanda Lavery has ambitious plans for CoCaBee. She aims to develop her influencer persona and expand the brand’s reach internationally, spreading the message of safe, cruelty-free beauty to a wider audience. CoCaBee lip balms are not just safe but also 100% organically created. Amanda’s thoughtful approach even extends to the packaging, where she opted for bamboo containers that are not only organic but also exotic and unique.

CoCaBee strives to be a voice in the beauty industry, showcasing that long-lasting products can be manufactured without compromising on safety or animal welfare. In a world where waste and plastic pollution continue to impact our planet, CoCaBee’s commitment to creating a safe and biodegradable product sets an inspiring example.

Join the CoCaBee movement and experience the stunning beauty of cruelty-free products. To learn more, visit their website at cocabee.com/ and follow them on Instagram (www.instagram.com/amandajlavery), Facebook (www.facebook.com/amanda.lavery.967), and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/amanda-lavery-875b5444/).

Published by: Martin De Juan

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