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Cierra Gross of Caged Bird HR – Innovative Company Helps Employees Across Industries Soar To Success

Cierra Gross of Caged Bird HR - Innovative Company Helps Employees Across Industries Soar To Success
Photo Courtesy: Cierra Gross

Cierra Gross is a name you might want to take note of – she’s a powerful emerging business leader, the founder and CEO of Caged Bird HR, the first HR services company providing employees access to independent HR support at scale. With a mission to bridge the gap between employees and HR expertise, Gross has created a game-changing platform that empowers workers and ensures they have a voice in their professional journey. Let’s delve into the story behind Caged Bird HR and how it is revolutionizing the way employees access HR support.

Cierra Gross, a highly recruited HR professional, embarked on her career journey after earning her Master’s in Human Resources from the University of South Carolina. She worked at prestigious companies like ExxonMobil and Google, gaining valuable experience in the tech startup space. However, Gross’s path took a personal turn when she faced workplace trauma, including racism and microaggressions, which hindered her advancement despite her accomplishments. This experience led her to create Caged Bird HR, driven by a desire to empower others who may face similar challenges without the necessary HR understanding to navigate them.

Caged Bird HR is a one-of-a-kind platform that offers employees working at any company in the country the freedom to connect with independent HR consultants. It eliminates organizational bias and conflict of interest, providing a secure and confidential environment for employees to discuss HR-related topics. Whether it’s workplace policies, career development, performance management, or conflict resolution, Caged Bird HR ensures that every individual has a dedicated HR professional with their best interest in mind. The service is available for just $99 a month, making it affordable and accessible to all.

What sets Caged Bird HR apart is its disruptive approach to HR services. Traditionally, employees had limited options for HR support, relying solely on their company’s HR department or an employment attorney. Gross recognized the need for an independent middle ground, where employees can receive unbiased advice that focuses solely on their needs and goals. By bridging this gap, Caged Bird HR empowers employees with their own personal on-call advocate, providing support throughout their entire career journey.

The impact of Caged Bird HR cannot be overstated. It not only levels the corporate playing field but also addresses the mental health and well-being of employees. By offering a confidential outlet to discuss workplace concerns, the platform becomes an investment that can potentially save jobs and protect mental health. Gross’s personal experience with workplace trauma fueled her drive to create a solution that would make a difference in the lives of workers.

Gross’s journey as an entrepreneur has been filled with valuable lessons. One such lesson was the importance of hiring a team at the right time. Initially, she waited too long to hire her first employee, resulting in excessive work hours and exhaustion. Recognizing the need to delegate and establish proper structures within the business, Gross learned that success relies on the collective efforts of a team. As a CEO, her role shifted from being embedded in day-to-day operations to focusing on growth and scalability.

Throughout her career, Gross has been fortunate to have mentors who have supported her in various ways. From Jimmy Jordan, who taught her about money management, to Jeffelee McClain, an exceptional manager who allowed her to be herself in a corporate environment, these mentors have played a significant role in her professional development. In her entrepreneurial journey, Marcus Benjamin and Vanessa Matthews, successful business owners themselves, have imparted valuable insights on business strategies and self-belief. Gross emphasizes the impact of personal thoughts and mental health on business success, highlighting the importance of self-awareness and overcoming imposter syndrome.

Disruption, as Gross explains, is not inherently positive or negative. It is the critical assessment of systems and structures that drives progress. While some systems may have withstood the test of time, it is crucial to evaluate whether they still serve their intended purpose and whether better alternatives exist. Disruption becomes positive when it brings about positive change, improves existing systems, or raises awareness. However, opinions on what constitutes progress can vary, making it essential to consider diverse perspectives.

Gross shares three pieces of advice that have guided her on her journey. The first is to focus on what is in front of you, helping to alleviate anxiety and stay grounded amidst the challenges of running a growing business. The second advice emphasizes the impact of personal thoughts on business success. Believing in oneself and prioritizing mental health are crucial for entrepreneurs. Lastly, Gross reminds herself that taking risks is necessary for growth. Embracing uncertainty and overcoming fear opens doors to new possibilities and opportunities.

Looking ahead, Gross has exciting plans for Caged Bird HR. She will release a book next year that provides readers with valuable insights that their workplace HR might not offer. Additionally, she aims to expand community outreach efforts, offering free services to underserved communities in need of HR information and support. By 2025, Caged Bird HR plans to expand its services internationally, further extending its impact on a global scale.

Women disruptors face unique challenges, including limited access to funding and increased scrutiny in leadership roles. Gross, being a Black woman, understands these obstacles firsthand but remains determined to make a difference and challenge existing norms.

One book that has deeply influenced Gross’s thinking is “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. It transformed her perspective from that of an employee to a CEO, teaching her the importance of standardization and operating procedures in scaling a business. The book continues to guide her, reminding her to focus on the right aspects of her business.

Cierra Gross, the founder and CEO of Caged Bird HR, has revolutionized the HR industry by providing employees with independent and accessible HR support. Through her personal experiences and determination to help others, Gross has created a platform that bridges the gap between employees and HR expertise. Caged Bird HR empowers workers, safeguards their mental health, and ensures that every individual has a voice in their professional journey. With exciting plans for the future, Gross is set to further disrupt the industry and make a lasting impact.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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