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Celebrating Certified Nurses Day on March 19

Celebrating Certified Nurses Day on March 19
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By Sarah M. Worthy

Did you know that nurses are celebrated both in March and in May? May 6 is National Nurses Day and March 19 is Certified Nurses Day, where nurses who maintain the highest credentials in their specialty are celebrated.

In the world of healthcare, nurses stand as pillars of strength, compassion, and dedication. Their commitment to patient care is unparalleled, a fact commemorated annually, not once but twice. March 19th marks Certified Nurses Day, a special moment dedicated to those nurses who achieve and maintain the highest credentials in their specialties. Then, May 6 rolls around as National Nurses Day, further spotlighting the critical role nurses play in people’s lives. These celebrations honor the professionalism and commitment of all nurses, with a particular nod to the credentialed nurses who exemplify excellence in their field.

Credentialed nurses are not only the backbone of the healthcare system, but they are a testament to the effort nurses put into providing care for patients. Credentialed nurses, those with advanced certifications in their areas of expertise, are more than just healthcare providers; they are the very backbone of the healthcare system. 

“While I want our advanced nurses to be recognized and celebrated for their dedication to their patients – I would also ask those of us who are outside of nursing to use today to call our politicians and demand we do more for our nurses than just a day in their honor. Most nurses would much rather receive fair compensation and have a safe work environment when they’re caring for patients more than an honorary day. The truth is – these honorary days don’t cost us anything, and therefore they don’t really give nurses anything they need or want,” states Sarah M. Worthy, CEO of DoorSpace. 

Just like having two separate days to celebrate nurses and certified nurses, the extra time nurses dedicate to their jobs outside of being with patients must also be recognized.

The journey of a nurse is filled with endless hours dedicated not only to patient care but also to continuing education and training. This commitment extends well beyond the confines of hospitals and clinics, permeating their entire lives. It’s a testament to their dedication, a dedication that deserves recognition and support far beyond honorary days. Yet, despite their invaluable contributions, nurses face significant challenges in the workplace.

“Right now, we have politicians in some states trying to set a cap on what a nurse is allowed to earn. Nurses struggle to get even one bathroom break in a 12-hour shift. Current legislation allows for-profit insurance companies to take money out of the pockets of our healthcare workers to wealthy shareholders. We need laws that require safe nurse-to-patient ratios, pay fair compensation, and ensure nurses have a safe workplace,” says Sarah M. Worthy, CEO of DoorSpace.

The celebration of nurses, both on Certified Nurses Day and National Nurses Day, while symbolic, raises awareness about the pressing issues within the nursing profession. These days offer a platform to advocate for change, to champion the rights of nurses to fair wages, reasonable workloads, and safe work environments. As Worthy aptly points out, the recognition of nurses should transcend ceremonial accolades and translate into tangible improvements in their professional lives.

Nurses are at the heart of healthcare, providing the care and compassion that patients rely on during their vulnerable moments. As their contributions are celebrated, people also heed the call to action to ensure they receive the support, respect, and compensation they so rightly deserve. It’s time to move beyond symbolic gestures and work towards creating a healthcare system that truly values and protects its vital members. In doing so, the noble profession of nursing is not only honored but the quality of care for all patients is also enhanced.

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