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Breaking the Cycle to Pursue Entrepreneurial Dreams

Breaking the Cycle to Pursue Entrepreneurial Dreams
Photo Credit To: Victor Vidal & Daphne Youree

Taking a risk often means facing fear head-on and charging forward regardless of the potential outcomes. As an entrepreneur, embracing bravery to believe in your dreams is an everyday reality. Elizabeth Roy, a distinguished entrepreneur, took a life-altering risk when she decided to resign from over 12 years of teaching to launch her brand – Break the Cycle.

The transition from a long-time career to a new entrepreneurial journey is challenging for any individual. Elizabeth, for instance, was unfamiliar with specifics of managing a business, such as graphic design, marketing, and social media management. Despite these uncertainties, she chose to take the risk because she did not want to harbor regrets in the future.

Creating a brand and establishing its presence is a complex, time-consuming endeavor. It demands detailed planning, orchestration of theme, colors, and fonts, and determining which apparel suits the brand’s voice and message. Elizabeth finds herself constantly at the crossroads of creativity and commercial viability. The risk lies in the uncertainty that her creations may not find an audience or their place in the market. However, the exuberance of taking this entrepreneurial risk far outweighs any potential negatives it may bring. To her, breaking free from the chains of past abuse, connecting with others through her designs, and striving for financial freedom are worth every risk.

Breaking the Cycle

Photo Credit To: Victor Vidal & Daphne Youree

Elizabeth’s brand, Break the Cycle, stands out among numerous women-led small businesses by raising awareness against abuse. Her central slogan is a cry to both men and women to break the shackles of harmful generational cycles and establish boundaries for a purposeful life. She presents positive, unapologetic slogans and offers minimalist styles and essential colors to complement a staple wardrobe.

Building this brand amid a global pandemic is an achievement Elizabeth holds dearly. She uses her brand as a platform to support nonprofit organizations and give back to the community through collaboration. She persevered through her fear of failure, breaking the cycle of self-sabotage and pushing through challenges and disappointments. As she puts it, “Clothing is more than just fabric; it’s a canvas for self-expression and a statement of identity, where fashion becomes an art, and style tells a story.”

Remaining resilient during uncertain times is critical. As Elizabeth looks back on the past year, she recalls the persistent hurdles she faced but views them as lessons learned. Amidst adversity, she remained focused and positive, continuing her creative endeavors and helping others through positivity and unity. As Elizabeth plans to launch a new collection soon, she hopes to leave an impact by inspiring people to stand against societal issues like abuse, racism, inequality, and hate.

Driving change can be daunting, but Elizabeth believes it starts with recognizing the need for change and taking that first step. Breaking free from generational cycles can be a slow, complex process, but sometimes it takes just one person to instigate change and inspire others to follow suit.

Elizabeth credits much of her success to the support of her family, friends, and business partner, Reggie Roy, owner of Ballin’ Sportswear. These relationships have pushed her to take valuable risks, offered support in navigating the business world, and contributed to her journey of self-identity and expression.

Photo Credit To: Victor Vidal & Daphne Youree

Everyone influences and shapes Break the Cycle, from her mother and grandmothers who imparted life lessons, to her branding strategist Sahar Paz who encouraged her to own her voice and share her story. Also noteworthy are her friends in the media and wellness industry who have been instrumental in helping her steer her brand on social media.

At the center of this successful plunge into the entrepreneurial world is a resilient woman who dared to face her fears, take a risk, and create a brand that not only stands for fashion but also for change and empowerment. Elizabeth Roy’s story echoes the time-worn adage that everything we desire lies just on the other side of our fears – a lesson we can all take to heart.

To stay updated with the journey of Break the Cycle and its inspiring entrepreneurial narrative, follow along on the brand’s journey via their social media platform @elizabeth.roy_official, linkedin.com/in/elizabethroybtc, https://www.pinterest.com/breakthecyclebrand/,



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