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Aya Kikimova’s LeapEngine: SMB Digital Marketing Excellence

Aya Kikimova's LeapEngine SMB Digital Marketing Excellence
Photo Courtesy: Jessica Smith

By: Elena Mart

Aya Kikimova is an inspiring entrepreneur and digital marketing expert who left a successful career at Microsoft in search of a deeper sense of purpose. Though her time at the renowned tech company brought financial security and professional recognition, Aya yearned to make a more tangible impact on people’s lives. Motivated by this desire, she bravely decided to leave the corporate world and venture into entrepreneurship. She discovered her true passion lay in directly assisting small business owners, whose success would be significantly influenced by her marketing skills.

Leaving the corporate environment of Microsoft, Aya founded her digital marketing agency, LeapEngine. This venture is built on authenticity, empathy, and a real commitment to delivering meaningful results for real people. As the agency’s founder, Aya uses her expertise to support small businesses, helping them succeed and achieve their goals. Her journey began at just 16 when she moved to the United States alone, driven by the dream of achieving success in America. Aya has since established herself as a self-starter with an exceptional work ethic, always pushing boundaries and challenging the norm.

Aya’s background in finance and an MBA in Marketing from the Zicklin School of Business in NYC gave her a unique combination of analytical skills and creative vision. Her innovative strategies have earned her recognition as an award-winning marketer, managing billion-dollar clients and generating nine-figure profits for them. As a dedicated mompreneur, Aya is passionate about making a real difference in the lives of small business owners and entrepreneurs. She approaches each project with empathy, understanding her clients’ unique challenges and aspirations, and creating customized solutions to help them succeed.

Clients working with Aya and her team often double their sales and revenue while significantly increasing profitability. LeapEngine boasts a 90% client retention rate, growing primarily through referrals, a testament to client satisfaction. Clients praise her with comments like, “Our sales doubled over the past 16 months!” and “Game changer for our small local business.” Aya’s PPC and digital marketing skills are often described as “top-notch” and have “boosted our business with strong ROI.”

LeapEngine leads in technological innovation and is committed to staying ahead and future-proofing its tech stack. Aya understands the transformative power of technology in digital marketing and aims to provide small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with cutting-edge tools and proprietary solutions. Central to LeapEngine’s offerings is its proprietary technology, designed to help SMBs thrive in today’s competitive market.

Aya’s mission with LeapEngine is to democratize access to high-quality digital marketing solutions powered by next-gen technology and AI. She focuses on efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring LeapEngine’s teams maximize client revenue without getting bogged down by mundane tasks. With a lean, highly skilled team boasting five to 25 years of experience each, LeapEngine delivers exceptional results without lengthy trial-and-error processes.

From the beginning, Aya envisioned LeapEngine as a disruptor in the digital marketing space, providing SMBs with access to high-quality services usually reserved for large agencies with hefty fees. By leveraging technology and operational efficiency, LeapEngine offers outstanding results at affordable rates, making premium digital marketing accessible to all businesses.

Aya’s vision has become a reality with LeapEngine’s transparent pricing model, which ensures SMBs know exactly what they’re getting and how much it will cost. With unparalleled access to low-cost, high-quality digital marketing services, small businesses can confidently navigate the digital landscape and achieve their goals.

For more information about LeapEngine and how it can help your small business thrive, visit LeapEngine, email them at info@leapengine.co, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Connect with Aya Kikimova on LinkedIn.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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